Roseville Residence; June 24, 2011

Case Background and Claims:

120_RyanEVPs2Client & husband have lived in the home about 7 years. Shortly after moving in, client sensed and felt a male presence tap her on the shoulder when no one else was in the room. She has also witnessed the outline of a male figure in her bedroom.

She often feels something grab her ankles when she is sleeping & wakes with bruises on her ankles or knees.

Client always feels something on her left side & often seems to be trying to shake it off. She feels it rubbing her leg. Her neighbors tell her no one has lived here this long. She has cold spots in her bedroom. The TV goes on and off inexplicably and the coffee pot has started by itself without having been set to do so. Sometimes she hears low music and unintelligible voices.
Client says she doesn’t sleep, she feels something touching her and feels she is not alone.

Client believes she has several spirits and they they like to attach to her. She has said that sometimes “it” keeps her from entering her home or certain rooms.  She decided to call us after she recorded what sounds like a message on the dvr of her cable box. We were able to hear it on the program she recorded. There is a burst of static and in the static, her name is clearly heard. Then it pauses for a second and sounds something like “get out”. The voice sounds female and friendly or caring as if more of a warning than a threat.


  • Weather: Clear 60s
  • Investigators: Patti & Ryan
  • Structural: Ranch style home. Housing tax records only go back to 1998, so the house was probably built in that year. There seems to be only one change in ownership back in 2002, but it has been rented to several different people.
  • History: Michigan’s first commercial airport, Packard Field, opened at Gratiot Avenue and Frazho Road in 1919. It was renamed Gratiot Airport in 1929 and later Hartung Field. It existed until 1950. Client said her neighborhood used to be army housing.

PRE-INVESTIGATION: Patti, Chris and Brelan did the pre-investigation. There were no unusual emf readings except that the living room floor seemed high. We felt a breeze in the hallway by the client’s bedroom, but Chris could not detect where the breeze came from and it didn’t register as a breeze on his instruments. Her bedroom was colder than the rest of the house.While walking in the hallway, we did get a 2.0 emf spike for no apparent reason, for just a couple seconds. There is a German Shepard in the back room by the kitchen, and some sounds could possibly be attributed to the dog.


466_RyanScratch210pm: Ryan got scratched on his left upper arm while exiting the house, then he got scratched again on his forearm and later got a bruise on his shin. We have photos of the scratches.
We did a k2 session with the meter on the east facing couch and, while the meter lit up to 3 lights, it didn’t really fluctuate much. Then we moved it to the south facing couch where the client was sitting and it peaked quite a few times. It was on her left side, which is the side she says “something” hangs on to her. But the k2 didn’t’t fluctuate with questions very much so I don’t have a lot of confidence that something was there.

11pm: Ryan went to the Clients bedroom where her mother had passed away. It felt cold and drafty but he could not determine where the breeze came from.

 11:15: Ryan got scratched again.


Midnight  We tried using dowsing rods and seemed to get some results, but the results were not consistent, so we are not sure if we were really communicating with anything. If there was an entity, it seemed to answer yes to many contradictory things like “are you male, are you female, are you the mother, are you the father” – thus our confidence isn’t high.

 Because the answers were so inconsistent, we decided to see if it was a non-human entity, and it answered positive to questions about “elementals”. It’s quite a stretch, but if it is an elemental, then respecting the land, planting trees and flowers will help appease it.

1:10am:  Ryan feels scratched again, this time on his leg.

1:30am: The husband arrives home and all activity, including the dowsing rods, seem to come to a complete stop.



Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:

“Let us know your name” EVP Class B : Client asks “can you let us know your name” and there is a voice that murmurs something, followed by Patti’s voice.

“YEP” EVP Class A: I was talking about where the client likes to sit, and at the end, there is a whispered “yep”

“Open” EVP Class A: Patti says Lets sit quiet for a little while. “Open” is whispered, then client says “so loud you just wanna run out the door” (she was referring to a loud noise that occurred earlier)

“Jack Off” EVP Class A: During the reveal, the client had just finished saying how her mother would swear & say “Jack Off”… then we played this EVP which amazingly seems to say exactly that! In the recording, we were sitting in the living room trying to decipher something the ovilis said … and there is a whisper that says “Jack Off” in the voice of the cleint’s deceased mother.


 If there is something that scratched Ryan, then it’s possible there is either something negative, or very protective in the home.
For a couple reasons, I think the predominant entity is protective because 1) the voice that came through the television said “get out” in a caring and concerned tone of voice, possibly as more of a warning than a threat. 2) At least one of the EVPs not only sounded like the client’s mother, but seemed to say a phrase she was known to repeat quite often. So I think the client’s mother is quite prevalent in the home.

But, the client also feels uncomfortable, somewhat threatened, unwelcome at times, and even attacked when she is grabbed. So we smudged her home and advised her how to “reclaim her house”.
The client & her husband are wonderfully warm people and  deserve a home that is as warm and caring as they are.

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