2015 Halloween Season Events with MCGH!

MCGH September-October 2015 Public Events

Once again, the Motor City Ghost Hunters have a very busy schedule lined up for September and October of 2015.

Commandants Quarrters

Dearborn Commandants Quarters from the Dearborn Historical Society

MCGH will be hosting several adult ghost hunts in conjunction with local historical societies. If you haven’t been on a real ghost hunt, then this is an amazing opportunity to do so with the premier ghost hunting team in Southeast Michigan. All of our adult walks are done in conjunction with local historical societies. The historical societies collect the ticket money and MCGH investigators donate their time and expertise to walk the paying public through a ghost hunt.

Historical society ghost hunts are a great way to get in on the holiday season while financially supporting the preservation of Michigan history!

If ghost hunts aren’t your thing, MCGH also has several library FREE library presentations lined up. Every year local libraries contact us to give a presentation on what we do. The presentations are an hour in length and the allow you to meet some members of MCGH, see the equipment that we use, and see some of our best evidence to date first hand. These presentations are a great way to learn a bit about ghost hunting from a first hand perspective.

We will walk you through each of these locations.  Each Motor City Ghost Hunter brings equipment with them so you will get to see most of the equipment used by ghost hunters the world over.  We will also bring some equipment you probably haven’t seen before, unless, of course, you have attended a previous hunt with us :).  Depending upon the investigator you are paired up with, there may be extra equipment for you to use – but we do not guarantee this.

If you are a ghost hunter, you are more than welcome to bring your own equipment.  We cannot let you investigate on your own without a member of MCGH being there, but you are more than welcome to conduct an investigation within your group.  Speaking of groups, we typically break up the crowd into 3 or 4 groups (depending upon location and size) to make for a more intimate ghost hunting experience.  On an average adult ghost hunt, there can be anywhere from 18-40 attendees.

We have repeat attendees every year and each year the number of locations we work with expands.  Rest assured, every dollar you spend on your ticket goes directly to the historical society that is being ghost hunted and the Motor City Ghost Hunters do not get paid to chaperon these events.  We give back to the historical societies that let us ghost hunt their grounds by leading these hunts.

Historical Society Guided Adult Ghost Hunts

All ghost hunts are for persons 18 and over. No exceptions, sorry.

You are encouraged to bring any ghost hunting equipment you may have. Flashlights are recommended. Some areas that we investigate may not be heated so please dress accordingly. Closed-toe shoes are required for Port Huron ghost hunts.

September 19th – Westland Historical Village Ghost Hunt @ 7pm

Tickets for this event are sold out!!!

September 26th – Eaton County Courthouse & Museum Ghost Hunt @ 7pm

Tickets for this event are sold out!!!

October 17th – Flat Rock Historical Village Ghost Hunt @ 7pm

Tickets are available through Eventbrite

October 23rd – Dearborn Historical Society Ghost Hunt @ 7pm

Call (313) 565-3000 for ticket purchasing information

October 24th – Port Huron Fort Gratiot Lighthouse Ghost Hunt @ 7pm

Tickets for this event are sold out!!!

Free Library Presentations

Library presentations are free for all ages and last one hour in length. Seating may be limited for some presentations.







So come out and enjoy the Halloween season with the Motor City Ghost Hunters. If we are not presenting at a library near you, let your library know that you want to see us come out next year for a presentation!

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  1. tammera saglimbene

    Love to be a part of a ghost hunt! Didn’t know how else to join, so, I’m just putting my info here. Crystalbeadbiz@gmail.com. Hope to receive info from your group!

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