Cement City, December 8, 2018

Date:  12/08/18

Temperature:  34 degrees

Moon Phase:  New

Investigators:  Mike D, Kellie D, Carrie B, Judy H, and Kelly H

Equipment: EMF detectors, Sage kit, Digital temp reader,  SP-11, K2, Portal, dowsing rods, voice recorders, cameras and flash lights

History: Built in 1927, multiple owners (1893-Thomas and Judith Lewis and son buried in CC Cemetery).  Small town located near small lakes, The town was started as a cement factory. It is a rural area with surrounding farm land.


Client’s Description of First Incident: Seeing things out of the corner of her eye, things moving or being thrown, her name being called, one of the dogs is being terrorized.  Seeing shadow and apparitions in her bedroom. Most activity in living room and master bedroom. Psychic had said a spirit is walking the outside area and something negative upstairs.


Outside location:  

  • Rural, farmland
  • Neighbors on either side, driveway width apart
  • Cable, power and phone lines connecting to house.  No electrical towers
  • Traffic is medium to low
  • Weather was sunny and 34 degrees, wind 5 mph
  • Outside EMF–surrounding all four directions of the house was 1.5
  • Other items from the Pre-Investigation list are N/A or “no”


Inside Location:

  • loud (client had TV blasting and dog was barking when we arrived) both were taken care of during the actual investigation
  • Home built in 1927, 2 story farmhouse with a Michigan basement (dirt floors, cement block walls).  Outside of house covered in aluminum siding. Detached garage (we did not investigate garage due to warning signs “Do Not Enter”)
  • EMF in kitchen, laundry was at 1.5, dining room at 2 (computer and internet located in dining room)
  • Total of 3 cellphones, 1 charged near bed, 1 on dining room desk
  • Microwave, TV and other appliances including furnace and water heater (was leaking slightly) are all relatively new.  Gas stove, gas dryer
  • Electrical was grounded, box EMF was 5, box was breakers
  • Insulation in home was blown in in 1990
  • Floor types: Carpet, Wood, and vinyl (plywood in laundry room)
  • Attic is sealed shut
  • Basement was a Michigan basement, small with dirt floors and housed the hot water heater and furnace.  Some standing water and working water pumps. Plumbing was PVC, so newer. No plumbing leaks elsewhere in the home
  • Floors are older and did make noise when walking on them, but nothing unusual
  • The home had a lot of antiques and older objects as well as walls of old pictures of family and friends.

Investigation The entire team went into the home to introduce themselves and meet the clients.  Kelly, Kellie, and Mike walked the property and checked EMF levels, as well as structure.  Judy and Carrie talked with the client inside and completed the medical form. When we went back into the house we checked EMF in each of the rooms, looked/felt for drafts or structural issues.  Kelly H and Mike went into the basement to gather information. Once we determined that nothing in the home was creating the issues, we began our formal investigation. Kellie D and Mike went upstairs into the client’s bedroom and Kelly, Judy and Carrie went into the renters room.  

In the renters room we were able to pick up the presence of a male spirit based on discussion and responses from the dowsing rods and K2.  Carrie was able to get a description of the individual and pick up information on him. Everything she was able to determine was then backed up with the same K2 and dowsing rod responses. We determined his name was Henry, he worked in the auto industry as some point and knew the renter.  Through our investigation, we determined he was afraid of one of the other entities, we picked up the name Judith (Mike/Kelly on SB-11). When we mentioned Judith, he would fade out and not respond with us. We were able to figure out he wanted to be crossed over and we told him we would help him.  

We went into the other bedroom (the client’s son’s room), but were not getting anything with the gear.   We then joined Mike and Kellie D in the client’s bedroom. They were getting flashlight responses and information from the SB-11.  They had another spirit that wanted to cross over so we help Henry and the other spirit move into the light. Mike and Kellie has also been communicating with a spirit named Mickey who was there to watch over the family. Mickey was confirmed by the homeowners a friend who had passed.

We discussed the female’s name that we picked up, Judith.  Kellie had done some research and found a plot map that showed a woman named Judith and her family had owned the land where our client’s house was located.  Judith did not seem to be present upstairs, so Kellie D thought it would be a good idea to start sageing upstairs and work our way down.

While Kellie and the client saged upstairs, Kelly, Judy and Carrie went in search of Judith.  We stopped in the client’s dining room and Carrie found a picture that matched the description of the spirit we were communicating with up stairs (another possible protective spirit)  The client stated the picture Carrie was looking at was her son who was still living. She then logged on to her computer and pulled up a picture of an Uncle who had passed and looked exactly like the son.  The son stated his name was George Henry.

We continued to look for Judith,  we found her in the lower level bathroom.  She was there but “jumping” to other areas of the main floor.  She had relocated to the living room. We found the spirit near the corner and the mirror that client said made the dogs uneasy.  We asked about the mirror and the client stated the mirror was old and had been there before they bought the house. We sealed the mirror with holy water, then sealed the other mirrors in the home, so that Judith could not use them to move between the rooms and no other spirits could used them as well.


The five of us then began to communicate with Judith and told her it was time to move on, to be with her family on the other side.  She was quite stubborn and did not want to go, but the clients did not want her to stay. We believe that she was the spirit that was antagonizing the dog and causing the issues due to thinking it was still her land.  Using the spirit portal, dowsing rods and Carrie’s ability, the five of us were able to finally get Judith to cross over. Kellie then finished saging the home. While we were working to move Judith over, a frame fell off the back of a bookshelf in the living room.  It was wedged between the wall and the case, when we finished, it fell to the floor and when Judy pulled it out, it was a picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We gave it to the client (Kellie realized the significance of the picture, Mickey was the protective spirit and family friend in life).

We ended by explaining to the client what we had done throughout the investigation and told her that if she had any issues or concerns to please contact Judy.  Judy told her she would check with her again later in the week. The customer did contact us that evening and stated that things were much calmer for the dog.

Evidence Captured during the Investigation. 

Photo/Video Captured during Paranormal Investigation:


EVPs Captured during Paranormal Investigation:


Conclusion: We would like to thank the for inviting us to do the investigation at their home.   We did determine that there were a total of four spirits at the time of our investigation.  We were able to move three of the four spirits on. The fourth, Mickey, the client knew and said MIckey was welcome to stay.  The home did feel lighter when we left. The customer may still have some residual activity from “Mickey”, but we feel the spirit causing concern and interacting with the animals has been moved on.     


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