Grand Ledge December 15, 2018

Date: 12/15/18
Temperature: 38
Moon Phase: new quarter
Investigators: Libby, John, Carrie, Judy, Kelly H
Equipment: K2, dowsing rods, portal, ovilus, flashlight, EMF cubes

The house was built in the 1920s, Plat map shows that the home and neighborhood has a river just north and sand stone and a creek to the south. Google Earth also shows ley lines through the area.

Client’s Description of First Incident: Week after moving in unexplained noise, feeling of being watched, things moving, happens daily at anytime. Other Unexplained Occurrences: Bruising,feeling angry, sadness, hopeless, shadows moving, toys being played with
in kids rooms, weird smells, whispering, scratching and growling late at night in baby monitor. People walking around on stairs, dog watching things u can not see and
growling at it. Unexplained Voices/ Unexplained Footsteps/Unexplained Knocks or Other Sounds/Unexplained Shadows/Apparition Was Visible/Unusual Smells/Feelings of Being Watched or Followed/Doors Opening or Closing Without Assistance/Objects Moving, Falling, Disappearing or Being Rearranged/Movement Seen From Corner of Your Eye

Due to the seriousness of the claims, enough information was gathered on the phone interview to move forward with an investigation. Upon arrival at the location, Carrie, Judy and John did a review of the property outside and in for EMF and any other anomalies. The house has a higher than normal EMF throughout, but it was the same reading throughout the house, no major spikes. It could be because the house is older and caused by the wiring and there was a lot of fluorescent lighting as well. Libby and Kelly went into the house to go over the medical form and ask any additional questions.

Once we were done with the pre-investigation items, the clients gave us a tour of the home, pointing out where they had the most incidents or felt uneasy. Based on that information we started at the top of the home and in the clients’ childrens rooms. Carrie picked up entities in two of the three rooms. We started in the larger bedroom in front of the house. We set up the K2, Ovilus, flashlight, portal app and the recorders. The K2 was spiking to orange and red. We were not getting anything from the portal app and the Ovilus was not providing new words. Carrie picked up on a spirit named Ben Smith, it provided some information and we were trying to find out more when Carrie realized it was not providing accurate information. Carrie asked it to show itself to her. It wouldn’t, she kept talking and shortly figured out this it was a Trickster spirit. A Trickster is a spirit which exhibits a great degree of intellect or secret knowledge, and uses it to play tricks or otherwise disobey normal rules and conventional behaviour. This was the spirit that the clients may have seen in different forms; the man on the stairs, the child in the bedroom, the shadow, and it would be responsible for the other things going on to scare the clients. We encouraged this entity to leave and to remain gone. The clients were with us and told the entity it needed to leave and it was not welcome. Carrie spoke to it and we all worked to cross it over and out of the house.
We then moved into the middle room upstairs. As noted, Carrie has picked up a spirit in this room as well on the original tour. We began asking questions to try to determine who the spirit was and why it was there. Carrie was sitting around the corner so could not see the dowsing rods, and the clients were sitting in the doorway. Carrie picked up the name “Betsy”. We asked the clients if they knew anyone named Betsy that has passed, they said they did not. We asked “Betsy” if she knew the clients. The dowsing rods indicated no and Carrie stated the same thing. It was determined the “Betsy” was there to protect the children from the other entities in the home and she was specifically protective with one of the children in the home. “Betsy” relayed that the child was sensitive and could see spirits. We asked the clients and confirmed that the younger client had explained he saw things in his room. The clients had downplayed it as not to scare him or the other children. The clients agreed to allow the entity “Betsy” to remain to continue watching over the children.

We talked to the clients about the child being sensitive and encouraged them to talk to him about his gift. To let him know it was ok and if they needed help or he wanted to talk to someone, the client could contact us and we would make sure he had someone to discuss what he was seeing and feeling.

We then moved down to the main floor where the clients had experiences in their bedroom. We were not picking up on much in the room, but Carrie was getting some information from the remaining entity in the basement. The entity hung out in the basement room right below where we were. We decided to go down and clear the basement. Carrie was having a lot of physical pain, she remained upstairs while the rest of us and the clients went to the basement.

We set up in the front room in the basement where the clients stated they always felt something was watching them. We used the portal app, the flashlight, Ovilus, and the dowsing rods. The entity was communicating with us by turning the flashlight on and off, words were not coming through clearly on the portal. We asked the entity to leave, explained that the clients were frightened and wished for it to move on. After about fifteen minutes of trying to move it on, Kelly went upstairs to check with Carrie to see if she had picked anything up that might be helpful. She stated that the entity may feel mistreated and angry and that we should be kind and apologetic to see if that would work. We had picked up that it had been there on the land/property for a few hundred years. Kelly went back downstairs and filled Libby and John in on how the spirit needed to be handled. We talked to the spirit and empathized with it and explained it could leave and not be stuck as it had been. We were able to cross it over. We went to ask Carrie, but she had already felt the spirit move on. She was able to come down to the basement without any discomfort.

The clients also said they felt better in the space. They were still a bit anxious as we went upstairs, but that is to be expected when something has been in your home and making its presence known for so long. We gathered the clients and walked with them through the house and saged the house and cleansed it. Judy placed stones in the four corners of the house for projection and told them they could purchase stones to help with the EMF in the house. We also told them they could purchase a smudge kit and sage monthly if they wanted to.

Evidence Captured during the Investigation

EVPs Captured during the Investigation

Relevant words captured by Spirit box, Ovilus or other device
Pull, disembodied, food, falls, hurry, strange, judgement, surely, data, Noah, troll, trick, star, because, at, stalk, months, family, bad, Thomas, into, dresser, made, ten, write, along, back, shall, clip, until, koran, rich, clothes, number, concentrate, pain, serve, string, warrant, understand, symbols, thirty

We would like to thank the clients for inviting us to their home. It was very helpful that they wanted to participate and help clear their home of the spirits that were there. We are glad that we were able to help them and resolve their concerns with the things going on in their home. We would like to make sure that they discuss the child’s abilities with him and let him know that there are people he can talk to if he or the clients have questions.

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