Lake Orion, December 14, 2018

Date: 12-14-18
Temp: 34 overcast, slight wind, snow on ground
Moon Phase: waxing, first quarter visible
Investigators: Mike D, Kellie D, Rodney P, Joe P, Kelly H (Judy H was added on the follow up visit)

Lake Orion has a rich history of original settlements, Indian trails and is a historic area. The land where the homeowners reside was owned for many years through the late 1800s to the early 1900’s by the Carpenter family. A historic schoolhouse sat a block away from the client that was named after the original landowners (Carpenter family). Today a new Carpenter school exists.

The client his wife, and one adolescent child. The mother was experiencing sleeplessness with feelings of being touched, watched, and being sat next to on the couch by an unseen presence. She has wakefulness in the very early morning hours where she was seeing shadow people lingering in the doorways and shadow children in the 3rd bedroom (playroom). She left home one day leaving a large heavy bible opened on the couch She came home and it was closed. they have no pets and the house was empty. also, a remote control fell off the couch onto the floor. (This could have slipped off) but later video shows a lot of activity in that area of the living room.

Client’s Description of First Incident:
The clients first incidences started about a year ago with sensing something by the dining room table. The bible closing as described earlier and seeing apparitions in the middle of the night.


We started out our investigation with a protection prayer as a group. The home is a 1000 sq. foot 3 bedroom brick ranch built in the 1970’s. it has an attached garage, no basement. The pre-investigation revealed that there was moderate EMF at the electrical and the gas meters on the exterior of the home. There was no other activity or EMF detected on the exterior of the building. There were no electrical lines hanging over the structure. The house and windows were in excellent condition. The pre-investigation team entered the home and walked around the main level and found that all outlets were grounded except for one by the front door. The hot water tank, electrical, plumbing and furnace were all in good condition. The location has no basement and it was noted that the furnace did make sound while it was running but there was no banging or popping noises. Each bedroom and the living room had a TV and router but they showed no EMF activity when they were turned off. There was a small fountain in the living room area that was giving off minimal EMF.


MASTER BEDROOM: We set up our SB11, flashlights and recorder. We immediately were getting direct flashlight response. We identified a male and a female using the SB11 and the portal. it was determined the male was that was a deceased loved one, and the client confirmed. Kelly our investigator was using the dowsing rods to confirm the information received and all signs indicated he was there with the wife’s mother. The client felt scared and asked that they be crossed over. Using flashlight response we guided the two to the other side and flashlights were confirming until they were gone. Once the crossing was completed we were no longer getting EMF, the dowsing rods stood still and we no longer were getting any voices coming through the portal or the SB11.

Investigators Joe and Rodney were set up across the hall from the master bedroom they had the SLS Kinect, the EMF360, voice/video recorders, EMF pumps and flashlights set up. They made contact with a male child who was toying with them. Rodney’s touch EMF 360 usually displays fast lights. this time they were slowly going around. When Joe asked if the spirit was playing with them the flashlight shot up brighter. They did not get anything on recorders but consistent flashlight and EMF activity to cross the child over. During this time we were setting up in the final spot, the living room area.

We proceeded as an entire team to set up our equipment (SB11,recorders flashlights, EMF detectors and the SLS camera with Kinect capabilities). We were immediately getting spanish (client speaks spanish) on the portal app and the name Maria came up at least 10 times in a few different voices. We asked if it was her spirit guide and after we went through multiple questions we received a “yes” response to “Maria” being a guide. Kelly was again using her dowsing rods and they confirmed our responses from the equipment. The client wanted everything out. We proceeded to ask any spirits remaining to please leave the clients home. During this time the client was getting very loud and demanding they all go now. We captured on video multiple black orbs coming out of the walls where the client said she had felt activity on the couch. Rodney asked spirit to show itself and sit between him and the client. At that time Joe captured on video multiple black orbs but visibly noted is the large one which appears to pop out of the wall and slowly roll down the picture frame behind the client and falls down in between our investigator Rodney and the client. Also seen in the video at the 3:22 mark is an opaque grey shadow which appears to slip out into the living room from the hall and quickly retract back. These black orbs appeared to come through the wall from the next room where the client had seen shadow people. Our investigator Rodney who was seated on the couch closest to front door also appears to have a light grey stationary orb over his head. The SLS Kinect identified this orb and drew a line from the top of his head to the orb. Once activity ceased we concluded our investigation and I thoroughly saged the entire location, we also placed crosses in holy water over the doorways.


We received a call from the client 2 days later saying that the house had been very quiet. He called to ask us for recommendations on where he can purchase items to continue with cleansing his house. We referred him to a local holistic store in his area and we contacted that store to advise them that he would be coming in and what him and his wife had experienced. The owner of the store said that she would provide him with everything he would need for protection in his home. The client called to thank us and said his visit there was informative and his wife would continue sageing.

A few days later he called to tell us he woke after being very slowly and lightly feeling a fingernail go across his right jawline. He said he heard a static sound when it happened and that a day prior an information card from the local holistic store slid off the dining room table with no breeze anywhere.

We enlisted investigator Judy H to return with us to do another investigation. She is versed in sealing the property and has knowledge in additional herbs, resins and stones that can be used inside and out. We concluded this was another angle we could use to try to finally relieve the clients. We had a remote viewing done by a team member (investigator/psychic) Carrie who said she felt there was something
outside or attached to the property. Upon arrival, we prayed. We all went into the home and immediately interviewed the clients, recapping their new experiences. We proceeded to try our equipment in the home and it was a dead zone. We weren’t getting any activity anywhere. This confirmed that we needed to try sealing the property.

During our discussion, the wife thoroughly described a feeling that we determined as sleep paralysis. She would wake up and hear or see things but could not talk or move. We wrote down and handed the husband information on types of sleep disturbances and suggested she should do a sleep study. We also determined the husbands light scratching on his face was probably the wife’s mother. The client had been calling on her mother again after we had crossed her over. We explained that if the wife is adamant to have no spirits in the home, including her mother, that she would need to stop calling them back. We noted that the mother also needed to practice relaxation techniques in the evening to help her calm and wind down. We advised her that she should no longer take day naps, or sleep with her TV on. We also directed her to try lavender oils, salt baths and try calming oils and soft tranquil music at night.

Continuing, we advised the client we would be sealing the property. Judy prepared a sage mix to target any negativity and thoroughly saged the clients and the home. I anointed the door facings with holy oil and sealed the mirrors and then we proceeded outside. Judy H lead the property sealing with prayer and placed protection stones in the corners of the property. We prayed with Judy as she placed quartz on the window sills outside. We took our time and made sure to go to every corner of his lot. We said goodbye to the clients and wished them well. They were satisfied.

We received a response a few days later thanking our team for everything and that the relaxation techniques we taught his wife were working out great and that all was quiet. They will continue to sage and will keep us posted.

Evidence captured during Investigation:

Audio of Maria being said many times on the portal. Video of black orbs, and a gray mass coming from the left side hallway near floor of the living room from where the camera was set up. EMF verification when asking questions, flashlight responses to questions.

1. Lake Orion – ORB

2. Lake Orion – ORBS

Lake Orion – SHADOW


Relevant words captured by Spirit box: Maria (spirit guide)

We would like to thank the clients for inviting us to do the investigation at their home.

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