Flat Rock -Eagles

Flat Rock

Date: 11-11-18

Temperature: 34°

Moon Phase:  Crescent

Investigators: John, Mary, Dawn, Carrie, Ronda, Rodney, Kelly, Kellie, Judy, Mike, Joe, Tom, Sarah, Libby, John, Marcy, Dana.

Equipment:  Flashlight, Executioners Box app, Portal Plus app, ITC Paralus 2, Ovilus, Spirit Box 7 & 11, Voice Recorders, Grid Pen, Rem Pod, Video Camera, Thermal Gun, KII, EMF Detector, GoPro Phone, Ghost Meter 360, Dowsing Rods

History:  This building was originally a pole barn in the late 1800’s. It later was used as a Dance Hall (Caraway Hall). It is currently the Huron Valley Eagles.

Claims:  items moving, voices, music, growls, cold spots, rushing wind, loud noises, touching, smells, feelings of being watched.

Client’s Description of First Incident:

#1.) While the only person in the building, I heard the front door open and loud boots walking on the wooden floor to the double door. I next heard the toilet flush. I checked the bathroom. The toilet was running but room was empty.

#2): Cooler door slammed open with three people in the room.

#3): People have heard their name called, but no one else in the hall at all!  

#4) Pictures flying off the walls


The team separated into 4 groups. The 1st group included Sarah, Ronda, Libby, John. They started in the band room doing voice recordings and flashlights. A grid was set up. A shadow crossed the grid but was not captured. The Executioners Box app said a few words. They moved to the bar area. There was a lot of activity with the flashlight and Thermal Gun. The temperature around Libby dropped. An EMF detector indicated activity around two of us, going up to 1.9 at one point. There is video of this reading. We checked for readings elsewhere in the room, but none were found. John (Libby’s husband) recorded video. There was a lot of flashlight action when asking questions. We thought that it may have been an s.o.s. signal. We asked if they needed help and if they needed a shaman after the word shaman came up on the ITC Paralus II a few times. It would not stop, even when we turned the flashlight off, it kept going while we were talking. We heard a few growls come from the other end of the room and captured it on an EVP recorder. The flashlight blinking is recorded on video.

The 2nd Team included: Kellie, Mike, Carrie, Rodney & Joe. Rodney and Joe decided to investigate the storage closet where we were informed a lot of activity occurs. Rodney felt a little bit uneasy and nauseous. They captured some voices but nothing was recorded at this time. They moved to the stage area where Rodney saw (and recorded video of) a shadow person. At the same time the K2, Paralus and flashlight all reacted simultaneously. When Carrie joined them, they received a very clear response to Rodney asking if it knew it was dead. The reply was “Dumb A$$”. Rodney took a picture and caught what looks to be a man’s head with a feather hanging from it. Both Joe and Rodney talked for a while to a growly sounding spirit and one other.

Mike and Kellie went in to the bar area and captured an EVP of a female that sounded like something about an American with no voice. A voice came through on the Portal app saying “bald eagle” just as they were pointing to a picture of an eagle. At one point Kellie heard a flute playing “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”. The SB11 stated the name “Steve” and something about “soldiers”. Carrie sat down next to the SB11 and it also said “psychic”, “Tiffany”, “Ed” and “Steve”.

Kellie and Mike went in to the storage room and immediately heard “house is haunted” on the Portal app. They asked who was there and heard “spirits” and “we need some help.”  

The team went to the kitchen and had a conversation with a boy. On the Portal app they heard the names “Ryan”, “Mike”, “Emmett” and “Walton”. After goofing around a bit, they heard “making an ass”. Two investigators heard growling. Carrie stated she had the feeling of someone saying “get out” in multiple areas. Kellie sensed residual spirits of past members like the one who said bald eagle.

The 3rd Team included:  Judy, Marcy, Dana, and Kelly. They began in the kitchen. Kelly started with an EVP session, but received nothing. Marcy and Dana heard some words on their phone app which were applicable to the area and location. As Mediums, they both felt that there was a portal and that a negative entity comes & goes near the back door in a closet. The area was tested with the EMF Detector and Dowsing Rods. Both were inconclusive since there is a lot of electrical in that area. When testing with the KII, the area Marcy and Dana indicated was not near the electrical box. While using the Dowsing Rods they asked how many spirits were present. They heard “10”. They moved near the microwave oven and took some pictures. Dana’s app came up with the word ”leave” and at the same time, Marcy got the words “get out”.

They left the kitchen and went into the “Bingo room”. The apps picked up some words. Marcy and Dana started to feel a heaviness in their chests and both wanted to go outside to check the area around the kitchen exit. Both of them got a strong feeling they were not wanted and that they should leave the area. Dana saw a spirit of a man. They proceeded to the entrance by the half wall and went outside. They believe the land was used for black magic, that bodies are buried on the land and that there was something in the woods calling to them. They chose not to go. They went back inside of the building and picked up on some names and words as they walked around. Dana and Marcy felt intimidated and unwanted and they saw a small figure under a table. They went into the restroom and felt there were many spirits in that location. The group used the Dowsing Rods and received some responses. They believe the spirits use the bathroom back wall to come in and out of the building. They also believe there are some negative spirits (but not demonic) in the building.

The 4th group included: John M, Mary and Tom They began their session in the main hall. Right away they received numerous responses and names in clear voices. John said that he felt spirits as soon as he entered the building. He also felt that the need to cross over as many as possible, so they did.


We would like to thank the client (Sarah Rupert at Huron Valley Eagles #3732 13636 Telegraph Rd Flat Rock Michigan 48173) for inviting us to do the investigation at this site…  The site is beautiful inside and is well preserved history. We believe that there is activity occurring at the site. Some very strange things that we know to be definitely paranormal. The activity may become stronger as they restore the building more and more. But we will try to remove the negativity from the building to restore peace and harmony. All in all the building is very active and full of spirits, including a few less desirable ones. A few Team Members stayed after and under the supervision of their founder himself, John McCormick, decided to “Sage” and do a “cleansing” of the building. During the cleansing, John was praying near the front door and saw a small shadow figure run from the area we were in across the room. This short shadow person has been seen in this building for years. There have been pictures that have captured it. It’s also been mentioned in a few different field reports. We know we crossed over a few spirits that wanted to do so and there are still many there that did not go. Once it is rid of all the negative spirits, then and only then, Sarah would love to have a contract to do “Adult Walks” at this location and use the Motor City Ghost Hunters to do so. We Believe this site to be Haunted!


Evidence captured: Video, EVPs, still photos. There was an overwhelming amount of responses from all of the Apps that were used.  


Flat Rock – Eagles Video – SOS

Relevant words captured by the above equipment/devices: “Shaman”, “1800”, “xenon”, “floor”, “male”, “different”, “fate”, “negative”, “temperature”, “malice”, “malevolent”. Some names of people who are officers here like: “Sarah”, “Monica”, “Carol”, “Dave”, “Mike”, “Larry”, “Tom”, “Jack”, “Alice”, “Mary”. Some words with intent: “tell me”, “believe me”, “car crash”, “get out”, “help me”, “don’t leave”, “burning skin”, “stop moving” and most memorably “hide the cross”.