Cathy, Lead Investigator

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Cathy, Investigator


Cathy, Investigator and Public relations

Cathy likes to refer to herself as a skeptical believer. Having grown up with religion in her life, she finds it hard to reconcile understanding an unexplainable force, such as God, and not be open to other “unexplainable” forces. At the same time, she also believes that there is frequently a logical explanation for a lot of things that happen, and that’s where MCGH comes in. Cathy is excited to be a part of a group that focuses on helping others cope with their paranormal experiences, whether it be debunking or validating said experiences.

Cathy hopes to use her video production skills from six years of public access television experience to add some technical support to the team, as well as researching, interviewing, and writing skills developed during her previous job as a newspaper reporter. Nowadays, she spends her time in the classroom, teaching high school English, Reading, Broadcasting and Speech. She says that sometimes it is hard to say which is more frightening – the paranormal or her high school students! All joking aside, kids are a priority to Cathy and her goal is to help those, especially children, understand the paranormal going on around them.