Heather, Investigator

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Heather, Investigator

Heather, Researcher

Heather, Investigator and Researcher

Heather is not sure when the interest in all things historical first took hold. Perhaps it is has always been there, woven in to the very fabric of her DNA. As a child, Heather could pour through boxes of old photos, turn the pages of yellowed photo albums, or roam historical locations for hours. The faces and places prompting a million questions, just begging for answers. This fascination continues today.

Heather is the family detective and historian. She is her clan’s Seanchai, or bearer of “old lore”, telling the stories of those who have gone before us. Unlike the bards of yesteryear, Heather has fifteen plus years of documented research to back up the family stories. Every investigation location has its own story. Heather is eager to separate the facts from the legends.

Heather is a graduate of the University of Autodidacticism; self taught in historical research, genealogy, web design, marketing and copywriting, graphic design, and weaving. She brings the lessons of varied life experiences with her to MCGH; from Operating Room Instrument Sterilization Technician and Youth Minister, to mother of a special needs child. Heather currently works as a Medical Assistant for a private OB/GYN practice. She is a wife and mother; the two job titles Heather holds most dear.

Heather is committed to Motor City Ghost Hunters’ belief that no one should be afraid of their own environment. She is honored to offer her research talents to the clients of MCGH, and hopes the facts she uncovers will further that goal.