Garden City Bar; August 29, 2010

2010_08_29_ GardenCityBar.JPGCase Background and Claims:

The bar owner, Steve, contacted MCGH after a bottle was broken in his cooler unexplainable.  He thought an employee did it and neglected to clean it up, so he went back on the surveillance video to find out who caused it.  On the video, he witnessed the bottle, which was laying on its side, fly off the shelf and shatter on the floor. The video camera shows the whole cooler, and no one is present in the cooler on its occurrence, nor did anyone enter and not exit leading up to the occurrence.
In addition to this experience, in the years that Steve has owned the bar, several other occurrences have occurred.  Years ago, after just purchasing the bar, Steve witnessed a shadow move across the doorway of the office when he was alone at the bar one night.  He went out into the building to make sure no one had somehow entered the bar, but he was alone.  He returned back to the office and a little while later, a coffee can of nails/screws fell over on the stairs near the office.

Another former manager experienced something similar, hearing noises and thinking someone was out in the bar, when he believed he was alone in the building.  He drew a gun because he thought there was an intruder, and accidentally discharged a bullet into the wall.


They have also heard unexplained noises – banging, footsteps on the roof, etc., and have various electric problems, which the cause is unexplainable by the various electricians they have had out to the bar.

It is also relevant to note that upon arriving at the pre-investigation, John was getting the image of an older gentleman smoking a cigar and standing behind a bar.  Upon entering the bar (first time John has even been there), there was a picture behind the bar, which John identified as the man.  Steve then told John that picture was of his deceased grandfather, Albert, who dreamed of opening a bar, and Steve did so in his memory.


  • Investigators: JohnJason, Cathy, Ken and Tom.
  • Weather: 63 degrees and clear upon arrival
  • Date: August 29, 2010
  • Structural:  Two story, former bowling alley, which was converted into a bar
MCGH arrived and met Mark, the maintenance man.  We started to set-up while the bar’s workers finished cleaning up after closing the bar.We broke into teams.  Team One consisted of John, Tom and Ken K.  Team Two was Cathy, Jason and Mark.  Team One moved to the VIPsection to start an EVP session, while Cathy and Jason stayed near the entrance of the bar to start one.  During this time, Team Two was getting some sporadic activity with the flashlight, and Team One was noticing shadows walking near the windows near the street (Middlebelt). Kenny went to check to see if this was being caused by street traffic, but found no one to be outside there.Team One was getting a lot of activity on their K-2 meters in the VIP section, as well as continuing to see a lot of shadow movement in the bar and kitchen areas, which Tom checked out and found nothing to be causing it.  Due to the high level of activity Team One was experiencing, Team Two joined them, and the groups continued the EVP session.  During the session, shadows continued to be seen by members of the group, as well as a blue light that kept appearing on the duct work.  Tom, Jason and Ken attempted to debunk this light, and even with Mark turning on arcade games (that weren’t on previously), we could not find the source of this light.  The guys rejoined John and Cathy, and Tom witnessed another shadow.  This time it blocked out one of the ‘N’s in the Guinness sign, which is located to the right of the main bar.

We decided to take a quick break.  During the break, Jason set up the motion detectors, one on the bar facing the wall and the other one on the far side of the room.  The detector on the bar went off, even though none of us were in position to set it off.  Immediately following it going off, Jason, Cathy and Ken K. heard a loud bang come from the kitchen area.  They went back into the kitchen and could find no source of the noise.


The team feels as though there is definitely something here, but feel that they need more time to investigate the location without the distraction of cleaning crews, etc.  We would not mind returning.


During our break, the cleaning crew arrived, which caused us to cease our investigation.  We cleaned up and left.

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