Auburn Hills Public Library; August 9, 2014


Case Background and Claims:

Several librarians have heard voices coming from the stacks after hours and have also heard footsteps from the attic above them.

On the second floor, members have been pushed out of a doorway and had a big door slam shut on them.

When we investigated last year, we experienced the sound of footsteps and we also saw a few shadow figures.


The Auburn Hills Public Library is one of the many buildings that make up the historic Auburn Hills City Civic Center Complex. It “is the former Brunette House, long-time private residence for Annette Brunette,” according to the Auburn Hills Historical Society.

Ms. Brunette purchased the home from Mr. William Johnson, the original owner, on July 21, 1939.  At that time, the 5,000-square feet, Greek Revival Style home resided on Mount Clemens Road (now known as University Drive) in Pontiac.

The home, believed to be built in the early 1900s due to the type of wood that was used, is thought to have been remodeled in the 1930s, when the Greek Revival Style touches were added, and again in the 1950s.  It “was scheduled for demolition during the University Road expansion project when members of the Library Board expressed interest in acquiring the building,” according to a pamphlet written by Hester Witters for the Auburn Hills Historical Society.

The owners of the land sold the building to the City of Auburn Hills for $1, as stated in an article written by Kenn Jones for Oakland Sunday Magazine, published by The Oakland Press.



Video from the investigation


  • Investigators:,  Jason, Cas,Tim R, Kate, Don, Ally, Jason C, Matt, Christine, and Sean from Last Rites Paranormal Society
  • Weather: 79 degrees, partly cloudy
  • Equipment: Ovilus, MEL EMF Meters, Natural Tri-Field Meter, K2 EMF Detectors, Sony Nightshot IR Cameras, Motion Detector, EMF Pumps,  PSB-7 Spirit Box, Frank’s Box, Laser Grid, Flashlight, Echovox
  • Time: 8:00 PM-12::30 AM

The group was split into three teams: team one consisted of Jason S., Cas, Christine, and Sean (from Last Rites Paranormal Society); team two was Tim R, Ally, and Matt; and team three was Don, Kate, and Jason C.

We were lucky enough to have been able to investigate the Seyburn Mansion, that is on the grounds as well. Which is gets its own page, so when you only the see 2 teams listed in the investigation below, the other team is at the mansion.

Team one started out in the main library. They started near the computers and made their way to the back of the library. Sean heard a rather large bang, but the team could not find the source. At one point, Cas and Sean both thought they saw a shadow walk in between the rows of stacks. Cas used his EchoVox and it seemed like they were getting some solid communication. Jason pulled some money from his pocket and asked if the spirit could use the device to say what he was holding; it sounded like “dollar” was said.

Team three had their first session in upper level of the original house portion of the library.  They did not have anything to report

After the first session, the teams shifted

Team one went into the original part of the home, starting in the fireplace room of the library. Cas tried the Frank’s Box but nothing came through. They then moved to the upstairs portion of the home and also had nothing to report.

Team two moved to the first floor library in the stacks. They sat in the back of the room and started an EVP session. Ally started by trying to get in contact with Ms. Brunette. They immediately heard a knock and a shadow was seen at the front of the stacks. Ally stated that she felt a sudden change in temperature, and immediately after, they heard footsteps. Ally also stated that she was getting really dizzy and then they, too, heard a very loud BANG coming from the first row of the stacks; it sounded as if the shelf had fallen.  Matt and Ally checked the area. They found nothing. As Ally and Matt were checking the front of the stacks room, another bang was heard and a pencil that was on the table rolled off by itself. They said the noises seemed to be following them.

After the second session, the teams shifted again.

Team two investigated the original part of the home in the fireplace room at the library.  Tim started the session trying to contact the spirit that Sharon and he had contacted during the last investigation here. Other than a couple flashlight responses, they had no other activity in this room.

Team three moved to the library stacks and reported no activity

 Audio evidence obtained during investigation

“Hello” EVP Class B- While in the fireplace room, Cas was describing the colors of the K2 meter and a raspy “Hello” could be heard. Also to note, Sean’s Mel Meter drained right after this.

Get out” Evp Class A- At 10 and 15 seconds. Then you can hear “Right Now!” at 23 seconds.  These were recorded while Ally and Matt went to go check out a noise and Tim stayed back behind the stacks.

“Five” EVP Class X- During an EchoVox session, Cas asked how many spirits are here and you can hear “five.”

We usually don’t include bangs and knocks but these happened as the team was experiencing activity.

“Bang” This was a rather large bang that the team could not find the source of. Ally was also experiencing dizziness at the time.

“Bang” Here is another large bang that we couldn’t explain.


MCGH’s return to the Auburn Hills Library was just as good as before. We had a lot of personal experiences along with some nice audio and a piece of video evidence.  We hope to be asked to investigate again next year.

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