Articles By MCGH

Wixom Residence: June 14, 2013

Case Background & Claims: From reports, the apartment complex was a high drug infested area in the past.  Many overdoses occurred at the complex.  There were also multiple drownings of children in the pond in front of the apartment complex.

Fort Gratiot Lighthouse; April 27, 2013


Case Background & Claims The Motor City Ghost Hunters head back to Port huron, Michigan for our spring adult walk. Here is some information regarding the Lighthouse Keepers who manned the Lighthouse from the 1800’s to 1930’s. 1825 (1) Rufus Hatch

Battle Alley Arcade Antiques: July 11, 2009


Case Background & Claims: MCGH previously investigated the arcade and collected some extraordinary EVPs.  Investigators reported multiple experiences, including a sighting of the ghost cat.  We were graciously invited back to pursue additional evidence.  The township of Holly, and Battle Alley in particular,