Bath MI Massacre; May 18, 2012 (85th Anniversary)

Case Report and Claims

247_Bath_MI_online_picsE(most information from many sources but mostly from Wikipedia)

On Wednesday, May 18, 1927 the moon in Bath, Michigan was a waning crescent and 96% of full with the mean temperature that day of 48f. And on this day Andrew Kehoe murdered his wife (Nellie), thirty-eight children (ranging from 7 to 14 years in age), two teachers, the Superintendent, a retired farmer, the postmaster, Kehoe’s animals and Kehoe himself. He did this by beating his wife to death then setting her on fire, tying his animals to prevent escape and setting them on fire, then detonating explosives to his house and farm. Then he went to the school and detonated another bomb and a third bomb was in his vehicle that took his life, as well. According to reports he planned this event for about a year in advance.

Andrew Kehoe was a farmer, husband, school maintenance man and School Board Treasurer (elected), and he was facing foreclosure on his farm because he didn’t pay his school taxes which were going to be used to build a new school and this enraged him. It also didn’t help that his wife Nellie had just returned from the hospital two days prior from fighting tuberculosis and the hospital bills added to the debt he already faced.

At the end of the ordeal 45 people were dead and at least 58 people were injured.

And with so much loss of life Motor City Ghost Hunters decided to approach each location with respect and love for the victims. We went to each location at the approximate time of their tragedies. We visited the farm house location and the school, which is now a memorial park, and then afterwards we went to the two cemeteries in search for some of the victim’s final resting places. The few we found we sat and spoke with their graves and had an EVP session at each location.

What a horrible act of terror.




  • 256_Bath_MI_online_pics_n_linksDate: 05/18/2012 (85th Anniversary of Bath Massacre)
  • Time: 7:30am – 2:00pm
  • Investigators: John, James and Holly
  • Weather Conditions: Temperature: 78f, Dew point: 40f, Humidity: 49%, Winds: 6mph
  •  Equipment used:Cameras, Digital Voice Recorders, Temperature Gauge, EMF Gauge,  K2 Meter, Camcorders, Ovilus, FLIR Thermal, trigger object  (dolls, candy, ball, music boxes, and a toy windmill [left behind for the ghost kids at the park]).
  • Ovilus words: 

@ Kehoe Farm: End, All right, Suddenly, Man, Stirred, Woman, Shepard, Might

@ School/Park: Wonder, Cannot, Shepard, Might, End, Cry, Stirred, Park, Lynn, December (Holly was playing Christmas music box), Move, Mend, Bomb, Past, James, Motive, Mother, Answer, Here, Sister, Accept, Rot, Sudden, Tragic, Liberty, Learn, Task, Desk, Decompose, Row, Apocalypse, Numb, Kill

@ Pleasant Hill Cemetery: Ghost, Curse, James, Grieve, Liberty, Peace, Beware, Nice, Just, Harry, Nap, Just, George, Lark, Chest, Apocalypse, Felt

@ Rose Cemetery: Grandpa, Friend, Salvation, Attack, Truth, Never, Rest, Sister, Remember, Quiet, Past, Stone, Liberty, Hidden, Lie, Child, Trapped, Kill, Hey











    School Before Bombing





299_Bath_MI_online_picsBAndrew Kehoe’ Farm: Recorder was started at 8:45am at the location of the Andrew Kehoe’s farmhouse. There was a lot of automotive traffic and birds could be heard in the area. All three investigators stood on Kehoe’s field. We learned from City Hall employees that the land where the house stood has never been farmed again because there is fear there may still be dynamite that never detonated; and so now it is now filled with trees.





299_Bath_MI_online_picsBSchool Memorial Park: Recorder was started at 9:09am at the location where the school, now memorial park, used to be. There was a lot of auto traffic and birds could be heard in the area. Holly and James placed their recorders in the original steeple that used to be on the school and is now in the middle of the park as a memorial. John has placed his equipment on a cement bench next to steeple.






239_20120518_Bath_MI_23_Pleasant Hill Cemetery: Recorder was started at 10:41am at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery. This is one of the two cemeteries where the victims are buried. There was a lot of vehicular traffic and birds in the area. The team decides to walk around and look for some of the graves’ locations.





383_20120518_Bath_MI_15_Rose Cemetery:  Recorder was started at 12:28pm at the Rose Cemetery where the other victims were said to be buried. There was a lot less traffic in the area. Unfortunately no evidence was caught.





 Personal Experiences, Thoughts and Feelings-

  • John:

Felt chaos, desperation, loss, uncertainty, fear, helplessness, loss of life, need for closure and answers.

  • James:

Felt an empty feeling at the school site and at the first cemetery he felt welcomed, as if the victims were glad for the company. There was a grave with three children next to each other at the second cemetery and he felt sad for that family with so much loss.




Audio Evidence Obtained at the  School Memorial Park

  “I’m William” EVP Class C: 15m02s after the recorder began, listen at 3s:  Holly asks, “What’s your name?” Adult male voice: “I’m William” or maybe you hear something else?



“Who are you three” EVP Class C: 23m04s after the recorder began, listen at 12s:  Holly just finished playing a music box with the Christmas song “We wish you a merry Christmas”. Recorder is in the steeple and there is a car passing but while the car is passing there are male voices: Adult Male voices: “Who are you three?”


“Why” EVP Class C: 23m37s after the recorder began, listen at 20s:  Holly is letting them play with the music boxes and says we are celebrating the children. Harder to hear but it’s the same tone and voice as the male voices we just heard and since the recorders were inside the steeple we think that perhaps it was a voice from inside it: Why?” or “lies” or “Who are you? It is kind of hard to tell what it says exactly.



“Loud woman” EVP Class B: 37m58s after the recorder began, listen at 10s: Holly is talking to James and you can hear her speaking. Well apparently she annoyed something because we caught a female voice speaking at the same time Holly was: “Loud <pause> woman”.



“I did” EVP Class C: 1h6m22s after the recorder began, listen at 5s:  You can hear Holly playing her Christmas music box. John asks, “When Kehoe detonated his truck and the shrapnel came out, did anybody get hurt?” Adult male voice: “Kind of” or “I did”.



Audio Obtained During Investigation of Pleasant Hill Cemetery

“Stanley” EVP Class C:  23m52s after the recorder began, listen at 26s:  We are standing at the first grave we found of Stanley Harte, he was 12 years old. We seem to have caught him saying his name. Young male voice: “Stanley”.




Our best evidence is in the form of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) on this case. We had a lot of action from the Ovilus that fit the situation and many of the words were repeated at each location. There was a somber sensation in all the locations the team visited of the immense and unnecessary loss of life. A hopeless realization of how one monster can cause such devastation and for some reason Rose Cemetery felt more at ease and peaceful.

On a personal note, it would be nice if the city got together every year on the anniversary (May 18) to celebrate those lives that once lived in this very community or perhaps we simply missed where there may have been one.

Those who perished on May 18, 1927: Nellie Kehoe (wife of Andrew Kehoe), Emory E. Huyck (Superintendent), Blanche E. Harte (Teacher), Hazel I. Weatherby (teacher), Nelson McFarren (citizen/farmer), Glenn O. Smith, (citizen/postmaster), the animals in Kehoe’s farm, Andrew Kehoe (culprit)

The Children: Arnold V. Bauerle, Herman Bergan, Henry Bergan, Amelia Bromund, Robert Bromund, Floyd E. Burnett, Russell Chapman, Cleo Claton, Robert Cockran, Ralph A. Cushman, Earl E. Ewing, Katherine O. Foote, Margory Fritz, Carlyle W. Geisenhaver, Beatrice Gibbs, George Hall, Willa M. Hall, Iola I. Hart, Percy E. Hart, Vivian O. Hart, Gailand L. Harte, Lavere R. Harte, Stanley H. Harte, Francis O. Hoppener, Cecial L. Hunter, Doris E. Johns, Thelma I. McDonald, Clarence W. McFarren, J. Emerson Medcoff, Emma A. Nickols, Richard D. Richardson, Elsie M. Robb, Pauline M. Shirts, Elizabeth J. Witchell, Harold L. Woodman, George O. Zimmerman, Lloyd Zimmerman

May you rest in peace!

12 comments on “Bath MI Massacre; May 18, 2012 (85th Anniversary)

  1. Steve Keighley

    Where is the location of the Kehoe farm on Clark Rd in Bath?

    1. Douglas R. Haney

      The former Kehoe property is located out on Clark Road across from Watson Road. You will see a big white house and barn adjacent to the property up a hill to your left if you are facing it. There is a drain ditch that runs along the Kehoe property and if you peer into the ditch you will see a big chunk of cement lying in it just below you. In the distance looking at the property to the right you will see a large area of trees. Every bit of the land as you peer down into the property below Clark Road you will notice that it now is just a huge baron, often plowed, open, farm land. In the process of investigating the land for newest work, “The Angels of May” (still in work at present 2016) I was provided with two bricks (one given to the people who accompanied me, relatives of one of the fallen victims of that fateful day, and the other I kept and have in my possession currently). These bricks as well as the big chunk of cement were all part of the Kehoe home that exploded from dynamite during the intentionally set fire that Wednesday, May 18th morning. The brick I kept shows massive damage from the explosion. There is strong related reason to believe that this also was not Andrew Philip Kehoe’s first murdering experience.

      1. Steve Keighley

        Does anyone know the original address of the school. Did the front of the school face Main Street or Webster? I am assuming it faced Main Street.

        1. Doug Haney

          Yes, the entrance to the Bath Consolidated School faced the Main Street of town. It was on the same side of the street as all of the business district stores, community center, and hotel. The outlay of the building is still evident on the grounds of the James Couzens Memorial Park and is observed more toward the back of the park up hill (so to speak) from the VFW building directly in back of the Methodist Church. If one looks across the street and to the left (north) of the VFW building there stands an elementary school building, and inside that building is the museum. Thank you for your question.

          1. Steve

            Thank you very much!

  2. Douglas R. Haney

    Each year in May; the Saturday closest to the May 18th tragedy, the community gathers into the Elementary school building across the street from James Couzen’s Memorial Park to celebrate that year’s 50th Graduating Class Reunion. That ceremony is by invitation only and attended by former students and their families. However the school Historical Museum is open to the public after the ceremony. This past year 88th anniversary of said tragedy, I believe it opened about 1:00pm. FYI

  3. Beth Fairweather

    I am somewhat sensitive and when I visited recently there was definitely an ethereal feeling to the place. It is in the middle of the town yet the place is so eerily quiet, almost as if it’s surrounded by a subdued energy field. I definitely feel something is there. I want to go back and try to get my own evps.

    1. Douglas Haney

      Beth: Hope you might remember me. I am still… yes, still in the process of writing and completing my novel re; Bath School Disaster, but with one huge difference. I have recently moved back to Alma, Michigan from Sacramento, California to complete it before the end of the year. Much has happened since my trip in 2015 (April-May), and I have discovered a great deal more never before published information about this horrific event of May, 1927. I will be in Bath (potentially) next week to go through historical files offered me for review by the current minister of the Methodist Church next to the school site. I would love to meet with your team on the evening I am there to perform a night investigation as well, if acceptable to you. If so, I will zero in on an exact date that I will be there. Thank you.

  4. Ann

    There’s something going on across the street from this disaster. Was there in 2001, with my daughter on the swings at dusk. Heard echoed laughter of kids having fun. I didn’t know about this horrific events of this past history. Just a random person making a comment to you all. Something does remain there.

  5. Ann

    P.S. I was new the this area in 2000 to Lansing & knew none of this history. It’s never been an online postage of these horrific facts to this area. Hidden history.

  6. S.P.S

    S.P.S has always wanted to go down there and pay our respects well,
    well seeing if we can connect to a few there and bring them to the light
    if they are ready to move on.


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