Battle Alley Arcade and Antiques, Holly, MI; May 21, 2010

Battle Alley_ 20100521_252_BA_Exterior2Background and Claims

MCGH previously investigated the arcade and collected some extraordinaryEVPs.  Investigators reported multiple experiences, including a sighting of the ghost cat.  We were graciously invited back to pursue additional evidence.  The township of Holly, and Battle Alley in particular, are well known as being haunted.  Neighboring merchants and patrons who visit the antique mall are very interested in the history of the building and frequently inquire about the unexplained happenings there. 

The interior design was constructed using donated materials from countless sources with their own history and energy.  Together with the tendency for antiques and articles of sentimental value to draw spirits in, the entire building has the potential for being a hotbed of activity.  Mirrors, display cases, picture frames, and articles of glass created reflective surfaces in virtually every room.  Wiring throughout the building was very old, and electrical fields for display lighting created fear cages on every level.  Occasional sound interference affected EVP sessions from outside the building.


Date: May 21, 2010  9:00pm – 3:00am
Investigators: Tom, John, Kellie & Jason
Weather Conditions: Heavy rain & lightning

Client: Pat Kenny, Proprietor
108 Battle Alley, Holly, MI  48442
Phone: (248)634-8800  (248)634-8800

Audio Evidence Obtained During Paranormal Investigation

Child’s voice says, “Dad” then giggles

“Who’s there?” or “Who did it?”

A woman’s voice says something like, “Get Back.”

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