Battle Alley Antiques Investigation; February 23, 2013

Case Background and Claims:

336_336_BA_ExteriorBattle Alley Antiques (aka Arcade Antiques) is located in Downtown Holly Michigan. Formerly, the 19th century building was the old Liberty Theatre and then in the 1940’s it became The Detroit Metallic Casket Company. It has a rich history filled with spirits from a time long ago when Carry Nation stormed the bars during prohibition. There were many brawls in the bars and brothels and businesses that once stood on the land over the years.Hence the name “Battle Alley”. Next to Arcade Antiques is the Famous Old Holly Hotel that once supported Magician Harry Houdini and other acts of the era.Holly Michigan is a quaint town that still holds the charms of a forgotten era.



  • DATE: February 23, 2013
  • TIME: 7 PM-1 AM
  • WEATHER: Outside temperature of 28 degrees with an indoor temperature of 63 degrees and a humidity reading of 63%. Wind SW at 6mph. Overcast and dry.

* Please note that there is music piped into the antiques mall that could not be turned off, but it is discernible from the actual captured EVPs.



Ovulis Words captured during investigation:

Create, Dune, Honor, Gather, Cells, Special, Discover, Astrial, Note, Phantom, Lead, Gave, Different, Mistake, Themselves, Cannot, Priest, Empty, Frank, Exit, Core, Soak, Stigmata, Never, Actually, Trace, Various, Loop, Spell, Frame, Probably, Maline, Sugar, Same, Empty, Alright, Shining, Column, Empty, Winter, Happy, Never, Mom, Freeze, Buddah, Pappy, Captain, Stirred, Ground, Stirred, Maline, Ground, Seed, Read, Tide, Sugar, Read, Tide, Sugar, Read, Tide, Never, Center, Wonder, Read, Same, Attack, Tall, Probably, School, Let, Warrior, Restore, Tall, Notice, Let, Two, Each, Warrior, Vast, Reserve, Pop, Eat, Linn, Eat, Sugar, Process, Eat, End, P, Lord, Eat, You, End, Fall, Reservation, Gentle, Eat, Batteries, Officer, Lark, Vast, Hull, Tall, Gentle, Manifest,You, Allow, Restore, Cord, Sip, Gender, Digital, Winter, Comfort, Stool, Freeze, Remember, Decision, Sip, Bored, Digital, Remember, Meline, Answer, Pond, Sugar, Clairvoyant, Captain, Soccer, Sugar, James, Gentle, Soccer, Let, Warrior, Pest, Alright, Index, Spell, Book, New Moon, Kelly, November, Sand, Column, While, Happy, Meline, Gender, Weather, Wheat, Happy, Question, Clairvoyant, Comfort, Float, Seek, Clairvoyant, Her, Answer, Flow, While, Stirred, Allow, Seed, Lash, Weak, Batteries, Budah, Fell, Lash, Manifest, Raw, Gender, Cry, Same, Cannot, Rope, Tide, Never, Float, Spell, Kelly, Wonder, Rope, Might, Corner, James, Wonder, Horse, Best, Captain, Stirred, Circle, Shining, Picture, Oracle, Move, Vast, Weather, Decided, Meline, Explain, Gentle, Dollar, Decided, Meline, Add, Explain, Float, Gentle, Sense, Weather, Wheat, Explain, Tide, Reservation, Move, You, Weather, Digital.

 Video Evidence Obtained During Investigation


Is this the infamous Battle Alley ghost cat caught on video? Many people claim to have seen and heard the cat that haunts the building.



Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation


 “HI” EVP class C: At 26 Minutes into an EVP session in the basement, Gayle asked for a knock. And about a minute later a knock is heard along with the K-II spiking to red. Gayle says “Hi” and you hear a response of “Hi” and then the laser grid starts to go dim.

 “Jim” EVP class A: About 15 seconds into an EVP session I heard a man’s voice, which it sound’s like he is saying “Jim”. We had an immediate flashlight and K-II response. Gayle felt something brush up against her leg, possibly the ghost cat. We both got a erie feeling in this area. Seven minutes into the session we saw light flashes with the K-II meter reacting.

 “Scream” EVP class B: We were talking about the previous weekend’s investigation and Joe, Gayle and I heard a female scream. As we played with the trigger objects we got some strong K-II hits. At 53    Minutes into the investigation, the recorder just stopped recording.

 “You don’t know” EVP class B: Joe was telling us about the EVP he captured of a little girl at the store a while back when you hear a male voice saying, “you don’t know”.

 “Hello” EVP class C: The team concluded introducing themselves, and asks if anyone wants to speak with them. NOTE: There is a furnace running in the background which creates contamination noise.

 “Voice”EVP class C: The recorder is on the floor by Donald in the coffin room. A whisper can be heard at 7 minutes 31 seconds in. What was being said is inaudible. This clip occurred at 32 minutes in. NOTE: You are hearing T3 talk about a previous investigation. At the indicated time a whisper is heard as T3 continues to talk.

 “Hey” EVP class A:  Before the investigation begins and the team is setting up their equipment, John asks about an EMF pump. A voice is  heard saying “hey”.



The Motor City Ghost hunters have never been disappointed when it comes to investigating at Battle Alley Antiques. The paranormal activity was at its all time high. Can’t wait to return in the future for more exciting investigating.



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