Battle Alley Arcade Antiques, Holly MI; December 5th and 6th 2009

Case Background and Claims:252_BA_Exterior2

The Motor City Ghost Hunters went back to Battle Alley Arcade Antiques for a 3rd investigation on Dec 4th and 5th, 2009. Every time we investigate this fascinating antique store, we get very interesting and sometimes, amazing evidence. Because of the volume of antiques that come and go at the store, we seem to get activity from different spirits each time. Our first visit turned up class A EVPs from a male entity. Our second visit produced less evidence, but we did hear a female voice on our EVPs.

This third visit, however produced many EVPs and a couple photographs we can’t explain. We caught a child’s voice many times and even the meow of the phantom cat that has been seen and felt in the store.

The proprietors, Pat and John said they love having us come, not only because of the fascinating evidence we bring back, but because they have seen an increase in business after our visits. Interestingly, the rooms we record activity in, often become the rooms that generate the most sales after we leave. In one of the rooms, John found a bunch of playing cards on the floor… he didn’t know how they got there, but he put them away and later that same day someone bought them all. Something similar happened in “the hat room”.

We don’t know if there is a connection between our visits and increased sales or interest at the store, but we’re happy for any positive effects we may have for one of our dearest clients.


2009_12_05_Battlealley_Hollyhotel_For those not familiar with the town of Holly Michigan, the mysterious Holly Hotel, located in the Downtown Historic District, is its claim to modern-day fame.
The centurion hotel survived two devastating fires, the first on January 19, 1913 and most recent occurring 65-years to the day and hour of the first blaze, in 1978.
Both guests and employees of the hotel claim stories of ghostly haunts and apparition sightings throughout its history and it is worth mentioning, that the haunters, for the most part, are attributed to it’s original owner, Mr. Heist, as well as a mischievous child spirit, and a subsequent Inn Host, known as Nora Kane.


Adjacent to, but not currently a part of the hotel (it was a part of the hotel when it was built), is the Battle Alley Antique Arcade Mall.  Not unlike the hotel, this establishment also experiences long-standing claims of paranormal activity from patrons and merchants alike.


Weather: Cold lower 20’s.  Mild snow flurries.

Structural:  The building is a late 1800’s brick and mortar structure, which stands adjacent to the Holly Hotel, appears to be built on a solid basement foundation, with both wood and slate floors.  While the front and back of the structure had substantial sized windows and entry doors, the side of the build (facing an alley) appeared to have minimal casements for exposure to noise contamination.


Team 1: John,Jason, Rebecca, Mike, and Kellie   –  Conducted investigations on Friday, December 4, 2009.

Team 2:  Chas, Chris, JasonCathy, and Teri  –  Conducted investigations on Saturday, December 5, 2009.

Team 1
As John walked to the front area, in the hallway near the bathroom, felt something rub against his right calf like a cat and a tail brush him.

Experienced K2 meter fluctuations on 3 meters, lighting up to 3 lights, and EMF
spikes to .4, while questions asked in the Hat/Map/Doll room.
Felt a strange tingling sensation in lower legs and pressure in right ear.
Rebecca & Mike felt ill in the Hat/Map room.
Everyone In that room experienced a sensation of being watched, while we looked at pictures.
Upstairs – hits on the K2 meter up to 3-4 lights, but the train was just leaving the area so deduced it could be contamination rumble from the train.Heard a cat “meow” in the basement and was brushed up against again.

Rebecca, Kellie, John, and Mike all had a sense of being watched in the Map room. In the Hat/Map/Doll room, after removing two of the K2 meters we were able to get responses light up to a solid yellow (3) lights and EMF read of.04.  Upstairs during an EVP session got momentary spike of 1.7- 2.0 during provocation questioning.

Jason reported seeing a shadow in the adjacent room but  Kellie was unable to see anything.

Video Evidence Obtained on Investigation

 A child saying “cold” and a male laugh can be heard.

Team 2
On the main floor I felt someone was behind her. Teri got a cold chill. At one point Teri heard something rattle in the apartment room.

In the Hat/Map/Doll room, we got K2 and EMF hits after she put on the gray hat to provoke.
I got a headache, when we were talking about the dolls being ugly; the temp was 64-65º, 70º, 70.3º, 70.5º, 71º.  EMF read 1.0 when the temp went to 69.8º Chass had an uneasy feeling in the room.
When she touched the black doll the K-2 spiked to orange-yellow color (3-4 lights).
On the main floor with Chris and Jason we got hits on the k-2 and on EMF, so Chass went out of the room and everything went flat.  The K2 lite up when she came back in.
In the basement, while we were down there, we heard a bell ring from the main floor.  Chris and Jason went up to the main floor and rang the bell by the cash register  which turned out to be the same noise we heard.
K2 meter lit up to 3-4 lights, but the train was just leaving the area so deduced it could be contamination rumble from the train.


On the upstairs floor Jason and Chris  had a few hits on the k-2 meter in a corner of one of the rooms were there was a sled.
There was a weird sound like the walls were shaking Jason and I both heard this.

Chris’ recorder shut off a few times while we were by the sled I didn’t hit any button on the recorder.

In the basement we started to do some EVP work when we all heard a bell ring upstairs. We investigated the bell by the register and the girls downstairs said it sounded the same.  No one else was in the store but us- we can’t explain it.


On the main floor with both Jason and Chass (separately), She had the sensation that someone was either watching us or following us.
In the room Heidi got the picture of the 1800’s man, the hair on the back of her  neck stood on end.  This was the room she later caught the picture of the lighting streak after we thought we saw a cat, beyond the doorway.2009_12_05_Battlealley_reveal3 On several occasions during the night I thought Teri, had heard someone say “hello” or mumble in her ear, in several areas of the building.  Once we found noise contamination from the hotel but there was no explanation for the other voices she had heard close to herself, within the building.
In the Hat/Map room she felt as though someone had touched or brushed her elbow during an evp session.  No one was near Teri at the time.

During an evp session in this room, for a few minutes, it got very chilly with no draft or explanation as to why.

Upstairs Chass and Teri  did an evp session near a wooden sled, the K-2 meter held a steady 1-2 lights and Teri felt as though someone was there with us.

Teri believes she felt the little girl was with them. We were getting some hits on the k-2 as well.

Upstairs we heard a loud bang so we radioed Chris and Jason down stairs to make sure they were OK they heard it too and said it was coming from up stairs.
Upstairs we saw programs for the theater laying on the floor, which did not seem to be there when we walked in.
In the front room upstairs, Teri & Chass heard someone talking and looked around outside, but no one was there. (Listen to evps)
There was a cold spot for a few seconds and then it went away.
On our way back downstairs we noticed the K2 meter light up to 2 lights near the sled again.  The sled was made entirely of wood, no wiring or outlets nearby. No explanation for the K-2 hits.
On our way back down the stairs Teri heard someone say hello, but no one was around.
On the main floor front west room, Chris asked me to tell him what I felt before I walked into the room When she did walk in she felt sad, mad, angry. Chris told me that he felt the same way.

Main floor back area, Jason and I heard a cat and Teri and Jason saw a shadow appearing to be the cat crossing the hallway.
Chris’ recorder kept getting paused the whole night.
Teri & I both heard someone walking upstairs, where all the books are.

We again see the cat, which appeared to be black.

Jason and Cathy  were on the main floor where Chass and Teri had gotten some hits in the Map room. We heard a loud bang we thought it was coming from up stairs. Chass called us right after it happened and asked if everything was OK because they heard loud bang too.
We were on the main floor with Teri and Chass when Chass was asking questions about the little girl and we were getting answers on the k-2 meter.

We saw the shadow of a cat and tried to get it to come up to us;

In the front upper room, Chass and I heard a noise that sounded like a door closing or the furnace go on, when we investigated, no one was around and the furnace was not running.
While upstairs Chass & I heard a loud boom which sounded like it came from downstairs, when we contacted Jason & Chris, they said it sounded like it came from upstairs.  We could not find a source.
While investigating the basement we all heard what sounded like the bell at the cash register ding.  When Jason and Chris returned from investigating it, the bell rang again.  There was no one on the main floor either time.

In the hall on the main floor Teri heard what sounded like footsteps over our heads.  When she mentioned it, Jason & Chris pointed out there was no upstairs where we were standing.  There is no explanation for the noise, unless someone was walking on the roof of the building.

Photos Obtained During our Investigation

The following pictures were taken right after the crew saw a phantom cat crossing the hallway. Each photo shows the original picture and a closeup of the glowing anomalies. When we searched, we could not find a source of whatever light made the glowing image in the photo – but something had to move very fast in the same place for a while to show up in the two consecutive photos. Was it related to the phantom cat?

4pics at battle alley

Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation

“How old I am”  EVP Class A :  Just after Chass says turn the lights off and start asking questions… “How old I am”

 “I need dollars” EVP Class B :  Teri says that’s lovely…. little girls says “I need dollars”

 “Uh hum” EVP Class B : Teri says makes a pretty noise doesn’t it “Uh Huh” overlaps Chass

 “Shut Up” EVP Class  B : Jason says “can you please make my k2 meter light up .. to 3” then a voice whispers “shut up”

  ” Buy it”  EVP Class A :Chass says “a little girl’s kitchen set”. The voice whispers “buy it”.

 “Marie or Mommy”  EVP Class C: Teri saying what’s your doll’s name… “Marie” or “Mommy”

 “Meow” EVP Class B :after Chass says he-be-jibes then you can hear a cat “meow”

  “Good luck guys”  EVP Class A: Teri says how cool… little girl says “Good luck guys — good luck”

 ” Hold on kitty”  EVP Class A :  Voice with a southern accent says “Hold on” before Teri says hold-on.


Our best evidence is in the form of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon), of which there were several from more than one source. There were a few unexplainable personal experiences of which could be corroborated among team members, such as the ringing bell and the boom heard by several team members.  While the personal experiences were few, such as the feeling of being watched or touched, reporting hearing, feeling, or seeing a cat in which none resides within the building, they should not be discounted, as members from two different teams reported similar experiences.
Battle Alley Antiques is an active location filled with history of the antiques which it houses and fills us with the possibility to explore an ever changing environment of charm, and warmth, and antiquity.
If there are any spirits calling Battle Alley Antiques home, they are of an interactive, friendly, illuminative nature, as both teams experienced during their evp sessions.  In looking over the video, digital shots, and audio recordings of this investigation, it would appear the activity has left Motor City Ghost Hunter teams excited to come back for more.  We would love to investigate here again to see if we can continue to gain convincing evidence to paranormal events that may be occurring at Battle Alley Antiques.

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