Battle Alley Arcade Antiques: July 11, 2009

Case Background & Claims:

252_BA_Exterior2MCGH previously investigated the arcade and collected some extraordinary EVPs.  Investigators reported multiple experiences, including a sighting of the ghost cat.  We were graciously invited back to pursue additional evidence.  The township of Holly, and Battle Alley in particular, are well known as being haunted.  Neighboring merchants and patrons who visit the antique mall are very interested in the history of the building and frequently inquire about the unexplained happenings there.  Any public awareness or interest we can generate will increase traffic and much needed business for the store. Therefore, MCGH contacted the Tri-County Times on behalf of the client, and arranged for a reporter to cover the investigation as a possible feature story.




  • Investigators: , John, Jason, Chass,  Chris, Rachel, Katie, Patti, Rebecca, Andy, Kenny, and Heidi.
  • Time: 8:00pm – 8:00am
  • Weather: Partly cloudy; 70º F; humidity 40%; wind 8 mph (northwest)
  • Moon: 3rd Quarter / Waning in Pisces
  • Structural:  Due to the age of the building, a lot of floor-boards were weak, especially on the upper level. The interior design was constructed using donated materials from countless sources with their own history and energy. Together with the tendency for antiques and articles of sentimental value to draw spirits in, the entire building has the potential for being a hotbed of activity. Mirrors, display cases, picture frames, and articles of glass created reflective surfaces in virtually every room. Wiring throughout the building was very old, and electrical fields for display lighting created fear cages on every level. Occasional sound interference affected EVP sessions from outside the building (outdoor music from the Holly Hotel, voices from passers-by, fireworks, etc.). Recording conditions inside the building were also not ideal, as voices from other investigators could easily be heard on every level.



 Personal Experiences:

On the upper level, two of our sensitives, Chass and Chris, heard a child laughing shortly after Chris had been physically shoved.Sensations of heaviness were experienced by several investigators.  Some observed that the air was heavy in certain areas, while others experienced it physically.  At one point, Chass caught a glimpse of a woman in period attire enter the main stairway leading upstairs.  And throughout the night, Chris had the strong feeling of being followed. multiple EVPs were discovered as random occurrences throughout the night in all areas of the building.  K2 and EMF meters reacted frequently throughout the night as well, but their effectiveness in validating any media evidence or personal experience is limited in this particular case, due to the high number of “fear cages” throughout the building.  A fear cage is simply a concentrated area where the electro-magnetic field is elevated due to electrical output from ordinary devices, exposed wiring, outlets, etc.  It is also for this reason that the personal experience reported in the news story involving Alicia (Alicia is a former tenant of a nearby location who the Holly police brought over to tell us her stories and see if she could help interact with any local spirits)can only be regarded as inconclusive.  Test readings taken in the basement by two different teams identified too many fields of high energy output, and any physical or emotional experience of this energy was most likely due to hypersensitivity.

In the reflection of the glass display case, there appears to be a male figure observing the photographer, wearing some type of uniform with an overcoat and a white, high-neck collar.  As with any paranormal images caught on film or electronic media, absolute certainty is not possible.  However, we returned to the Arcade and visually inspected the room where the photo was taken.  We observed nothing that could have caused the image to appear and therefore, consider this to be a valid possibility of either an apparition or an imprint.




EVP’s captured during investigation:

“Female voice” EVP class B: You will hear our investigator sigh, followed by a female voice. There were no females in the room at the time.
“Voice” EVP class B: John asks a question, and you hear a voice answer (which is amplified as it was very low)
“Scratching sound” EVP class C: at the end of this recording, it sounds like the mic is scratched, and a voice starts.. no one was holding the recorder, so we cannot account for the scratching sound.
“Whisper” EVP class C: Investigator asks “Do you remember her”, then you hear an amplified whisper which we cannot decipher. Then you hear the investigators react to a positive hit on the K2 meter.
“YES” EVP class C: Investigator says “That’s a yes” and we hear a whisper that sounds like YES. Then another investigators responds “Oh my God” to the k2 meter lighting up.




Battle Alley Antiques seems to be filled with signs paranormal activity . We hope to be able to investigate the property again in the future.

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