Battle Alley Antiques; February 21, 2009

Case Background and Claims: 2009_02_21_Battle Alley_336_BA_Exterior

Vendors and patrons have reported claims that include a customer who had his hat knocked off; people experiencing cold spots and the feeling of being watched; shadows moving across rooms and people seeing a cat and lights turning on and off. The store used to be attached to the Holly Hotel by an underground tunnel when it was a speakeasy and a brothel. Male customers used the underground tunnel to discreetly go from the hotel to the brothel unseen. And of course there are antiques everywhere that spirits could be attached to.

The Battle Alley Arcade Antiques Mall is like taking a step back in time. The shop is in an 1890’s building located in Holly’s Downtown Historic District. The interior of the store is has been restored to look and feel like you are walking down a quaint
19th Century street of shops that is home to 25 dealers of a wide variety of quality antiques and fine collectibles. Business hours are Monday – Saturday 10:30 am to 5:30 pm and Sunday 12 to 5 pm. The mall is attached to, and was once part of the infamous Historic Holly Hotel, where Carry Nation smashed the saloon in 1908!


  • Investigators: John M,Andy, Kenny, Greg Cindy, Jesse,Nan, Patti and  Art,
  • Environment:overcast (snow earlier in the day) and cold – outside temperatures in the 30’s

1) Greg and Nan each had a thermometer, which they each pointed at the same book in the “Reading Room” while Greg asked questions. Greg asked a spirit to lower the temperature of the thermometer in answer to his questions. Greg’s thermometer changed temperature while Nan’s stayed the same. After they switched thermometers, they still got the same results of lowered temperatures by 1-2 degrees after Greg’s questions.

2) John heard his name whispered as he walked by the restroom on the main floor. He was the only investigator on that floor at the time.

3) Cindy was sitting quietly upstairs when she felt a presence behind her. At the same time, her K2 meter, which had been staying on the first green light peaked to the red light. The K2 meter was being kept on by using a coin rather than being operated manually.

4) Andy heard something whisper in his ear and then he saw a picture frame tilt slightly on the wall next to him.

5) Andy, John, Jessie and Ken all saw a low shadow flit back & forth behind a counter several times throughout the night but could not catch the shadow on video.


EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:


 “Nooo”  EVP R:  Investigator says “wanna show up on camera here? Say cheese” then we hear a disembodied male voice slowly say “noooooo”

 “Hello” EVP Class  : Investigators yell “We’re back” “we’re home” and then you clearly hear “Hello” by someone who was not there, followed by another disembodied voice that says either “Killer” or “Kill Her. The investigators say “we’re back” because they were previously upstairs provoking and came back to provoke some more. They were they only two investigators on the floor at the time

 “Child’s voice”  EVP Class B :  

Investigators say “1930s sled”  and “I guess it could hold some energy” then you hear kind of a groan and a quick child’s voice. The EMF detectors that the investigators were using reacted strongly by this sled, and one of our investigators heard a whisper by his head and saw a picture frame shift on the wall in the vicinity of the sled.

 “You’ve done nothing wrong”  EVP Class B : In this EVP, an investigator says “tell me if I do anything wrong”. Another Investigator laughs, then a disembodied voice says something like “you’ve done nothing wrong”

 “I hope she Rots”  EVP Class B : An investigator says “and Junebug still doesn’t care about you”. Then a male voice says what we think is “I hope she rots”. Because an  Investigator on another floor was talking about Carrie Nation, we think the voice is expressing his feelings about her, as there were no women in the building at the time

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