Battle Alley Arcade Antiques Mall, Holly MI: November 5th, 2011

Case Background and Claims:  

252_BA_Exterior2   This investigation was a re-visit to clients that MCGH had investigated on several occasions in the past four years. While Battle Alley Arcade Antique Mall is attached to the historic Holly Hotel, noted for a dramatic past of plural structural fires and tales of haunting from its original owner of the 1800s, not unlike the hotel, this location also experiences long-standing claims of paranormal activity from patrons and merchants alike.
In the paranormal community, it is widely believed that spirits often attach themselves to objects, and while supplies of antique items change and are renewed at the mall, we feel there is an ever present possibility for new experiences at this establishment.
It is worth noting that a consistent observation by customers, according to both store owner Pat Kenny and staff, is witness accounts of a shadowy cat image, yet no live cat is present in the building. Other observations have been the sounds of footsteps overhead, while no one is on the upper level, and the sound of squeaky toys when no customers are in the building.

        *Please be aware that there is piped-in music to the mall that could not be turned off, but    

          is discernible from actual captured EVPs.     



This EVP was captured just after Joe left the room.  In fact you can see him exit the room on the video. Then, a small child’s voice is heard saying “buy it momma, buy it for me.”



These are two EVPs that were captured have been overlaid onto some video from Battle Alley. You will need headphones to hear these EVPs. The first one is very faint and sounds like “Jerry.” The second one is louder and sounds like “hi.


Joe asks if the cat is present, a common claim by the owners, workers and customers, and what sounds like a response can be heard. Is it a “meow?” You be the judge.

                            *This is night one of a two-night investigation 




  • Date: November 5, 2011
  • Time: 8 PM – 2 AM
  • Investigators:  John, Tim, Kellie, and Joe
  • Weather:  30-40 degrees, clear
  • Structural:  The building is a late 1800’s brick and mortar structure, which stands adjacent to the Holly Hotel, appears to be built on a solid basement foundation, with both wood and slate floors.


At 8PM, the team arrived and started the investigation with an EMF sweep upstairs, where they found consistent readings of between 2 and 5 in the back rooms.  In a later experiment, in the same area, Tim and Kellie observed inconsistent readings on the MEL meters.  When placed next to each other, Tim’s fluxed between 2-3 while Kellie’s remained at zero.  When switched, Kellie’s read the higher numbers and Tim’s stayed around zero, yet no other high readings were observed in the room.  During this time, Tim caught an EVP that very clearly states “Hi….Tim.”   At8:15 PM, while carrying the camera to place in the casket room upstairs, Joe heard footsteps behind him as he walked to the back corner to place the camera.


At 8:32 PM, a static camera in the “casket room” captured an EVP: “Buy it Momma! Buy it for me,” which was said as Joe walked out of the room.  At 10:21 PM, a static camera caught an orb on video as Joe walked through the room.   There is also an orb, or light manifestation, on the cabinet in background.


At 11:13 PM, Joe joined Tim and Kellie for the second EVP session of the night, in which the trio was commenting about outside noise from the street below.  At this time, an EVP was caught which appears to be a response to the group talking about the street noise:  “have” or “huh,” and this low raspy voice was caught two more times.  Another EVP can be heard a few minutes later.  Tim and Kellie were talking about having a ghost go down and mess with John and possibly a “ha” laughing sound can be heard when Kellie said she thinks it is fun.  The next time that voice sounds like “heh/ha/hey” and comes through when the team was talking about the building.
As the night went on, the team did a few more EVPs sessions, and while down in the basement, Kellie was investigating the back corner where a static camera was set.  Kellie described the image of a calico cat appear, in a sitting position, facing her.  She states that in the split seconds she realized she was looking at the image of a cat, it vanished.  This interaction can be seen on video, as well as a later video clip of a shadowy figure, similar to a cat with its tail upright, moving in front of our static video camera set up in a room on the middle level of the mall.


At 12:25 PM, Joe returned to the casket room to check the camera and heard footsteps behind him for a second time that night; this time the camera caught the sound he heard and his reaction.
The team ended the night with an hour and a half long EVP session, which produced no evidence; however, while with John and Kellie, Joe heard a sound in the basement that, to him, sounded like a cat meowing.  The team packed up and left at 2 AM.


Audio Evidence Obtained during investigation:

“Hi Tim” EVP class C: While Kellie and Tim were running an experiment with the K-II meters on the second floor, they captured an EVP that sounds like “hi Tim.


 “HAVE” EVP class A: A low, raspy voice was caught that sounds like “have” or “huh.”  This voice was caught two more times.


“HA” EVP class A: Tim and Kellie were talking about having a ghost go down and mess with John.  Kellie said she thinks it is fun, and a possibly “ha” or laughing can be heard.  This voice can be heard on one more occasion, but it is difficult to hear and therefore not included.




Not surprisingly, Battle Alley Arcade Antique Mall did not disappoint the teams of Motor City Ghost Hunters.  Both teams experienced both personal experiences and evidence worthy of careful, respectful consideration by all of us who view it.  Pat’s gracious extension of hospitality allows our group to explore this historic facility with unfettered access to every square inch of the place, in which we fully appreciate by carefully studying all aspects of claims and personal experiences proclaimed by customers, shop keepers, and investigators. Overall, both team investigations were fruitful and the evidence gathered invites the idea that Battle Alley Arcade Antique Mall is crowded with intriguing paranormal items, worth investigating over and over again.
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