Battle Alley Antiques Mall, Holly, MI: November 6, 2011

Background and Claims:

252_BA_Exterior2This investigation was a re-visit to clients that MCGH had investigated on several occasions in the past four years. While Battle Alley Arcade Antique Mall is attached to the historic Holly Hotel, noted for a dramatic past of plural structural fires and tales of haunting from its original owner of the 1800’s, not unlike the hotel, this location also experiences long-standing claims of paranormal activity from patrons and merchants alike.
In the paranormal community, it is widely believed that spirits often attach themselves to objects, and while supplies of antique items change and are renewed at the mall, we feel there is an ever present possibility for new experiences at this establishment.
It is worth noting that a consistent observation by customers, according to both store owner Pat Kenny and staff, is witness accounts of a shadowy cat image, yet no live cat is present in the building. Other observations have been the sounds of footsteps overhead, while no one is on the upper level, and the sound of squeaky toys when no customers are in the building.


                         This is the last night of the two-night investigation:


  • Date: November 6, 2011
  • Time: 8 PM – 1:45 AM
  • Investigators: Chass, Chris, Jason, Teri, Don, Scott, Holly, and Kathy, a friend of the owner.
  • Weather: 30-40 degrees, clear
  • Structural: The building is a late 1800s brick and mortar structure, which stands adjacent to the Holly Hotel, appears to be built on a solid basement foundation, with both wood and slate floors.






While upstairs, Chris snapped these photos of Don. In the first photo, there appears to be a weird glow around Don.  The second photo taken immediately after the first does not feature this glow.




      Investigative Timeline –

The team arrived at 8 PM and began to set up the equipment, including the DVR system which was set up at the cash register.


At 9:30 PM, Jason sat down to observe the DVR system, while Don, Chris, and Scott started their investigation in the basement where the ambient temperature was 55 degrees.  Each investigator chose a room to sit in.  Don sat in the furnace room, and Chris and Scott stayed in the main section toward the back of the basement where Kellie saw the image of a cat the night before.  While no one experiences similar occurrences, just before the team took a break an audible heavy yawn-type breath can be heard on both Don’s and Scott’s recorders.  Don asked Chris and Scott if they heard someone breathe loud, both denied hearing it or taking a deep breath.  During their basement EVP session, the guys also caught two other EVPs (see below).
The second team, Teri, Chass, Holly and Kathy, began their investigations with an EVP Q&A session upstairs in the front display room.  As Chass was explaining to Kathy how the flashlight session works, as if on cue, the light flashed on as Chass said, “As answers to questions the light will flash on.” Chass then stated she felt as though whoever was with us seemed to be afraid of us and the light came on again.  Several minutes into the session, Jason radioed to see if we were moving around, as he was hearing a lot of “ruckus” above his head; however, we were all sitting and did not hear a thing.  Jason also heard a sound like the door handle rattling behind him.  No one was near him at this time, and the door to the storage closet was locked.  A short time later, both Chass and Holly heard rustling in the room behind them, while the rest of the group upstairs heard nothing.  During this upstairs session, Chass stated she felt an older man who was strict, and at the same time, Teri caught a very faint EVP on her recorder, which sounds like a man saying “I’m strict.”  Also, during this time, the girls experienced hits on the K-II that read .1, and Kathy said her legs felt cold, which they felt, too.  As Holly asked, in Spanish, if she could sing a song, Teri caught a very faint EVP response that sounded like a little girl or woman saying something like “don’t want…or no way.”  At the end of the session, Chass stated she was getting a massive headache from whoever was there.  As Teri snapped a picture, her recorder caught a child gleefully saying “Liiight?.”   At the same time, Teri felt a poke in her side as if to say “hey..I’m right here.”  At that time, too, Chass said they had a different spirit, a female, and they got K-II hits, and the light flashed as if to confirm a female was with them.  To the group, the upstairs felt pretty active with quite an exciting energy in the room.


At 10:15 PM, the team took a break, while Don left his recorder running upstairs.  Both Scott and Don tagged their leaving, and six minutes later, two EVPs were recorded: the first sounds like a cat or child shout, the second is of young man laughing.


At 10:41 PM, Holly, Teri, Chass, and Kathy moved to the lower level, middle room of the mall.  While the music was too loud to discern any EVPS, they did experience brief low level K-II hits, and Teri again felt as though someone poked her in the back.  Everyone had a sense that someone was behind them.
With the exception of a few personal sensations and sporadic K-II hits, further investigation of the lower level produced no evidence.
At one point both teams, and Jason, heard what sounded like furniture moving upstairs, footsteps, and running; however, all of us denied moving.  The guys were upstairs, Jason at the DVR, and the girls were in the picture room.


At 11 PM, the team took a break and was standing at the DVR system.  Teri again felt a deliberate push in the middle of her back when no one was standing near her.  During the break, Teri left her recorder on by the DVR system where Holly and Jason were.  Holly was calling out for the kitty and making purring noises.  Teri’s recorder captured a very, very faint female child’s voice calling the kitty and meow-like sounds.  It is very contaminated as Holly and Jason are talking back and forth at the same time.  It is worth noting Teri captured the very same EVP during last year’s investigation.


At 11:30 PM, after regrouping, Don, Chris and Teri went up into the library for an EVP session.  On the way up, Teri mentioned getting the “creeps” and then captured a female child voice on the recorder saying “ummmmm…… yeah.”  During the EVP session in the library, the light flashed to several questions on request, including confirming Teri’s last question, when she asked if it was okay that they brought Scott up to video the event.  Whatever was propelling the flashlight to turn on at the appropriate times also appeared to be playful, teasing us with the speed, intensity, and degree of light coming from the flashlight.  Through the process of guessing and response, the spirit appeared to be a young six-year-old boy, who likes to play with the toys in the building, and who – by question and answer confirmation – is the only child spirit in the building since Jason and Cathy took Emily home.  After getting Chass to make an attempt to cross the boy over, he appeared to continue to play with the flashlight as a sign that he did not want to go.  They wrapped up the EVP session at 12 AM, and Don, Teri, and Kathy left.
The remainder of the group stayed until 1:45 AM, but nothing significant occurred.
*Please be aware that there is piped-in music to the mall that could not be turned off, but is discernible from actual captured EVPs.



Audio evidence obtained during investigation:

“Noise” EVP class A: A second instrument-like sound is caught in the basement as Don is talking about the place, and in the middle of his sentence, there is a loud drum-like cymbal sound that nobody acknowledges hearing.





 ” Tingle sound” EVP class A: Chris yawns and says how tired he is; then there is a like a tingle-lingle-ling sound, which Scott mentions and asks what it was, but Chris and Don didn’t know what caused it.





“Yawn” EVP class A: Don, Scott, and Chris were in the basement, and Don heard a heavy, yawn-type breath.  Neither of the other guys heard it, nor is it any of them.






Not surprisingly, Battle Alley Arcade Antique Mall did not disappoint the teams of Motor City Ghost Hunters.  Both teams experienced both personal experiences and evidence worthy of careful, respectful consideration by all of us who view it.  Pat’s gracious extension of hospitality allows our group to explore this historic facility with unfettered access to every square inch of the place, in which we fully appreciate by carefully studying all aspects of claims and personal experiences proclaimed by customers, shop keepers, and investigators.
Overall, both team investigations were fruitful and the evidence gathered invites the idea that Battle Alley Arcade Antique Mall is crowded with intriguing paranormal items, worth investigating over and over again.
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