Belleville Museum; January 24, 2014

Case Background and Claims:

The building was used for multiple purposes.  It was built in 1875 and the Civilian Conservation Corp dug out the basement in the 1930’s.  It was the first government headquarters and its uses as city hall.  It was originally a single floor building but the Grange wanted to use it for dances and meetings and built the second floor.

Photo from the Belleville Museum Webpage

Photo from the Belleville Museum Webpage

The basement was used by the police and they used it for the jail where people were only held for a couple of hours to overnight.

Many artifacts were donated to the museum.  Doctor’s office, Five and Dime, Underground Railroad, and Fire Department.

It was reported that the docents hear strange things and feel a presence of something in the basement.

Many artifacts were donated to the museum.  Doctor’s office, Five and Dime, Underground Railroad, Fire Department,


  • Investigators: John, Brenda, Cas, Heather and Kate “K2”
  • Weather:  Winter Storm, Gusty winds, 13 F outside
  • Winter Storm, Gusty winds, 13 F outside
  • Inside Temperature 62F EMF 0.1
  • Air Particle Count 665432@3microns

Video Evidence obtained during Paranormal Investigation

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Second Floor Investigation100_2021

We had a video recorder running before the investigation in the room with no one present.  The camera shut off after 8 minutes and the camera was powered through an outlet in the wall.

Many of the team members believe they saw shadows moving near the stairway and the back room. John actually stated that one walked in front of him during the EVP session.  During our EVP session our Flashlights responded by turning on and off at many times. We experienced cold spots moving through the area during our session.

Ovilus Words for Second Floor

Lead, Wait, Cremate, Block, Small, Script, Plural, Were, Able, Control, Said, Raster, Switch, Stool, Legion, June, Minutes, Able, Consonant, Morning, Prepared ,Forward, Dave, Shall, Push

Basement/Jail Investigation 100_2038

The Lorax was running from 8 pm to 12 am.  We conducted a session inside the jail cell.  There was so much dust in the basement that any orbs have to be ruled out.  While in the basement, Brenda and K2 used the Flir and believed to pick up a shadow figure in the basement.  While talking about the shadow figure, the Lorax picked up the EVP stating, “Come here.”  John may have also caught other EVPs of entities asking questions while we were down there.

Main Floor Investigation:

John is asked to cross spirits over before we left the building -John passed over all who wanted to leave-Confirmation was given once the spirits passed We received lots of flashlight responses to our questions we were asking.100_2056

Ovilus for Main Floor:

Alcohol, Celebration, Dreg, Near, Everything, Steam, System, Hollowed, Block, Gate, Raster, Said, Render, LMAO, Heaven, Banshee, Cried, Throat, Elements, Yard, Chimp, System, Heaven, Dead, Ascend, Block, Morning, Banshee, Push, Grain, System, Heaven, Celebration, Hollowed, Dictionary, Cried, Try, Consonant, Signal, Hollow, Father, Can, About, Army, System, Try, Why, Periodic, Can, South, Morning, Elements, Throat, Render, Try, Were, Elements, Render, Throat, Yard, State, Just, Try, Chimp, Wait

EVPs obtained during Paranormal Investigation

“Come here” Class B EVP: While in the basement, Brenda and K2 were using the Flir. The Lorax caught, “Come here.”

“God, oh God” Class B EVP: We were still in the basement and John’s recorder caught, “God oh God.”



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