Bert, Investigator

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Bert, Investigator and Associate Member


Bert, Investigator and Associate Member

Born across the river from Detroit in Windsor, Bert lives in Dundas, Ontario and works for the Canadian government. In 2010, a commercial ghost walk at Old Fort Erie, Canada’s bloodiest battlelfield, drew him in. A long-time photographer, he specializes in long exposure photography, and closely follows the ghost excavation techniques and philosophy advanced by John G. Sabol Jr.

Bert enjoys investigating locations with a military history, having made multiple visits to Gettysburg, Antietam, Old Fort Erie, Fort George and Fort Niagara. He has and has been a speaker at conferences in Canada and the United States. Friends have called Bert something of a ghost “magnet.”

Founding Beyond Ghosts Canada in 2011, a non profit organization that hold public ghost hunts at various locations in southern Ontario. Bert glady accepted an invitation to join MCGH as he enjoys their broad-based, varied approach to investigations.