Southeastern Michigan Residence, August 9, 2009

Background and Claims

There are currently 9 people living in a 3 bedroom home.

There are no strong religious beliefs, ties to the occult or other spiritual practices. They have lived in the house 18-24 months. They believe the house to be about 60 years old and it is a rental property. They are not aware of any previous deaths or tragedies at the location.  The people who have witnessed activity are Jerry, Mary Jo and Dillon. Jerry says he frequently gets woken up between 4:30 am and 5:30 am by a small boy who has communicated his name is James. He looks to be about 4 years old and wears a baseball cap and shorts. Both Jerry and Mary Jo have described him the same. Mary Jo saw the boy in the hallway. Dillon, who is two ran out one day saying “ghost, ghost” and said it was under his blankets. When they asked him where the ghost went, he pointed up and said roof. Jerry thinks Dillon meant the attic because Jerry says the light up there has gone on and off by itself on occasion. The attic is accessed by way of a trap door and ladder that takes some work to get down and put up again – and the light is turned on and off by pulling a string. So it would take quite a bit of effort to turn the light on and off. Sometimes a light in the living room comes on by itself.

Jerry states that the boy communicated that he likes to play with blocks and make snowmen in the snow.

Once when Dillon was riding his bike outside, Genny says he seemed to fall off in an unnatural sideways manner into the grill, almost as if he were pushed.

Jerry and Genny say a friend of their lived in the house before they did and also saw/witnessed the little boy ghost.

No one who has seen the ghost seems scared of him or overly upset. They say he is cute and not alarming. The clients mainly want validation of their experiences, and they do not want the boy to be “stuck” here. They want him to be free to go into the light and find his family if that is what he seeks, but they don’t seem to want to evict him if he wants to stay.
Please note: because of the sensitive subject matter of this investigation, the location/city is not being revealed and the names are changed. Even though the client tried to fake some evidence, they are letting us use the video as a learning experience – and as a warning to other clients to 1) do NOT try to fake any evidence because it can put legitimate evidence into question and 2) do NOT touch our equipment. We have learned that some clients can be desperate for validation of their experiences because of disbelief from other family members and that we need to counsel them accordingly during the initial interview.

We are very grateful to the clients for allowing us to use ALL the video we gathered and ask that those viewing this page be as understanding as we were – use this as a learning opportunity rather than as a judgmental opportunity.


Investigators: Nan, Patti and Brad

Weather:  Mid 60’s with rain and thunderstorms

Patti and Nan set up 3 night vision surveillance cameras to record for 2 nights prior to the investigation on August 7th and 8th, recording from midnight to 7am. The cameras were in the bedroom where Jerry is woken up, the hallway where Mary Jo saw the boy and the attic where the light turns on by itself. We chose this method of investigation because 1) there are so many people living in a small house that could contaminate evidence from a typical investigation and 2) we wanted to record phenomenon happening under normal living conditions.

Then on Saturday August 9th, Patti, Nan and Brad performed a standard investigation. We took the camera out of the bedroom so as not to wake the home owners when we left at 5am, but we left the hallway and attic cameras running during the investigation.

Audio EVP Evidence from Paranormal Investigation

  “Creepy laugh” EVP Class  B:

One audio clip is offered to the client of an odd laugh. There is a good chance it is one of the 7 people who were in the room at the time the sound was recorded, but it doesn’t remind me of any of our voices, so we are not sure if it is natural or not. The laugh is heard toward the end of the clip after our investigator says “1, 2, 3” then the K-II meter lights up and we hear a natural male laugh – but this one is odd in that it seems a bit unnatural or metallic – and is followed by one of our investigators saying “Good Job”.

Video Evidence from Paranormal Investigation

NOTE: this video is NOT evidence of paranormal activity. It is evidence of TAMPERING.

We started in the living room asking questions with EMF meters, piles of blocks, and also sitting quietly, to see if we sensed anything. We were told by the clients that a still digital camera fell off the couch by itself, but in actuality, Jerry pushed the camera off. It was a good learning experience for us and the camera was not harmed. It was a good lesson in that many clients can be very desperate for their claims to be validated and we need to request that no evidence be faked and that our equipment not be touched.

Nan went to the bedroom and seemed to get some hits on her K-II meter that seemed like communication to her and we were able to videotape some of that activity. Later, when the clients went off to sleep, Patti, Nan and Brad took a lighter approach to getting the spirit to interact with us by tossing a block around and playing in a manner that we thought might attract a child. It was then that the K-II meter started lighting up (it was pretty inactive in the living room before that) and responded to questions about the house, his name, and his daddy.



If there is a little boy ghost there, it isn’t malicious or scary. He seems to only show himself to people who can handle it and we don’t think it is his intention to scare anyone.

So far the family just wants validation of their experiences and do not feel the need to force or ask the little boy to leave. They are, however, somewhat concerned that he might be stuck here and unable to move on. We told them to think about what kind of resolution they desire, and we will try to help them achieve their goals.

When we arrived, the people in the house who did not see the little boy were terrified that they might one day see him. They were very afraid of the idea of a ghost being in their home. By the time we were done with the investigation, they had all been able to talk, voice their fears, share their experiences and hear from us that many very sane people have paranormal experiences. Now, everyone seems very comfortable in the house and no one is worried about seeing a ghost anymore. Instead, they seem to have gentle protective feelings for him, which is a big improvement from being terrified of him.

So whether there is a ghost in the house or not, NO ONE is afraid to live in this house anymore and that is a success story!!

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