Canterbury Villiage; July 25th 2014

_MG_1057Case Background and Claims:

This was MCGH’s fourth time investigating Canterbury Villiage. This time we investigated, the Ye Auld Antique Shoppe and the Ravenwood Apothecary.

Video from the investigation


  • Investigators:,  CasHeatherJasonJohn, Brenda, Ally, Jason
  • Weather: light rain, 78 degrees
  • Structural:  Two stores, the Ravenwood Apothecary and Ye Auld Antique Shoppe (formerly cottages that housed the help for the Scripps family/Wildwood Farm)
  • Equipment: Ovilus, MEL EMF Meters, Natural Tri-Field Meter, K2 EMF Detectors, Sony Nightshot IR Cameras, JVC Digital Video Camera w/ IR, Motion Detector, EMF Pumps, Flir I7 Thermal Camera, EM White Noise Generator, PSB-7 Spirit Box, Frank’s Box, Laser Grid, Flashlight,
  • Time: 8:00pm-12:00am

The group was split into two teams. Team 1 consisted of John, Brenda, and Ally; team 2 comprised of Jason, Cas, Heather and Jason (J2).

Team 1 started in the Ravenwood Apothecary.  They began experiencing flashlight correspondence almost immediately when asked if the little girl named Sarah, who is known to be attached to the property, was there at the time. At one point, the team kept hearing unexplained noises like footsteps and small bangs coming from upstairs. Ally went to go check out the noises, twice, but could not find the source. The team also claimed to notice a star, which was hanging from the ceiling, start spinning.

Team 2 began in the Ye Auld Antique Shoppe. The team began an EVP session in the basement area of the building.IMG_1050 They did not have any experiences during this session that would lend to the belief that there were any paranormal events to take place. The team had some minor flashlight activity and activity with the K2 meter, but they were able to debunk the K2 activity as it was being caused by Jason’s phone while he was gathering information about the location from past investigations. (This is why it is always important to have your phone off or on airplane mode during an investigation.)

Team 1 went to the antique store. The Ovilus was very active, but other than that, there was nothing to report.

Team 2 had their second session in the apothecary. They began the session on the main floor. During this session, the team attempted to get a star hanging from the ceiling to react on command as was reported by the previous group. This was not able to be recreated during the session. Jason went downstairs to investigate why the cats were interested in the vents and doors to the basement area. While in the basement, he experienced a male whisper directly in his ear. Jason did also find why the cats were interested in the vent. There was a timer in the basement that was clicking and could be heard throughout the basement, which echoed through the duct system.

Team 1 and 2 combined for the final session in the apothecary to end the night. Jason and Jason (J2) began upstairs as it really wasn’t investigated that night other than leaving a ball in the middle of the room with a camera fixed on it. While they were upstairs, Jason went over to the landing as Brenda called for him. While standing on the landing, Jason felt something hit the top of his shoe then heard something hit the step. He looked down at the step and there was a pebble. Was the pebble thrown by an entity? Who knows? But Jason couldn’t explain it away.

Cas conducted a Frank’s Box session. During this time, Ally was looking through the view finder of the camera and noticed the camera was trying to focus. There were no lights behind Cas that would cause that camera to come in and out of focus.

Audio evidence obtained on the investigation

“The big dude will get taken down tonight” EVP Class B- This EVP was captured during setup.


The team did have some personal experinces that they really couldn’t explain. The shops and Canterbury are full of history and never seize to disappoint.



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