Lake Orion Businesses at Canterbury Village; March 9, 2013

Case Background and Claims:2013_3_9 Canturbury Village-ROW

We have investigated a few these buildings at this location 2 other times over the years. We have many experiences, including moving objects including doors, equipment malfunctions, footsteps being heard, and strange EMF spikes.

This collective property known as Canterbury Village in Lake Orion, MI., is now a gathering of retail shops and eateries.  In the past, Canterbury Village was known as Haddril Farm after the family that ran a farm on the grounds.  In 1916, William Edmund Scripps, the son of the founder of The Detroit News and WWJ Radio, bought the farm and the surrounding lands (totaling 3,830 acres) as a hobby farm that he named “Wildwood Farms.”  It was Scripps’ intention to make the over-farmed land usable again. The estate included two lakes plus acres and acres
of cultivated fields, woods and hills.
When Scripps bought the estate, there were a couple houses and barns on the property.  He brought over English craftsmen to work on the buildings and to construct new houses in a row for all the farmhands and servants that lived on the property.  Scripps also hired a native of Hereford, England, named Sydney Smith to manage the farm that included peacocks, horses, sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, registered Holstein dairy cows, and the prize of the farm, a herd of deep-chested Aberdeen Angus cows that were the first Black Angus cows bred to be disease resistant on this property.
In 1952, the farm was sold at auction and became an Antique Village before becoming Canterbury Village as it is known today.


  • Investigators: JohnBrenda, Don S, Don W, Kate W, Gayle K, Joe F,  Tim R, Tim W.
  • Weather:Temperature of 41, Interior temperatures varied from 62 to 71, Clear night
  • Moon: 6% visible
  • Time: 8:00pm to 12:00am
  • Date:March 9, 2013
SWEET LANE FUDGE SHOP:  When we visited this fudge shop in the past, in was intimated that a girl named Sara was present and it was possible that she was 9 years of age.  This building is one of the oldest on the site pre-dating the Scripps Estate and used to function as a fire house for the property.
Since our last visit, there were several reports of activity that have occurred.  These reports include:
  • A well-dressed man who would sit down in the serving area and then disappear mysteriously
  • The towel machines would dispense towels on their own
  • Knocking sounds from upstairs
  • Everyday, at 5:05, if the owners are on the phone, it sounds like someone else is on the line trying to dial out and this has been reviewed by the phone company with no explanation.

During our investigation, we recorded several EVP’s.  We also determined that there was elevated EMF levels by the cash register.

Audio Evidence Obtained During Fudge Shop Investigation

“Unknown voice” EVP Class C: Tim R. is asking about the holidays in the area and at the end of one of his statements, there is an unknown vocalization that does not belong to the two investigators that where in the building at the time.

“We will let you know” EVP Class B: Gayle is experiencing a cold spot during a line of questioning.  As Tim R. moves the thermometer to check the ambient temperature changes, a definitively female voice chimes in with this EVP at 16 seconds.

“NO” EVP Class C:  Investigator Teri is addressing the two old men that she established contact with on a prior visit to the Enchanted Cottage.  The response is faint and is heard at about 4 seconds into the clip.

 “Must’ve been Thorpe” EVP Class B: The shopkeepers were relaying the story of the telephone and someone trying to dial out.  Investigator Tim W. addresses this by asking if they are trying to reach the party line.  This EVP was recorded at this time.

 “Me, say it” EVP Class A:   John M. had just addressed Sara by stating that the office upstairs would be a good place to hide.  Teri is talking about it being a neat building and “Me,” is stated at about 7 second and then a whispered “Say it,” at about 11 seconds just before John says “Yeah, I would too.”

 “Get out” EVP Class C:Gayle and Tim R. are in the middle of conducting a flashlight session.  You will hear Tim readjust his flashlight to make sure they are not misfiring and you can hear a faint “Get” followed by a loud “Out” at 7 seconds.

“Hello, you may reach us at” EVP-R: This is a reversal of the prior EVP “Must’ve Been Thorpe.”  The original EVP was reversed to check for communication and surprisingly it directly related to the question being posed at the time.

“I see”  EVP Class B:  The team had just started setting up in the kitchen / serving area when a walkie was used to contact another member in a different location on the property.  There is a strange knocking sound and then this EVP was recorded.

ENCHANTED COTTAGE: This shop has had no reports of paranormal activity over the years.  During our investigation, we received very little EVP content.  We did receive several spirit communications through a Minibox session including several names.

Video Evidence Obtained During Enchanted Cottage  Investigation


One of our investigative groups had several communications via flashlights and an Ovilus.  One of our EMF Detectors registered a noticeable change in EMF on one occasion causing it to alarm.  Investigator John M. made contact with a spirit of a gentleman who was then helped into the light.  A flashlight signal was requested when he was leaving and it flashed at the same time that the Ovilus stated “Helpful.”

Audio Evidence Obtained During Enchanted Cottage Investigation

OK”  EVP Class B  While the group is setting up their gear, you can plainly hear a male voice saying “OK” in a loud whisper.

“Oh yeah”  EVP Class C   In trying to elicit a response from the spirits present, Gayle asked if they could guess her age.  There is a positive response, but it is unfortunately not a number.

 “Bye, peace out” EVP-X: A clip from the Minibox Plus.

“Leave, OK” EVP-X: A clip from the Minibox Plus.

“I’m Paul” EVP-X : A clip from the Minibox Plus.

“T3, I’m here with you” EVP-X: A clip from the Minibox Plus (investigator Tim R. was in the room and his nickname is T3 within the group).

FOX AND HOUND: The Fox and Hound provided no EVP evidence.  The current shopkeepers reported some unusual knocking sounds.  These knocks were heard by both teams of investigators in this shop; at one point the knocks were coming form the opposite side of the store where the investigators were seated.
One team was able to successfully communicate through flashlights and determined that they were communicating with a middle-aged woman.  There was also a Frank’s Box session conducted and some names came through the box at this location.

Audio Evidence Obtained During Fox and Hound Investigation

“Hurry, you’ve got Scripts”  EVP-X: A clip from the Frank’s Box

CLOCK TOWER: The Clock Tower was investigated by Tim R. and Gayle K.  During their investigation, there was only one positive flashlight response when Gayle asked if anyone was hiding in the attic.  Both investigators heard and audible “No,” but the recorders did not pick this up.

Audio Evidence Obtained During Clock Tower Investigation

“Tim” EVP Class B : The investigators decide to move their chairs for better positioning relative to the gear set-up.  Gayle mentions that Tim is forcing her to move her chair and then there are two distinct knocks then the word “Tim,” in a male voice before the clip is cut-off by Tim R. stating “Put this.”

“It’s annoying” EVP Class  C: Gayle is addressing the questions of whether or not the spirit like working in the Clock Tower.  There is an affirmative EVP response at about 3.5 seconds.

“OK” EVP Class  A : Gayle is starting her recording by stating they were up in the Clock Tower and they were going to try to talk to spirits.  A male voice whispers “OK.”

“No” Disembodied voice: Gayle is attempting to get the spirits present to interact with an EMF device with several lights.  She asked if the spirit could work with it and an audible “No,” was heard.

UNIQUELY YOURS: There have been several reports of paranormal activity at this store since the last time we investigated Canterbury Village in 2010.  The current reports are:

  • The motion bell on both the front door and the back door ringing when nobody was entering the store; this had happened on several occasions when the shopkeeper was at the counter right looking right at the door.
  • A woman’s voice has been heard saying “Hello,” and calling out the shopkeepers name when no one else was in the store at the time.
  • The attic door had been witnessed vibrating visibly.
  • The closet door upstairs often opened by itself at night.
  • A doll left on the couch upstairs has been found on the floor the next day several times.
  • A tray of beads was flipped off a table and spilled on the floor overnight.
  • A well-dressed older couple was witnessed coming into the store and walking to the back room; when the shopkeeper went to check on the couple a minute later, they were not there.

Video Evidence Obtained During Uniquely Yours Investigation

We attempted to debunk some of these claims, but the closet door was solidly sealed and there was no air circulation in the attic.  We did note that there was a very high EMF reading at the cash register and a higher than normal standing EMF reading through the shop.
During our investigation, we heard some knocks and had a couple flashlight responses.  Due to the EMF interference, all EMF responses were thrown out.
At one point, we had investigators on the second floor and in the basement.  One of our investigators, Gayle, went downstairs to communicate with the group in the basement and noticed a doll swinging very rapidly.  Neither group had anyone on the main floor in over 8 minutes.  We attempted to debunk this swinging doll every way we could (slamming basement door, drafts, hitting it with head, movement upstairs, etc.) but could not reproduce the velocity with which the doll was swinging.
While attempting to debunk the swinging doll, a shadow darted in front of investigator Joe and he was visibly startled thinking it was an animal.

Audio Evidence Obtained During Uniquely Yours Investigation

“What’s that for?” EVP Class C: Our investigators are trying to figure out where the EMF is coming from by comparing various meter readings.  Don W. snapped a photo with a flash and a whispered voice seems to be interested in the equipment we brought with us.

“HI John” EVP Class A: Teri is takling about getting a pet for Sara when this male voice says “Hi,” to one of our investigators present.

“Calm down”  EVP Class  C : While the other half of the team was in the basement, Tim W. remarks to the spirits that they will have to tlak louder to be heard over the basement investigators voices.  A male voice remarks “Calm down,” when there were no other male investigators on the floor.

“Uh huh” EVP Class C: Gayle is asking is Sara was there and Brenda states that she had an EMF response to that question and a spirit’s voice seems to agree with that assertion by saying “Uh huh.”

“Here”Disembodied Voice: Gayle is attempting to use an EMF detector for communication and is asking for a light to be lit-up.  A man in a gruff voice that does not match any of the investigators present stated “Here,” which was recorded on three separate recorders.

BREADS AND THREADS: There were numerous reports of activity in this shop as well:

  • Sock monkeys moving around the store, winding up in places where they do not belong.
  • The rug by the back door had been forcibly moved out of the way by several feet during the night.
  • While away, the shopkeeper set the thermostat at 55 and came back to it being 68 degrees.


Video Evidence Obtained During Breads and Threads  Investigation

While we were investigating this location, there was ample activity going on.  For an entire hour, we positive EMF responses and flashlight responses that indicated that there was the spirit of a man named Robert who was awaiting his wife, and there was the playful spirit of a young girl named Abby who lived on the property during the time it was the Scripps farm and that she was the one who was moving the sock monkeys.
One investigator, John M., stationed himself in the basement where there were several knocks that were heard by all present.  Per the shopkeepers requests, we attempted to coax the male spirit into the light to get him to leave the property.

“No” EVP Class B :  Teri is speaking to the male spirit in an attempt to figure out his wife’s name.  John M. asks if it was Mary Margaret and before Teri could finish asking if that was the name, there is an audible  “No,” response in a male voice.

“Is Tim around?” EVP Class A: Gayle and Joe are remarking upon a whisper they thought they heard as a direct response to a question.  Over Gayle’s voice, you can hear a lady asking “Is Tim Around?”  We had two investigators there named Tim.

“Turn it off” EVP Class A: The flashlight responses were firing with regularity and Gayle asks for the light to turn off.  While Teri is speaking, a young girl’s voice says “Turn it off,” in reference to the flashlight.

Uh huh, we see them” EVP Class C: In an attempt to cross over the lost spirit of the man present, Tim W. was describing the family, friends and serenity that awaited him on the other side.  This EVP confirmed that they were there.


Throughout the night, our investigators continually had sensory experiences (cold spots, knocking, hearing disembodied voices) and we were able to record several EVP’s and receive ghost box communication that was on target.  It is our belief that Canterbury Village has several spirits present who walk the grounds and they are content to live there in the afterlife, much like they did during their natural life.


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