Canton Residential, 8 Aug 2018

Date: 08/05/2018 Time 7 pm

Canton Residential, Faces in windows

Moon Phase Waning Crescent

Humidity 80%

Outside Temp 90 F Inside Temp same

Investigators:  Carrie, Brenda, Dawn, Ronda, Rod, and Sarah

Equipment used:  Ovilus V, Mag light flashlights, Digital Recorders

History of the home:

The current home is a rental that was built in 1958 according to Zillow.  According to historical maps, the home was owned in the 1870’s by a Mrs. G McClaughly. In 1883 we come up with an RP Clark then J Speiz. RP Clark appears to have left Canton by 1880 and only appears on the 1870 census. Many people came from the eastern part of the US when the Erie Canal opened. We are trying to determine earlier owners through land grants with the Bureau of Land Management. No census records can be checked after 1940 to determine who occupied the property and Canton Historical Society has been contacted.


Client’s Description of First Incident: Too much to text on first incident but it involves band aid odor and burning smell. Explain in person. My 2 kids were in my Mother’s and my mom.

Other Unexplained Occurrences: Doors open and shut, dog was always frighten and growling, footprints, noises from utensils slamming to the ground but nothing there. Drinking aluminum cans get poked. I have 2 cans to show as proof. Etc

Do Residents Feel Threatened: “No”

Have Prior Attempts Been Made To Deal With Issue?: “No”

Desired Outcome: Find out if this is a dark energy or light energy. My Mother passed away last month. I don’t want her removed. There are other spirits in that house before she passed whole time she lived there. She knew it as well.


Unexplained Voices, Unexplained Footsteps, Unexplained Knocks or Other Sounds, Someone Was Touched, Unusual Smells, Doors Opening or Closing Without Assistance, Objects Moving, Falling, Disappearing or Being Rearranged, Appliances Turning Off or On


The team broke up in the home.  Brenda, Dawn, Carrie and Sarah began in the kitchen.  Rob and Ronda went to another living room.

While introducing our team, we had an entity named Richard introduce himself to us.

While in the kitchen, we appeared to have come in with multiple spirits.  The parents’ of the client, a murdered man from 1812 and a farmer from the 30’s.  We used the flashlights and ovilus to help communication and some communication was done with the mediums on site.

Through the Ovilus, we were given the words that one wanted to be crossed over.  This was “Hank” who was murdered during 1812. It appears that he may have been killed over his land.

We came into contact with “George” who appeared to be a farmer in the 1930’s.  He appeared to be upset that his corn crop was destroyed when they put in Lilley Road.

EVP’s captured during paranormal investigation

Richard introduced himself when the team was introducing themselves at the start f the investigation

Brandon got touched on the shoulder “YES”

Check your recorders “GOD”

Don’t Push It “STOP”

He’s a tall thin gentleman “BOY”

I heard it but I don’t know what it is “IT’s COLD”

Is this the main bedroom “SEE” is that somebody’s bedroom “NO ONE”

It’s not constant “WHO’s HERE NOW”


 There’s no basement right? “NO”

They say what I don’t want to say “GO AHEAD”

They should come to us “I WON’T HURT YOU”

Visual evidence captured

Photo of a Shadow on the wall










Photos of two entities in windows

Canton Residential, Faces in windows

Child in Window













There are multiple entities on the site who lived there at various times.  One was crossed over who was there about the time of the war of 1812 (Hank).  The other’s may remain due to being a place they loved. Family members were present and only were there to give a message to the family.  We feel there is no threat to the family.


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