Canton Home Investigation; January 26, 2013

Case Background and Claims:

Canton Case Daughter's BedroomThe two daughters present, ages 2 & 4, claim to have witnessed ghosts on the property. The youngest child was seen asking “What’s that?” several times while looking at the base of the stairs and nothing was visible to the adults present. The same daughter, while sitting on her parent’s lap, and was reaching out trying to touch something in front of her. When asked what she was trying to grab, she replied “want to touch the hair,” twice; once again, there was nothing visible to the adults present.

Recently, the 4 year old claimed to have seen a ghost in the master bedroom doorway, a ghost she dreamed about a day later. She claimed soon thereafter that she saw the ghost she dreamed about was in the master bedroom with the parents. The same child had heard a noise in the kitchen that nobody else heard. The child also heard a verbal “no,” to a question she had asked that no one else in the room heard.


  • Investigators: John, Joe, Art
  • Weather: 22 degrees outside, 70 degrees inside
  • Moon: 1% visible
  • Time: 8:00pm to 1:00am
  • Date: January 26, 2013

The investigation held at this home in Canton took place in several rooms. While in one of the daughters bedrooms, Joe felt his hand get touched by an unseen presence in the room. Art felt a cold spot while sitting down by the doorway. There were numerous footstep sounds coming from downstairs and there were no other persons present on the property other than our three Motor City Ghost Hunters investigators. There were several K2 meter positive responses and a few recorded EVP’s.Canton Case Daughter's Bedroom

In the second daughters bedroom, Joe heard footsteps near the doorway. There were two spirits sensed as being present, one older woman in the doorway and a possible former landowner from the Civil War era named James. There were no EVP’s recorded.

In the master bedroom, John’s MEL-Meter responds audibly to a frequency change in the room. Shortly afterwards, the batteries in the meter dies and they were brand new before the investigation started. John also felt a touch on his right front pocket. There were no EVP’s recorded while in the room.

Finally, in the basement, The team heard footsteps on the basement stairs. John witnessed a white shadow about five feet tall cross in front of bathroom door and pass into furnace room. There were several flashlight responses and K2 meter hits. There were no EVP’s recorded in the basement.

EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:


“Ah Ha.”  Class B EVP.  John M. is introducing the investigators to the spirits present in the room and a female voice responds in this EVP recorded at a Canton Home paranormal investigation.

“No”  Class B EVP.  Art is talking about an app on his phone that is used to detect anomalies which may be paranormal and a spirit seems to disagree in this EVP.

“Whoa.”  Class C EVP.  John is asking if the presence is standing next to Art and receives a response.

“Yeah.”  Class B EVP. John is telling those present that we work with spirits all the time and receives and affirmative response.


There appeared to be two spirits attached to the property, one elderly lady and a Civil War era spirit named James.  Neither of these spirits appeared to bear ill will towards the new residents of the home.  After evaluating the situation, the team decided to help cross over the spirit of James and leave the elderly woman to watch over the children.

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