Canton Residence; February 1, 2014

Case Background and Claims:

Canton Case Daughter's Bedroom

Motor City Ghost Hunters were called in to this home last year around this time of the year. Activity has seemed to increase as both clients’ children ages 3 and 6 are reporting seeing an elderly woman. They refer to as a witchy. The children also report seeing a little boy and a little girl spirit.Both children are now afraid to sleep in their rooms.

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  • Investigators: JohnGayle, Cas
  • Weather: 34 degrees outside
  • Time: 8:00pm to 11:00am
  • Date: February 1 , 2014

For this investigation we focused on the 2 children’s rooms.

8:30: The team began investigating in  the eldest daughters bedroom. During the session flashlight responses indicated possible responses from a little girl and a little boy looking for their father. Gayle felt several instances of cold chills Flashlight in the approaching hall appeared to display responses during questioning from Gayle. Gayle also may have heard a little girl speak from youngest’s room.

9:10:  John, Gayle and Cas then went into the youngest daughters room. During the time in her room, Cas and Gayle feeling cold chills. Cas also saw something move in one corner of the room, possibly a shadow figure.  While in the youngest’s room the team left a motion sensor in the first room; which mysteriously turned on. During the time in this  room, John believes there are 2 child spirits that were there. He then attempted to cross them over. After this occurred the room felt lighter and calmer.

10:03:  Gayle and Cas left to go back  into the eldest daughters room where both Cas and Gayle got chills at same time. While they were in the room John calls out to Cas that his recorder shut off. Cas informed us that he put brand new batteries in his recorder before the investigation.

EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:

“Oh yea.” Class C: This EVP is also caught in the eldest daughter’s bedroom. Gayle mentions about how she still has the chills from an earlier experience. At about 17 seconds you can hear a soft whisper.

“Ok”  Class C: This EVP is caught from the first session in the eldest daughter’s bedroom. John believes he is communicating via flashlight with a grandmother. EVP occurs around the 20 second mark.


The team believes that the spirits in the home are past occupants and also family members that have passed on. We want to assure the clients that some homes are more active in the winter because of the holidays as the deceased family members just want to check in on them.

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