Canton Residence; October 30-31, 2009 Revisited

Background and Claims

Canton Residence_20091030_402_shadow_in_mirror

During recent renovation, dry-wallers, plumbers, electricians and laborers have experienced noises, shadows, tools disappearing then returning, hearing voices and radios playing (even when none are plugged in). Most have felt watched and claim not to be threatened but do not want to work alone in the house. Recently Kenny’s mom and dad came over and his mom said she heard 1930’s music upstairs. Now activity happens both day and night.

The Cape Cod home and the house next door to it were built in the 1930s by Russian immigrants who also built the factory behind the houses. In 1961, “Mr. W” bought the house to raise his 6 kids there and also brought his aged father who wished to die there. Four generations of the “W” family have lived in the home.

In the 1980s, there was a tragic accident whereby Mr. W’s two-and-a-half year old grandson, Brian, wandered back to the factory and drowned in a recessed truck pit that was filled with stagnant water. Brian’s mother, Mr. W’s daughter, was not home at the time. Because Mr. W was watching Brian at the time, by having him help work on a car outside, he felt responsible and never got over the guilt of Brian’s death.

After that, the sound of little feet running could be heard in the hallways and upper floors at night, and Mr. W’s other grand kids would complain that someone moved their toys and turned the lights off while they played in the basement to scare them. One visitor to the house even left screaming that she saw the ghost of a wet little boy in the bathroom.Canton Residence_20091030_141_shadow_cropped

In the 1990s, Mr. W’s wife passed away. Later, when grand kids spent the night, they said Grandma would walk the halls and check in on them as they slept.

In 2006, another of Mr. W’s grandchildren who lived with him and helped take care of him passed away at the age of 18. This last death was too much for Mr. W to handle and he only lived a couple years longer. Mr. W often complained that someone pulled blankets off him at night and even played tug-of-war with them when he tried to pull them back.

The last member of the W family to live there passed away in 2008 and a new family is buying the home, and making major renovations.

Since the W family moved out, there have been reports of lights turning on by themselves when no other people were in the home, of a radio turning on, of people hearing whispers next to their heads, of extreme cold spots in the middle of summer (with no air conditioning), and a full body apparition of either Mr. W or one of the original Russian owners has been seen outside by the mailbox by two different people.

There is no reason to believe that the house next door is haunted, but since it was empty and available, the group got permission to investigate it, too.

Our group returned to the house in Canton to have a 2-day training session to refresh the skills of all our investigators and to see if we could gather any more evidence from this active site.

InvestigationCanton Residence_20091030_141_mRw1

Investigators (Day 1):   JohnSue, Kenny, Kellie, Heidi, JasonCathy  Teri, Chass, Mike, Autumn, Andy, Patti & Nan

Investigators (Day 2): JasonJohn,  Autumn, Mike, Chris, Chass,

Friday, October 30, 2009:
Teri & Chass: Jason, Kellie, Chass, Cathy, Ken, and I searched the grounds.  We went to the backyard where we noticed the motion light from the factory behind the property was blinking on and off – randomly – in which we attempted to identify the cause as there were no trees or anything else near the light.  While looking at it both Chass and I saw what appeared to be something similar to a stone fly through the air, in front of the motion light.  In addition, as I snapped a picture toward the factory I detected a light on the picture, shining above Jason’s head in which I was unable to recall on my camera as the batteries died.  However, I had just charged the battery before I got to the site and the camera did work the next morning.

John organized the group in the house to conduct a sitting with the dousing rods and crystal.  Prior to beginning, John snapped a few pictures in which he said he saw a haze among the group in the living room and shortly after that several of us heard noises coming from the kitchen area and what sounded like a voice speaking from the stairway hall.  During the initial portion of the sitting Ken, Chass, and I all heard footsteps upstairs, above Chass’ head and later we heard what sounded like radio music playing upstairs. Patti investigated upstairs and found no one there and no radio playing.  Twice John said he felt as though something had pinched his leg and a camera bag fell to the floor from the pile it was on top of, a night light fell to the floor, and a stone fell to the floor from an unknown source, although Jason was working on his camera where the stone had fallen, he was unable to determine if the stone came from him.Canton Residence_20091030_141_mRw2

Autumn: There was a man’s voice from the front bedroom/kitchen (I couldn’t tell which side) which briefly said something unintelligible (for 3-4 seconds).  Teri and Chass heard it and mentioned it, and I heard it too, as an afterthought (delayed response), after it was mentioned.  No recorders were on at the time.  I immediately turned my recorder to ‘ON’!
Walking noises were heard in the bedroom above.  Jason, John, and Chass, heard the clock radio at times, and noises in the kitchen were heard throughout our visit.
Junebug told us a man said “Get out” to him “around the corner”-he was at the doorway of the small, front bedroom, near the front vestibule.
We heard a creak in the west bedroom after one of our questions and looked over. A single creak was repeated sporadically a few times after our questions asked.  After a few minutes, I went into the west bedroom with a chair to sit/listen.
The sporadic sound seemed to be coming from the west wall window/doorway. We agreed it seemed to be the house settling/the wind pushing against the house.

Kelli: 1st EVP session on 2nd floor- We started in the room to the right. 5 ½ minutes into the session my digital camera battery was drained almost completely. 2nd EVP session in 2nd floor – About 3 minutes in it’s noted that we both hear a creaking from what sounds like a small storage area. Footsteps are also heard from John’s office area about a minute after the creaking noise. The creaking is dismissed as wind. The footsteps are acknowledged by both Andy and I but are not picked up on the recorder. Approximately 12 am we “follow the footsteps” and move to John’s office on the left side of the house.

Saturday, October 31, 2009:
John:  9:00pm As we asked questions we started to hear noises in the basement as well as a radio upstairs and footsteps. From the 1st floor Bedrooms we heard footsteps and noises as well as activity in the Kitchen.

This photo was taken upstairs in John’s office. The room was once used as a bedroom by Mr. W, who passed away in 2006 and is believed to still be looking over his old home. There is a shadow in the mirror.

Mr. W’s daughter recognized the pose of the shadow and said “that’s how my dad used to stand with his hand in his pocket”. She supplied a couple photos of her father, Mr. W and sure enough, his characteristic pose is very similar to the shadow in the mirror.

The original photo is supplied, as well as a cropped version of the shadow and pictures of Mr. W for comparison.

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