Canton Residence #1 and #2, Vacant Factory, and Railroad Tracks; July 25, 2009

Background and Claims:Canton Residence_ 20090725

The Cape Cod home and the house next door to it were built in the 1930s by Russian immigrants who also built the factory behind the houses. In 1961, “Mr. W” bought the house to raise his 6 kids there and also brought his aged father who wished to die there. Four generations of the “W” family have lived in the home.

In the 1980s, there was a tragic accident whereby Mr. W’s two-and-a-half year old grandson, Brian, wandered back to the factory and drowned in a recessed truck pit that was filled with stagnant water. Brian’s mother, Mr. W’s daughter, was not home at the time. Because Mr. W was watching Brian at the time by having him help work on a car outside, he felt responsible and never got over the guilt of Brian’s death.

After that, the sound of little feet running could be heard in the hallways and upper floors at night, and Mr. W’s other grandkids would complain that someone moved their toys and turned the lights off while they played in the basement to scare them. One visitor to the house even left screaming that she saw the ghost of a wet little boy in the bathroom.

In the 1990s, Mr. W’s wife passed away. Later, when grandkids spent the night, they said Grandma would walk the halls and check in on them as they slept.

In 2006, another of Mr. W’s grandchildren who lived with him and helped take care of him passed away at the age of 18. This last death was too much for Mr. W to handle and he only lived a couple years longer. Mr. W often complained that someone pulled blankets off him at night and even played tug-of-war with them when he tried to pull them back.

The last member of the W family to live there passed away in 2008 and a new family is buying the home, and making major renovations.
Since the W family moved out, there have been reports of lights turning on by themselves when no other people were in the home, of a radio turning on, of people hearing whispers next to their heads, of extreme cold spots in the middle of summer (with no air conditioning), and a full body apparition of either Mr. W or one of the original Russian owners has been seen outside by the mailbox by two different people.

There is no reason to believe that the house next door is haunted, but since it was empty and available, the group got permission to investigate it as well.

Video Evidence Obtained During the Investigation:

One of our investigators gets cold, which is verified with electronic thermometers. The first thermometer used is laser based and it measures his skin temperature as 87 degrees. The next thermometer used ambient readings, or the temperature of the air around Chris. The air around him was 72 degrees and the air in the rest of the house was 75 degrees. Not a big difference in the ambient air, but it was at least consistent with him feeling cold.

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Canton Residence_2009025_480_team3


  • Investigators: John, Kenny, Steven, Chass, Chris, Art, Patti, Nan, Rebecca, June Bug, Heidi
  • Weather: Clear skies, 82 degrees
  • Date: July 25, 2009
  • Time: 8:00pm to 4:00am

The first thing we did to start the evening was to have a team meeting.  We discussed how to use all the equipment properly and gave an overview of all the locations we would be investigating.  We did not give our investigators any information about the location’s history at the time because we wanted to see what our psychics and sensitives would perceive throughout the evening.  We met again at midnight and revealed the history to see if their experiences coincided with the background of the colonial house, next door house and the factory.

CAPE COD HOUSE – Various kinds of evidence & personal experience obtained here
Report from Heidi: As we were standing in the back yard of the house, Chass’ recorder started to play all by itself.  Patti told us that right where Chass was standing was the burial site of her father’s ashes.  Inside the house, we went upstairs.  At the top of the stairs, Chass felt her hair being pulled.  I took a couple random shots out the open window, when my camera locked up on me.  Chass looked out and saw a figure inside the window of the factory.  I didn’t notice it at first, but when she pointed it out, I do believe I saw it, too.  This is when the light anomalies showed up in my photo.

The colored mist in the photo to the right was taken through an upstairs window that was OPEN. This is not glare on glass. (please note: the bright blue object in this photo is a blue plastic garbage can and is not an anomaly).Canton Residence_20090725_104_LightForms

We rarely include orbs as evidence because they can have many natural causes, and the photo of possible orbs is mainly of interest because of their pink color – but they could still be natural phenomenon.

Both the orbs and mist are in the same general area on the east side of the house about 20 feet from where Mr. W’s ashes are buried.

Canton Residence_20090725_353_PinkOrb

Junebug (Ken) and Chris investigate in the basement and hear bumps and knocks. Some of them sound like furniture being moved on the floor above them. The only other team members in the house were 2 floors above them, so we don’t think these sounds are from our team members and they may be paranormal, especially because some of the bumps occur after the spirit is asked to make its presence known. They also notice that a light came on in the west side of the basement while they were investigating on the east side – how or why the light came on, we don’t know
Click the video below to hear what they experienced. The video is very dark and hard to see in places, and for that, we apologize.

One of our investigators gets cold, which is verified with electronic thermometers. The first thermometer used is laser based and it measures his skin temperature as 87 degrees. The next thermometer used ambient readings, or the temperature of the air around Chris. The air around him was 72 degrees and the air in the rest of the house was 75 degrees. Not a big difference in the ambient air, but it was at least consistent with him feeling cold.

While in the attic, John asks Patti’s deceased brother, “How do you like living in the house?”  The audio recorder stopped recording (all the batteries were fine and the recorder worked well when used at the factory).  It was later revealed that the deceased brother was evicted from the home.

John and Chass both reported having their hair tugged.

John, Kenny, Steven, Chass, Chris, and Heidi conducted a crystal and dowsing rod session in the Living Room.  Based on the answers to our questions, it appeared that several spirits were present: Patti’s father, Mr. W, her brother “B”, her nephew “A,”  “Brian,” and two others.  Shortly after we started, Chris got very cold and began to know the answers before the dowsing rods and crystal responded as if he were channeling or being used to communicate.  You can see some of the evidence of his experience on the video.

John Tried to make contact with the teenagers who were killed in a recent train crash and one seemed to come through and allowed John to help guide her into the light.

Audio Evidence from Paranormal Investigation:

“It WAS my fault.” Class A EVP. This EVP occurred after we were discussing whose fault it was that the little boy was able to wander away when he drowned. Mr. W was filled with guilt the rest if his life after Brian died and perhaps he was annoyed at the discussion about whether the parents were to blame because he seems to say “It WAS my fault.”

“No.” Class A EVP. John asks a question and a young voice is heard saying, “No” before our investigator Chass responds, “They’re telling you “no” based on how her dowsing rods are crossing.  That young voice was not one of our investigators and we can only assume it was the little boy “Brian,” who died behind the house at the factory.

Vacant Canton Residence (next to the Cape Cod)

No personal experiences occurred and no evidence was obtained.

Vacant Canton Business (Factory) Canton Business_20090725_337_factory2

No evidence obtained, but our sensitives had verifiable perceptions.

Patti, Nan, Chass & Rebecca walked to the factory behind the house where a 2 ½ year old boy drowned in a recessed loading-dock truck bay. The recessed bay has been filled in for years, so it is not obvious where the site of the drowning could have occurred.

Chas & Rebecca were not told what kind of incident took place at the factory or where.  Both Chass & Rebecca started getting pressure in their ears when they rounded the corner from which the truck bay could be seen and their feeling receded after they turned the next corner. Rebecca said she felt a thickness, green soupy thickness, she specifically mentioned SWAMP and that she felt like she were SWIMMING which could be indicative of being in standing water that was filled with algae.
Chass said she felt, “You don’t belong here; shouldn’t be here; should go home?” It may have been a spirit telling her to leave, but it is also possible that it was the feeling the little boy had when he died, that he should not be here and should go home. Chass also said, “There used to be something here, like part of the building that is gone? Gone for a long time now?” and she was right- the depression where he fell was filled in with dirt and is no longer visible. It looks like the rest of the ground in the surrounding area.

Once they accurately found the location of the drowning incident, Patti asked if they were ready to hear a bit about the victim and told them a little boy died there. Chass said, “A man did this?” It was actually an accident, but a man (grandpa, “Mr. W” who is now deceased) did blame himself for it and never got over it. He was the one watching the boy the day he died.

Railroad Tracks:Canton Railroad Tracks_20090725_314_BlueOrbs_railroad

No personal experiences. Evidence is negligible.
The team did find debris from the accident, and they took photos that include round reflections that are probably dust, humidity or insects. We are including one of the photos that has a blue colored reflection or “orbs” because we don’t see that too often. Our group doesn’t put much stock in orbs, but respect those who do believe in them, so we include the interesting photos when they come along.

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