Carnegie Library & Log Cabin; April 13, 2013

Case Background & Claims:

383_Carnegie_LibraryConrad Kammer, the original owner of the museum’s log cabin, immigrated to the States with his two brothers, John & William. The Ovilus came up with the name “Lynn” and this is a nickname for Caroline. The name William was also captured by one of the teams in the log cabin. I also remember seeing the name Lynn on the report. That being said, William is a common name and there is no evidence that Conrad’s wife went by Lynn, but it is worthy to note.  Conrad & Caroline had two children that died very young (infant/toddlers), Frederick & Anna.




  • Investigators –  John, Brenda, Judy, Tim R, Caryn, Susan, Gayle, Tim W, Heather, Lesley, James.
  • Date: Apr 13.2013
  • Time: 8:00PM to 1:00 AM
  • Moon: waxing crescent
  • Weather: 37*F with overcast skies, winds 3 mph from the west
  • Equipment used: Flir I7, Sony Night Shot / DTD, Various Video Recorders, ES /w IPod ( for playing music in EMF), Ovilus X, Franks Box, MEL ADD, K2 Meters, EM Pumps, Mag Lights, GEO Phone, Laser Grid, Paracorder, and various Audio Recorders.


Library – First floor:

383_1st_FloorExperience While on 1st Floor:
We appeared to have immediate activity on this floor and came into contact with numerous librarians (Ms. Barnum, Ms Wright).  The heat on this floor was extremely warm and the Flir was used to identify heat patterns.  Brenda experienced some breathing issues while questions were being asked how one spirit died in the library. John was asked to cross over some of the ladies and he was happy to do so.


Ovilus Words:  Usually, Periodic, Held, Canned, Belong, One, Died, Honor, Jade, Shepard, Anger, Frank, Debra, Mistake, Bend, Without, Dwindle, Lord, Best, Hope, Kate, Turning, Actually, Reached, There, Soak, Shepard, Column, Pond, Dwindle, Soak, Frank, Horse, Happy, Dig, Lark, Budha, Probably, Freeze, Tide, Orrical, Read, Loop, Captain, Her, Pop, Shining, Never, Each, Budha, Member, Horse, Those, December, Cents, Might, Member, Wonder, Actually, Her, Act, Attack, Hope, At, These, Grasp, Lord, Horse, Vast, Rope, James, Vast, Hope.




Library – Third Floor:

383_3rd_Floor“Loss than Boat” on Ovilus when Wreck of Edmond Fitzgerald song was played on ES thru iPod.
MEL ADD registered many frequency changes when our flashlights lit up during questions being asked by our team.
John was asked to cross male spirits over which he happily did.






Library –  Basement:

No activity was witnessed while investigating the basement but were able to catch a couple EVPs

Ovilus Words Spoken: Why, Brother, Coast, Ground, Various, Orical, Loop, Happen, Empty, Lark, Increase, Stirred, Picture, Man, Dig, Lynn, Sugar, Probably, Park, Batteries, Dig, Let, Captain, Same, Move, Picture, Spell, You, Captain, These, Sugar, Vast, Fell, Gentle, Tweak, Column, End, Reservent, Compare, Batteries,
Process, Orical, Help, Seek, Meet, Orb, Answer, Orical, Lord, Key, Add, Clairvoyant, Yet, These, Orical, Soccer, Decided, Answer, Answer, New Moon, Question, Her, Soccer.


Brenda’s Spirit Box:
Answer, Get

Audio Evidence Obtained in the basement


 “NO” EVP class c: One of our investigators stated that they wouldn’t want to be there, & you hear a voice say NO.

 “Him” EVP class B: One of our investigators asked is there something you are attached to, and you hear a voice say “Him”.



Cabin Activity:

354_CabinOur team received many responses threw our flashlights to questions we were asking. We believe we made contact with a little girl spirit of the cabin. We also believe we made contact with John’s Mother and Sister while in the log cabin. Our team smelled a musty smell enter the cabin just prior to us ending our session in the log cabin. Also noted Brenda believes she seen a small dark shadow just to the left of the door. John also seen a older man spirit leaning just to the right of the door, watching the investigators in the cabin.


Second session held with the whole team:

Tim’s Frank Box Session:
Help, Ray, Hello, Yes, No, Brenda, Hey, Might Help, Help, William, Lynn, What, Linda, Anita.


Activity while in the Cabin:
During this session we experienced many responses to our questions lighting our Maglights. T3 believes he had a nail thrown at his leg while he was sitting next to John in the back room of the Cabin. Brenda had her camcorder go out of focus a few times when John’s MEL ADD was responding to a frequency change. During our session in the cabin our team noticed multiple flashlight responses to our questions happening in both rooms at the same time. At 42.00 minutes into this session John’s audio recorder shut itself off, when checked it was found to have 70% battery life left on the audio recorder. Note this has happened to many of our investigators at this location thru the entire investigation at this location.


Ovilus Words Spoken:
Dig, Cry, Sad, Woman, All right, Probably, Pappy, Happy, Weather, Talk, Tall, Lord, Might, Explain, Freeze, Soak, Let, Lynn, November, Tweak, Stirred, School, Pop, Eat, Decided, Fell, Horse, November, Process, Sugar, Wheat, Digital, Batteries, Orb, Fell, Stone, Pop, Mother, While, Real, Cost, Hello, Horses, Attack, Column, November, Fell, Add, Question, Gender, Seek, November, Plant, Orb, Park, Comfort, Leave, Steven, Cost, Comfort, Stone, Captain, Tragic, Warn, Movie, Tide, Sugar, Shirt

Auido Evidence Obtained from the Log Cabin

 “Help” EVP class A:  One of our investigators asked, who took care of the horses  then you hear a spirit say HELP.


This is NOT an EVP but a reaction clip.  Tim R & John were sitting in the back room when all of a sudden a nail flew through the air and hit T3.



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