Carsonville Farmhouse, 8 Nov 2014

History of the Property

Carsonville Farmhouse

Carsonville Farmhouse

Sanilac County has a very interesting history. The farms property is 2.5 miles west of Port Sanilac, Michigan. The farm property abuts to the client’s property and both are a quarter mile deep. A ravine courses through the wooded property, which has Lien’s Creek running through it on the way to Lake Huron. The property has what is rumored to be the oldest pond in Sanilac County. Sanilac County is the only county in Michigan that has no natural inland lakes.
The farm property has an old rambling farmhouse with attic, dining room, parlor, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, porches, basement…there is an old stone chicken coop and a garage.

There were many fires through the area which devastated the region.


When the client’s parents purchased the farm from Mike and Alva Merle in 1979, the client’s mother asked the previous owners why they had so many crosses up, the reply was that the furniture would move around at night, voices, snatches of conversation, music and passerby noticed glowing light from the upstairs windows resembling fire, and a figure in the front center window upstairs. The client’s mother said that she thought that gypsy ghosts lived upstairs in the attic and the door to that has been nailed shut for years. Some report loud screams and furniture moving. The client stated that he, personally, have not experienced these phenomena in the house. He had lived in that house for a couple years in the early 80’s. He did have one very different experience. He always felt very safe and comfortable in the old house. He recently had a former student (from 1984) contact him about his seeing glowing eyes upstairs of the farmhouse when he was driving by back then, and he still thinks about it.

Client’s father died in 1998 and his mother passed away in April, 2008. The deeds for the property go way back to the 1800’s and the client has some of them in his possession.

Gundella “The Green Witch” was a school teacher in the area in 1948 at Carsonville. She later came to the area to research out the ghost of Minnie Quay when she died in 1993. She moved around the lower peninsula quite a bit with her family (Port Huron and Tawas). She did TV shows and newspaper articles in the Detroit Metro area. It is rumored that she did Séances in the grave of Minnie Quay.
The client’s mother did not get along very well with Gundell and both have passed on. Marion (Green Witch) wanted to bring her tours to our family farmhouse, as she heard it was haunted, but his mom refused. Marion would have her tour buses park on the road in front of the farm and talk to her folks on the bus. This made the client’s mom furious.

Residents in the area talk about a man named “Earl.”  He appears in 1880’s era clothing and looks “wet” and sad.  He shows up on the property but never says anything.  Researchers have not been able to determine who “Earl” is at this time.

The family



Team 1 : Brenda, Bert, Lesley, Heather, and Mike

Team 2: T3, Gayle, Sharon, and Kellie

Date 17 Nov 2014

Weather:  30 F clear skies

Equipment: Olympus Recorders, surface thermometer, K-II meter, Mag Lite Flashlights, SP-7 Spirit Box; Ovilus, Echovox, Laser Grid

Team 1 Farmhouse

Team 1 started in the Farmhouse in the living room. Bert conducted a period resonance activity re-enacting the fires that were coming in town. We experienced movement in the house and Brenda would feel the floor vibrate. Client stated that when a Preacher and his wife were visiting, she had the same experience.
Brenda reported feeling water dripping on her face but there was no moisture when she would touch it.
Brenda’s K-II went off in the living room. There was no power or water in the house and according to the owner all was shut off.
While in the session, we saw shadow figures moving from the kitchen area, to the bathroom area and between Bert and Brenda in the Living Room Area.
Cold spots were experienced numerous times when activity would occur and Bert utiltized a surface thermometer and determined the temperature dropped 5 degrees during the time.
Lesley reported she was touched by an entity and during the Echovox session, she asked if someone touched her and the Echovox stated, “I did.”
The upper level was not investigated due to safety issues.

EVPs captured during session

Scratching noises we determined were not animal

Unknown Noise

When Bert was doing his period resonance, he asked who is bringing what and a female voice was captured.

Brenda had gone to check the upper level for animals and when she came down she stated she felt something was in her bra and a female voice was captured

A large sigh was captured in the living room

Spirit Box Session

When asked, what is your name? we appear to get the name “Ella”

Echovox Session

Lesley was touched in the home and it made her jump.  When we asked if you touched Lesley, the Echovox says, “I did.”

Team 2 Garage

Group 2 started their investigation in the Garage and as soon as we set up we had a few pieces of equipment’s batteries die. We tried contacting the clients mother. The client had told us that she would sleep out in the garage when she got scared living in her house. We had immediate flashlight response.  The team heard a women talking when Gayle ask if they are hear alone. I went outside to make sure it was not the other team. There was nothing or no one outside that could be heard. T3 asked if any spirits are here please speak through this device and a female voice is heard saying NO. We heard a female voice say Tim.
Ovilus words: saw, rabbit, Paul, records.

EVPs Captured in Garage by Team 2


Not sure if the second one is Sharon talking and saying “NATURAL” after Kellie says it. Tim hears it and tags on recorders. If not Sharon this is a class A EVP

It happens after Gayle says, “I’m going to place my EMF pump here” sounds like “WHERE”

Fourth: Is an EVP of someone talking we all hear live and thought it was another group outside Tim checks it out and confirms no one outside., It is after I ask the question if there are any more spirits here .

Someone talking we all hear live and thought it was another group outside Tim checks it out and confirms no one outside., It is after I ask the question if there are any more spirits here .


“Ooh” when Kellie is explaining the fires happens twice where you hear it.

T3 asks if you can speak through this device and an EVP is captured stating, “No”

Team 1 in Garage
Under, Award, Records, Paul, Eat, Worm, Should, Rabbit

EVPs captured by Team 1 in Garage

Brenda was fixing her flashlight and a voice is captured

Brenda talks about her flashlight now working for her for communication and a noise was captured

Brenda states her flashlight is now set and a moan is captured

Team 2 in the Farmhouse

As soon as we started our session T3 said, “We mean you no harm and you harm” and a female voice says, “Don’t” then two of our flashlights lit up. T3’s laser grid was set facing the kitchen area and it began to flicker along with our flashlights going on at a fast pace. T3 ask who is here who wants to speak to us and the Ovulis says, “Human.” I asked if “Earl” was with us and we had immediate flashlight response.
Started a spirit box session and T3 asked who owns this property and you could hear the name “Brian” come through. Nothing else came through.

EVPs from Team 2 Session in Farmhouse

Female voice saying “Don’t”

Full Group Session Farmhouse

The team heard some knocks and had flashlight hits. Kellie heard an audible voice behind her. The team experienced many feelings of temperature changes.

Brenda thought she saw a shadow and asked Mike to move his head and a growl was captured

When talking about confession amongst the members, Heather says something about the Act of Contrition and a whisper is captured

Brenda asks if you can turn on Heather’s flashlight a whisper was captured.

Brenda asks if you know Earl and a “Yes” was captured

Brenda’s recorder captured water dripping and a whimper (Brenda had felt water on her face in the first session).


Very interesting location and many members enjoyed being out there for the investigation. We would like to thank the client for giving us the opportunity to investigate. We do believe there is paranormal activity in the farmhouse and on the property but none that is threatening to anyone present. We believe the activity comes from former owners.

Minnie Quaid

Minnie Quaid

Minnie Quaid

After the session, some team members when to the burial site of Minnie Quaid at Forrester Township Cemetery.  Legend has it that Minnie Quay was a young lady who was in love with a seaman whom her family did not approve of.  After learning about his death at sea, she was so distraught, that she threw herself off the docks to her death.

It has been reported to our researchers, that Gundella, the Green Witch, used to hold séance at this cemetery trying to communicate with Minnie Quaid.

EVP captured at the graveyard

Bizaar Laughing at the end

4 comments on “Carsonville Farmhouse, 8 Nov 2014

  1. Kristi Schark

    Did you folks research any deceased persons that actually lived on the property you investigated? The character of “Earl” supposedly lived on the property and lost his family there during the fire. Would have made more sense and been more interesting to me if you would have historically followed up on somebody like him instead of Gundella, who doesn’t seem to have any connection to the property other than she was an eccentric acquaintance of the client’s mother.

  2. Wee Willi

    Lived in the same area And I held seances at my home. Many spirits sent messages. Often saw will-of-the-wisp phenomena in the ravine mention above. When we first came to our house we saw someone upstairs at the window. No one was occupying the home at the time. Our eldest daughter often talked to the old granny she believed lived up stairs in her playroom. Persons spending the night often felt like someone at been watching them sleep. Cold spots and drafts were very common sending chills up your spine even on hot summer nights.

    1. Brian

      People in our area still speak of occurences at the home you occupied. The home is barely visible from the road now, with lots of brush and trees growing up around it. The outbuildings are in disrepair. Neighbors are asking if it is now abandoned. Up until this spring, there was a horse that was seen in the fenced area next to the barn, but it is gone now.

  3. Brian Derowski

    I am the son of the previous owner and now own the property with the farmhouse and old stone coop. Unexplained things still occur now and then. The attic door, which was locked and nailed shut for many years, opened somehow and contents of attic are strewn all over north bedroom. Friends who request to enter the farmhouse describe a heaviness and vibrations in the floor, as well as whispers. Since the investigation by the Motor City Ghost Hunters in November, 2014, no one, to my knowledge, has entered the farmhouse after dark. During clearing of brush in Spring of 2017, a stone grave marker was discovered by my dog digging, just a few feet north of the old stone coop.

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