Highland TWP. March 2, 2019

Date: Saturday, 3/2/2019 Temperature: 29 degrees Phase: Waning Crescent                          Investigators: Mike, Kellie, Kim and Janet Equipment: digital recorders, cell phone camera, EMF meter, flashlights, The Portal app History

Howell Residence, January 19, 2019

  Date: 1-19-19 Temperature: 17F with 72 Hum and nne 7mp wind Moon Phase: Full Investigators: Joe, Rodney, Sarah, Ronda, Equipment: KII, Flashlight, Phones, Dowsing rods, Kinect Camera, 360 rem pod, Vibration sensor. History: The client’s apartment complex is located

Cement City

  Date:  12/08/18 Temperature:  34 degrees Moon Phase:  New Investigators:  Mike D, Kellie D, Carrie B, Judy H, and Kelly H Equipment: EMF detectors, Sage kit, Digital temp reader,  SP-11, K2, Portal, dowsing rods, voice recorders, cameras and flash lights

Oakland Bathhouse “The Schvitz”, 13 Oct 2018

Date: 13 October 2018 Temperature Outside 50’s Inside 80’s Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent Investigators:  Judy, Kelly, Brenda, Ronda, Rodney and Sarah Equipment:  Digital Recorders, SP-7 Spirit Box, K-II Meters, Video, Dowsing Rods, Paralus, Executioners Box, Flashlights, EMF 360 Pyramid History

Hackett Auto Museum 7 July 2018

Date July 7, 2018 Temperature High 80’s Humidity High Moon Phase Last Quarter EMF in Building 4 (no electricity in building) Investigators:  Ronda, Sarah, Rod, and Brenda Guests:  Ted and 2 reporters Equipment:  Dowsing Rods, Ghost Meter, Digital Recorders, e-pods,

Canton Residential, 8 Aug 2018

Date: 08/05/2018 Time 7 pm Moon Phase Waning Crescent Humidity 80% Outside Temp 90 F Inside Temp same Investigators:  Carrie, Brenda, Dawn, Ronda, Rod, and Sarah Equipment used:  Ovilus V, Mag light flashlights, Digital Recorders History of the home: The

MCGH on Spotlight

Spotlight Interview

The Motor City Ghost Hunters are Interviewed on the Warren, MI. Television Show “Spotlight” The Motor City Ghost Hunters graced southeastern Michigan television sets once again as our lead investigators and case managers Cas Henzel and Tim Woolworth were interviewed

NBC’s 1st Look with MCGH

NBC 1st Look

The Motor City Ghost Hunters on National Television We are proud to bring you the episode of NBC’s 1st Look with host Audrina Patridge. This video aired coast-to-coast on October 17, 2015 on NBC stations. We were sent an inquiry

Latest Investigations:

  • Highland TWP. March 2, 2019

    Apr 14

    Date: Saturday, 3/2/2019
    Temperature: 29 degrees
    Phase: Waning Crescent                         

    Investigators: Mike, Kellie, Kim an…

  • Howell Farmhouse, January 26, 2019

    Feb 24

    Date: 1-26-19
    Time: 6:30 p.m.
    Temperature: 17° 52 percent humidity, S 7 mph wind real feel 10°
    Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous, last quarter. 66 perce…

  • Westland (Norwayne) Residence, December 29, 2018

    Feb 17

    Date:  12-29-18
    Temperature:  31 Degrees and overcast with humidity of 72%
    Moon Phase: Last Quarter, 49% Visible
    Investigators:  Ronda, Sarah, R…

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