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Helping the public is the driving reason why most of the motor City Ghost Hunters team members have joined our group.  It is fun going to the haunted places that everyone knows about – we all have our paranormal bucket list, but it is the homes and businesses that keep us occupied during the majority of weekends throughout the year.  We never solicit funds, nor will we take them if offered.  We simply want to help and our payment is a better understanding of those questions about life beyond death that drive all of us at Motor city Ghost Hunters to conduct paranormal research.

But, we will gladly accept a testimonial if you think that the Motor City Ghost Hunters helped you during the course of our investigation.  If you would like, you name and location can remain anonymous.  We would surely appreciate the input and testimonials go a long way toward showing other clients how you viewed the Motor City Ghost Hunters in your words!


The team of the Motor City Ghost Hunters have been involved with the Port Huron Museums since the spring of 2012. From the first contact with their team through every investigation, they have demonstrated total professionalism, respect, honesty, talent and a love for what they do. Each team member has donated their personal time to meet with us and provide professional investigations to our customers. Every person attending the investigation is treated as part of the team and encouraged to interact and use their equipment. They obtained documentation at all of our sites and provided us with a full report. I would recommend the Motor City Ghost Hunters to anyone and look forward to their next investigation at our museums.

– Anita, Volunteer & Tour Manager


Our family will be forever grateful to Jason and the Motor City Ghost Hunters. I was surprised at how quickly they responded to my e-mail and scheduled an investigation. I was even more surprised at the amount of time and energy they put into researching our property before even coming to our home. There is nothing worse than being terrified of being in your own home and MCGH took our concerns to heart. Our two year old daughter was afraid of her bedroom- a place she should feel most secure. She was being tormented day and night. Jason took our concerns to seriously and spent a lot of time on the phone with me, reassuring me and giving steps to take to try to help until they could come out. He set up a meeting with the local historian within days of our initial contact, and helped find more information on our property than I even knew existed. Throughout the entire process, the team we worked with was very warm, caring, and extremely professional. I cannot think of a better group of people to contact for help. They had our full trust from the beginning and remained in contact almost daily until our promptly scheduled investigation. Motor City Ghost Hunters are genuinely here to HELP people. They do not charge or ask for donations, or any type of repayment for their services. We were amazed at the amount of time and energy they spent with our family and at the amount of evidence we were presented with at the reveal. These guys are the real deal. They’re in it for the right reasons and we are so happy they took the time to help our family. They are welcome at our house anytime!

– Name Withheld


I want to thank you all once again for investigating the store. Everyone was wonderful. You have a really great group! I feel so much better here! If there is anything I can help you with give me a call!

– J


We couldn’t have asked for a better team of paranormal investigators to investigate our house. At first, it was only me that was experiencing things, but after it started happening to my husband, that’s when he made the call to MCGH. The response to our case was unbelievably fast. We expected to wait a couple of months, but they were out within the week. They took our case seriously before they even came into our home. My husband and I spent almost everyday on the phone with John because he was making sure we were still doing ok or if things had gotten worse. I can’t tell you how many people I called previously to MCGH that wanted us to make a “donation” before they would come out.

When the teams came out for the pre-investigation, first investigation and second investigation, it was like I knew them my whole life. They let me come with them while they investigated and actually encouraged my husband and I to participate. They explained every piece of equipment so thoroughly and every thing they did, they explained beforehand why they did it, how they did it, and why it is important to do one thing and not another. They took our questions and worries very seriously and had no problems answering any question we had. Cathy had actually asked us if we had any protection stones and when I said I didn’t, she took off her necklace and told me to wear it until I saw her again at the reveal. On the first investigation, I expressed how I get a lot of stomachaches and migraines in our bedroom, and it turned out we had an EMF problem with a very old personal fan that was right by my head when I slept. My husband and I got rid of it that night and I haven’t had a stomachache since!

If I can describe this team in one word, it would be protecting. They don’t care if they get evidence, they don’t care about publicity, they only care about helping the homeowner feel safe in their own home. Even now, I speak with some members of the group if anything new is happening at our home and my husband and I have an open door policy for MCGH. Any time they want to come back, they are always welcome. I would suggest this awesome group of people to anybody who needs help!!!

– Name Withheld


Thank God for the Motor City Ghost Hunters! They made my daughter and myself feel at ease and responded quickly to our needs for an investigation and found our problem (it was EMF that was making my daughter sick), now we are feeling much better and ready to go on with our lives.

– Valerie


I just want to let you know that I checked out the report of the investigation of my store on your website, and I am very impressed with it. I also want to thank you, Sue, Patti and the rest of your group for your thorough and professional service. It has been a very educational and enlightening experience. I look forward to seeing all of you again later this spring or early summer.

– Pat Kenney


We had Motor City Ghost Hunters come out to our house, and they were great!  They took our questions and situation very seriously.  My son had some unexplained things occur in our home and we called them to check it out.  After they talked to my son he was calmer knowing that someone actually “believed” him.  They did some tests and told us what was going on.  I get follow up emails from them periodically and this company truly cares about the people they are working with.  I would call them again in a minute and know they would be here even faster!  What great people and a great company.
– Diane


I would like to say that the group that came out to my home helped my family so much. when we had a negative spirit in our home my children called it Sara or what it wanted to be called. The boys said it looked like a little girl about 7 years old. The little girl was mean to my son Justin and would hurt him and scare him when he was in this room at night, he wouldn’t sleep in there at all. We had a friend that was staying with us that left real fast and didn’t come back because he had seen this spirit in our home and it scared the crap out of him. My husband and I had seen what looked like a child standing in the hall way looking at us. We had heard a little girl say “Hi Daddy” in the hall way as well, I have seen things in my room all the time.

Our family couldn’t take it anymore and we call Motor City Ghost Hunters. John and his group came out to the house and found out what it was, this thing growled at them and was running back and forth from my bedroom to the bathroom and they detected it on the k-2 meter. John came back and blessed my home. I had to call him back out again when I was blessing my home and the shell got knocked out of my hand, He came out again and blessed our home gave my children stones to protect them at night and a necklaces that were blessed. He also gave me candles to help us out. we haven’t seen the negative spirit in our home at all- she or it is gone. We do have a spirit that’s is here to protect us and John was the one that looked it up for me, my children have seen the good spirit a lot and  his seems to be an ancestor for our heritage.


– Chassidy

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