Dearborn Heights Residential, 4 Nov 2016

Date 11/4/2016 Moon phase: Waxing Crescent Outside Temp 50F Inside 67F Humidity 62% Winds WS 44 mph Investigators: Brenda, Cas, Ed, and Sharon. Family was present during the investigation. History According to the Sanborn Maps, the property was owned by

Inkster Residence, 20 Aug 2016

History: The team was called for an investigation to a residence.  While interviewing the client, she stated that she was a medium and is being haunted.  She does not like being a medium.  When questioned about her realizing she was

Woodhaven Residence, 21 July 2016

Woodhaven Residence, 21 July 2017 Investigators: John, Brenda, Gayle, Ed and Mike Moon: Waning Gibbous 88.9% Outside Temp: 88F Equipment: Maglight Flashlights, Ovilus, SB-11, Echovox, digital recorders, Digital Cameras, MEL Meter, K-II History: The condo was built in 2006.  There

Farmington Winery, 4 June 2016

History: Click Here Claims: At this time the representative we met with was unable to tell us of anything occurring on the site. Team 1: Tim W, Brenda, Bert and Mike Team 2: T3, Tim S, Erika, Sharon, and Joe

Dearborn Historical Museum, 19 Feb 2016

Ross-McFadden House 7:20 pm Team 1: Investigators Brenda, Ed and John Temp Outside 57F Inside 69F Weather: Extreme winds about 50 mph EMF: .0 Equipment used: Ovilus X with DTD,Echovox,Ghost Box, FLIR Thermal Camera, EMF Detector, K-II Meter Zoom H2 Audio

Westland Historical Village, 20 Feb 2016

History: (click here)  Claims: Our team has been to this site a few times.  We have captured EVP’s and anomolies.  This investigation we were joined by two Plymouth Ghost Hunters. Collins House The Cooper House was once a stage coach stop

Latest Investigations:

  • Fenton Apartment Investigation, 18 Sep 2018

    Oct 28

    Fenton Apartment (Above Party Store)
    Date: 18 Sep 2018

    Temperature Inside Not noted Outside 80F

    Moon Phase First Quarter

    Humidity 70%

  • Hackett Auto Museum 7 July 2018

    Sep 4

    Date July 7, 2018

    Temperature High 80’s

    Humidity High

    Moon Phase Last Quarter

    EMF in Building 4 (no electricity in building)

  • Detroit Residence, 17 Feb 2018

    Apr 9

    The home was built in 1957 and is approximately 997 square feet with 3 bedrooms 1 and a ½ bath and basement.  The residents do not own t…

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