Clinton Residence; February 4th & 17th 2012

Case Background and Claims

Reports include: footsteps, voices, feelings of being watched, and objects (specifically keys) being moved.Residence was originally built in the 1850’s. There was a fire sometime in the late 1800’s and it had to be partially rebuilt in 1891. There are seven known previous owners.



  • Investigators present: John, Joe, Scott, Holly, Chass & Chris
  • Temperature: 25°F
  • Dew Point was at 24
  • Humidity: 74%
  • Winds: 5-8 mph NNE
  • Cloud Cover: 21% 
  • Equipment used: Audio recorders, EMF detector, K-II, Mel Meter, Digital Temperature Gauge, Geophone, Motion Detectors, Laser Grid, Ovulis, Crystals, Trigger Objects, Still Cameras, Video Camera.



February 4th, 2012:

The investigation began at 8:00 p.m. with a tour of the house as well as the presentation of claims by the homeowner. While walking through the old servants quarters a disembodied voice was heard saying “oh yeah”. This was heard by everyone present.At one point during the initial walkthrough of the house Investigator Holly, while in the kitchen, felt her jacket being pulled.

During an EVP session in the old servants’ quarters cigar smoke was smelled by three investigators. Later, during a session in the blue room, there was a waxy smell present as well as multiple knocks which could not be explained.

At one point during the night one of the motion sensors that had been set up in the yellow room was triggered three times.

While investigating the attic, laughter was heard by Chris and Joe. During an EVP session they were also able to get knocking responses on cue.

A sound, much like that of a cat was heard by multiple investigators. It’s interesting to note that there were no cats in the residence at the time.

We also received a few hits on the K-2 meter as well as some minor frequency changes with the MEL meter but not enough to reach any conclusions.


February 17th, 2012:

  • Temperature: 31°F
  • Dew Point was at 24
  • Humidity: 74%
  • Winds: 4 mph SW
  • Cloud Cover: 70%

The investigation began around 9:30 p.m.

An EVP session in the childrens’ room resulted in a few flashlight responses which seemed to allude to the spirit of a small child being present. This child seems to be extremely fond of the current home owners and doesn’t want them to leave.

Music and singing was heard by both Scott and John while they were monitoring the DVR cameras. The rest of the team as well as the home owners were on the opposite side of the house and did not hear anything.

At the very end of the night the entire team gathered in the main living room for one last session utilizing the K-2 meter, the tri-field meter, the Ovilius and a dowsing crystal. We did not get much results from the meters and the words produced by the Ovilius did not match up well  enough with the history of the house and evidence already gathered however the crystal seemed to be responding very well and answered a lot of the home owners questions.



Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation

 “HI” EVP class A: Captured during the beginning of a flashlight guided session a female voice is heard saying what sounds like “hi”


 “Move again” EVP class C: Chass is heard asking the spirit to turn off the light. Immediately following there is a very low EVP that sounds like it says “move again” or “move I can’t”

 “Oh Yeah” EVP class A: Captured in the sewing room a disembodied female voice is heard saying what sounds like “Oh yeah”


 “Ooh, it was me” EVP class C:  A recorder placed in the yellow room on the second floor (door was shut and no one entered the room during the entire investigation) a mumbling is heard saying what sounds like “Ooh, it was me”



 “YEAH “EVP class B: A recorder placed in the yellow room on the second floor (door was shut and no one entered the room during the entire investigation) a voice is heard saying “yeah”



 “Zoey” EVP class B: While in an upstairs room discussing a possible spirit of little girl in the closet, this EVP was captured saying what sounds like a name.



Our best evidence is in the form of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) which were captured on both visits to this location. After careful review of all written reports, video, audio and photographs taken it is the belief of the Motor City Ghost Hunter team that there is paranormal activity at this location. We do not feel that there is anything threatening in the house and the spirits that reside here are actually quite fond of the home owner and her family.


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