Cranbrook Institute of Science Fright After Dark 15 Oct 2015

Cranbrook Institute of Science Fright After Dark 15 Oct 2015

Our team was invited to the Cranbrook Institute of Science to participate in the event.  We showed our scientific ways of collecting evidence in the paranormal and displayed our greatest evidence for all to see.

Tim Woolworth was able to talk to many intellectuals about ITC Communications which is one of the specialties of our paranormal team.

Cranbrook 001


Fright Night after Dark with MCGH by Shadowman


Brenda and Beaker













Tim Sauers












Gayle, T3 and Shadowman

Gayle, T3 and Shadowman


Out MCGH Team

Out MCGH Team



Tim W and Cas our ITC Pros.




Tim W and Gayle

Tim W and Gayle






John our team founder








A Big Thank You

We would like to thank the Cranbrook Institute of Science for looking at our team and our experience to demonstrate at their site and look forward to doing this again.

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