Dearborn Heights Residential, 4 Nov 2016

Date 11/4/2016

Moon phase: Waxing Crescent

Outside Temp 50F Inside 67F

Humidity 62%

Winds WS 44 mph

Investigators: Brenda, Cas, Ed, and Sharon. Family was present during the investigation.


According to the Sanborn Maps, the property was owned by the Dye family but no further info was able to be found.

The home was built in 1956. Previous to the family owning the home, the mother’s aunt owned the home and previous to her was a man named “John”. The aunt passed away in the home. There are urns of 7 other relatives in the home as well.   The family began remodeling the home in 2015. They lived across the street previously and claimed activity at the other home, too.

The mother reported past use of Ouija board. She was thrown across an attic and Capital T’s were on her feet which lasted a year.


A plumber was working in the home a stated a child came up from behind him when no one else was home.

Upper Level Living Room

Cas set up his video system and all rooms were covered in video that had claims of activity.

We started an EVP session using maglight flashlights. We have a constant K-II reading in that room so the K-II meter was not used.

We attempted playing music from the 1950’s due to the house being built during that time and the aunt’s time period. Jazz was used.

Ovilus: Receive, dollar, climb, around, Back , Correct, Claws, reach, France, block, Dawn, Anybody, Changing, Barn


Ed captured a “Yes” when asked “are you upset they are re-doing the house?”

Brenda asks if “you are a relative” and a raspy male voice says, “I’m dead.”

Brenda asks, “Are you going to show yourself?” and a female voice was captured. (Class C EVP)

Brenda asks, “Are you waiting for someone?” and a female voice responses (Class C EVP)

Ed captured a “No” when asked “are you leaving?”


Cas and Sharon reported no EVPs.



At this time the team is not able to validate the claims made but the family.  There appears to be two entities in the home but we were not able to get clear enough evidence to validate who they were and why they were there.

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  1. Amanda Lynch

    Do you have a conclusion for the Dearborn Heights investigation?

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