Dearborn Historical Museum, 19 Feb 2016

Ross-McFadden House

7:20 pm

Captured an anomoly on the Front Left.

Captured an anomaly on the Front Left.

Team 1: Investigators Brenda, Ed and John

Temp Outside 57F Inside 69F

Weather: Extreme winds about 50 mph

EMF: .0

Equipment used: Ovilus X with DTD,Echovox,Ghost Box, FLIR Thermal Camera,

EMF Detector, K-II Meter Zoom H2 Audio Recorder, RCA Audio Recorder,Mag Lights

Ovilus: Steam, Near Dear, Mean, Pet, Cross, Throw, Cells, Wall


Echovox: The name Frank came through




John asked if you know someone from Motor City Ghost Hunters and it responds, “I do”

Spirit Box Session with the SP-11

We captured a Not Going There

We asked what is your name and she said “Juanita”

We asked if we could take a photo and a young child says, “I don’t want to.”

Hi Brenda

EVPs Captured during Paranormal Investigation

When asking if Lizzie was there, John heard a whisper and it was captured on our recorders.


Cards curled up in front of us during the session.

Cards curled up in front of us during the session.

During the Investigation, John saw a shadow that moved in one of the rooms.  He also encountered entities that were asking for help crossing over.










We asked if we could take a picture and a child’s voice says, “I don’t want to.”

TEAM 2: Donald, Kate, Joe and Terry.  Joe and Terry are from Plymouth Ghost Hunters.


TEMP & EMF: 63.5°F, flat EMF

Notes:  Two volunteers from the Dearborn Historical Society joined in this investigation and sat on chairs next to the entryway of the school room. All investigators were seated on the school chairs with Joe and John in the front row near the center and Kate and Don near the far end of the room. Motion sensors were placed in the hallway outside the room and in the room with the mannequins. A beep noise was heard during the investigation but its cause was undetermined. A geophone and REM brick were placed on the front table with the displays but were not activated during this session. A flashlight placed on a chair next to Joe went off several times during the session but not consistently responding to questions. Kate also felt a pressure on her head during most of the investigation.


TEAM 2; Donald, Kate, Joe “Shadowman” and Terry

Gardner House

Gardner House


TEMP & EMF: 59.6°F, Flat EMF

Notes: The Gardner house is a small period wooden house that is split in two. One on side is a bedroom with a bed, dresser and a few other furnishing. The other side is a kitchen with a table, cabinet, chairs and other furnishing. There is a small attic that is used for storage. The staircase to the attic is located in the kitchen, as well as, a small store room that also contains the power box for the house. A fireplace runs up the center of the house with access to it in both rooms. During most of the investigation the team members were seated in the kitchen. Motion sensors were placed in the attic and the bedroom, and a REM brick and geophone were placed on the kitchen table. We heard the motion sensor in the attic go off a couple times but couldn’t find an explanation although the wind blowing something could be a factor.

No EVPs Captured


Team 2 John, Brenda, and Ed

EMF .2

Ovilus Words Spoken:

Debra, Can, Smile, Finished, Cancer, Why, Barn, Dead

Echovox Words Spoken:

I Know, Hi, Frank, Hi, John, Steve, Mark, Brenda, Brenda, Home, Don, Kate, Equipment, Bring, Tom, Windy, Gravy, Candy, Oh Boy, I Want It, Birthday, June, Candy, Thirst, I Am, I’m Sorry, Ford, Yeah,

I Know, Yes, Ghost, I Do, Ok, Henry, School, No, Ok, Good Bye, Take Care

Activity During Our Session:

The team experienced good responses asking questions about

Henry Ford who visited the Gardner house many times.

Echovox Session

We were talking about candy and we capture, “I want it.”

EVP’s Captured in the Gardner House

John’s recorder captured a deep exhale

Shortly after we captured Thinking of Someone

Thank you so much

John asks, Do you like us coming here? ‘Yeah”




TEMP & EMF: 69.4°F, Flat EMF

Investigators Present: Don, Kate, Ed, Joe “Shadowman”, John, and Terry

Notes: All members are situated in the south west room with a small bed and babies cradle. Kate is sitting on the floor next to the crib, Don is sitting on the floor next to the bed on the side with the doorway and Ed is standing in the doorway. John, Terry and Shadowman are mostly in the hallway but move during the session. A REM brick was placed on the bed and partway through the session the device went on continuously in continuous and discrete modes at the lowest level. Don turned the device off and then back on and it continued to go off at the lowest level. After turning the device off and on another time it no longer was being activated. A later check found the battery to be fully charged. Motion sensors were placed in the rooms closest to the staircase but neither went off expectantly.


(No EVPs Captured)


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