Dearborn Museum; May 9, 2014


Case Background and Claims:

Motor City Ghost Hunters investigated the Dearborn Museum, which is one of our locations for the public ghost hunts. This was MCGH’s second team investigation of  the historic buildings.


  • Investigators:   Cas, , Don,   HeatherJohn,  Kate ,  Tim R., Ally
  • Weather: Outside Temperature: 68 degrees, Humidity: 68%, Conditions: Dry, Wind: 14mph s/w, Inside Temperature: 72 degrees
  • Equipment: Ovilus, MEL EMF Meters, Natural Tri-Field Meter, K2 EMF Detectors, Sony Nightshot IR Cameras, JVC Digital Video Camera w/ IR, Motion Detector, EMF Pumps, Flir I7 Thermal Camera, EM White Noise Generator, PSB-7 Spirit Box,  Laser Grid, Infrared Camera, Flashlight,

   On this evenings investigation, we established two teams to investigate in different areas of the premises. Each group would rotate after approximately an hour, giving each team the opportunity to investigate each of the main areas of the complex.  The assigned teams for the evening were Team #1 – John, Heather, & Cas, Team #2: T3, Ally Don, and Kate. Brenda was roaming capturing video for each team at various periods of their investigations.

Ross-Mcfadden House

Team 1 was the first group to investigate the Ross McFadden Home. They began in the meeting area on main floor of the building. During this session they experienced seeing a dark shadow appear between the storage area and the hall door. Attempts to debunk the shadow were made, but we were unable to recreate the event. They received flashlight responses during the EVP session and knocks were heard during the session. None of these were recreated or able to be confirmed as intelligent responses. The team then moved on to the basement area to continue their investigation. During this period, John and Heather viewed a dark shadow in the hall, about the size of a dog near the mannequin room. The team also heard footsteps moving along the first level.

Team 2 began their investigation on the second floor in the mannequin room, with two members at each end of the room. During this time, Don’s flashlight begins responding to questions. Don asked “Are you guys fighting over me?” and the team heard a “Yes”, response that was captured on audio. Ally suddenly began to experience a rush of emotions. This was not experience by any other members of the team and could not be recreated. T3 and Ally relocated to the home file room on the second floor, where they began an EVP session. During this session T3 asks “Can you shake the rope and let me know that you’re here?” Tim and Alley both heard a sigh and believe to have captured it on their audio recorders.

 Gardner HomeGH

Team 2 began their first investigation of the night in the Gardner home, with each member of the team locating in different areas of the home on the main floor. T3 began an EVP session trying to make contact with the Gardner’s and a soldier that had made contact during a previous investigation by MCGH. As Ally inquired about the soldier she began to receive flashlight and KII meter responses to some of her questions. During this period, an unexplained knocking was heard by all four members that appeared to be coming from the bedroom area.  Don and Kate were in the bedroom during this and could feel the knocking on the floor boards underneath them. The team tried to locate the source and was unable to locate it or reproduce the effect themselves. T3 started a Spirit box session with his P SB-7 Spirit Box. During the session he had a male voice ask for Kate. Next he asked if there was someone in the house and a male voice stated yes, and that there are two spirits in the house. Ally asked if the male figure was in the army and you hear a male voice say yes from the spirit box.

Team 1 began in a similar fashion as the previous group by spreading throughout different locations of the home. During the session, the team began to hear footsteps in the attic area above them. Cas went into the attic to investigate but could not find a source of the footsteps, and there were no signs of rodents or animals that may give similar indications. Cas claimed to feel a cold spot move through him, and Brenda continued to have problems with her camera moving in and out of focus with no explanation as to why this was happening, Random words continued to come from the Ovilous ,some appear to be in line with questioning, but most did not. As the team prepared to leave the location the REM POD and K2 meter activate simultaneously. A few minutes later the REM Pod activates on its own again. There were no signs of EMF Levels being raised, electrical wiring, or anything else that would have activated the REM Pod. After several attempts the team could not reproduce the results.

Ovilus Words Spoken: Bleed, Block, Stunt, Dictionary, Blood, Share, Nose, Wisdom, Lemon, Jacket, Nose, Tube , First, Gather, Mission, Fruit, Cells, Special, Quarantine, Tablet, Astral, Evolution, First, Brother, Since, Dig, Box, Her, Coast, Warp, Natural, It, Snow, Long, Coin, Room, Meat, Yellow, Thus, Bend, It, Censures, Wisdom, Debra, Censures, Jade, Act, Hello, Dead.

CQCommandant’s Quarters

We began this session of the investigation with the entire group spread through different locations on the second floor. We chose to begin the session this way because of  the activity we had at a previous investigation at this location. We had team members in each room and in the hallway, we also had some of the volunteer staff join us in the hallway for this session. Midway into the session we decided to split the team and had 4 investigators relocate to the basement area near the jail cell. At the beginning of the basement session, Kate hears a rustling sound coming from one of the other rooms. We were unable to locate the source of the sound and it did not happen again during the session. We began receiving flashlight responses to questions that led the group to believe they could possibly be in contact with a soldier that may have been contained on these premises. We then began asking if there were Indians on the property, during this time Kate picked up a possible EVP response on her recorder. Brenda asked “Are you Chippewa?” and the recorder picks up an audible “Yea” ,  which was not heard by anyone in the group.

Ovilus Words Spoken: Shadows, Took, Roll, Lake, Gather, Alien, Astral, Honor, Blue, Since, Western, It, Happen, Astral, Bend, Discover, Do Not, Happen, Room, Quarter, Length, Feed, Subtract, Snow, Stigmata, Mammoth, Subtract, Lead, Crowd, Mammoth, Boat, Honor, Jade, Medium, Length, Mammoth,Coast, Subtract, Specular, Warp, Length, Quarter, Ticket, Note, Honor, Warp, Mammoth, Western, Kate, Dust, Bend, Grandmother, Western, Room, Act, One, Salvation, Brown, Act, Do Not, Boat, Lamp, Nerd, Act, Brown, Grandmother, Feed, Dust, Act, Mammoth, Mission, Happen,Salvation, Toward, Bend, Mammoth

 EVPs obtained during Paranormal Investigation

“Sigh” Class C EVP.  During this sessionT3 asks “Can you shake the rope and let me know that you’re here?” Tim and Ally both heard a sigh and believe to have captured it on their audio recorders.

“Yes” Class C EVP.  Don asked “Are you guys fighting over me?” and the team heard a “Yes” response that was captured on audio.

“Voice under talking” Class C EVP.  Brenda asks “are you Chippawa”  A possible voice can be heard under her.


Our team believes that there is some paranormal activity in these historic buildings.  We had many personal experiences while also debunking some. The team discovered several EVPs when they went back for review. Unfortunately, none of the evidence collected offers any answers to whom or why the spirits may be there. The long history of the three locations makes it difficult to know who we may have contacted during this visit.

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