Dearborn Residential 3 Mar 2017 and 22 April 2017

Dearborn Residence

On date of Investigation

Outside temp. – 39 degrees

Indoor temp. – About 70 degrees

Moon phase – In Taurus, first quarter

Base EMF levels – Normal ranges with the exception of areas surrounding the original light fixtures

Equipment used – voice recorders, dowsing rods, pendulum, flashlights, night vision cameras and trail cameras, Ovilus, Spiritbox, Echovox, and a REM pod.



A pre-investigation was done by Brenda, Ed, and Melissa prior to the event date. The home, built in the mid 1920’s by Thomas York, held many original features and was well maintained. They spoke with the home owner and learned of various occurrences within the home over the course of  the last 30+ years thanks to oral histories and a diary that the homeowner had kept. The experiences ranged from disembodied voices, shadows, things moving on their own and reappearing later in different locations, full bodied apparitions, and footsteps. The only elevated EMF levels were detected around original light sconces throughout the home. During the pre-investigation the team members did encounter that the rooms had different feelings in them with some being calm and serene while others made them feel jumpy or felt very heavy. There were also two possible deaths within the home, Father Francis Beccherini as well as a housekeeper. It was also learned that other investigative teams had been in the home prior to MCGH and that seances were also held. After completing the pre-investigation the homeowner was contacted and a team investigation was set up for March 3rd.


Outside temp. – 39 degrees

Indoor temp. – About 70 degrees

Moon phase – In Taurus, first quarter

Base EMF levels – Normal ranges with the exception of areas surrounding the original light fixtures

Equipment used – voice recorders, dowsing rods, pendulum, flashlights, night vision cameras and trail cameras, Ovilus, Spiritbox, Echovox, and a REM pod.

We arrived at the home just prior to 7:00 pm and and started to bring in our equipment. While in the kitchen speaking to the homeowner and guests she had invited to the investigation, both Brenda and Melissa started to experience feelings of heaviness, tingling, loss of speech, and pain in the head area. Melissa stepped out for a moment and returned a minute later and both she and Brenda felt fine.

We then proceeded into the dining room to start the investigation. Brenda, Melissa, and Mike were in the room and Ed was just outside the door monitoring the hallway. We began there because the home owner claimed a candle was taken from the window sill and tossed across the table onto the floor. We had just turned on our recorders and started the session when Melissa went to grab her cell phone. Upon grabbing it she received a massive electrical shock, this is something that should not have happened as she was wearing paddock boots with anti-static soles. While the sound of the shock was captured on the recorders, we were unable to qualify the sounds after as an EVP. We then started to receive flashlight activity that seemed to correspond to questions asked. Brenda then asks if the spirit is the one that built the house and an EVP was caught saying “Yes”. We determined that at least one of the spirits was there for one of the guests of the homeowner. The Ovilus was running during the session and the only words that came through were cancer and without. Melissa then started using her pendulum and was able to determine that there was a female present and that they had come with one of the guests. Melissa asked at one point if it was Francis and it appeared that an EVP saying sorry had been caught, but upon further investigating it was determined that it was one of the guests whispering after making a noise. Melissa was feeling heavy pressure and as she ended her pendulum session asked if the spirit was the one creating the pressure and an EVP was caught saying “I am”. Brenda then got out her dowsing rods and the session continued. At one point she asks if it is the grandma of one of the guests and an inaudible female voice is captured. At first it was thought that it could be the homeowners dog that was locked up in a room on that level of the house, but after all recorders were listened to it was noticed that the voice only appeared on Brenda’s recorder. As Brenda is ending her session with the dowsing rods she asks if anyone else wanted to talk and an EVP was captured replying with “Don’t talk to them”. We finished the session in the dining room by using the SP-11 Spirit box. Several entities appear to have come through and the following words were captured; (Female) I’m coming, War, Sleeping, Wait, Timothy, Hi, Five, Go Away, Let go, Brenda, You, Brenda, Marie(possibly), Yvette, Are we there yet?, Bye, Get back to work, Bye, Two. It was at the end of the downstairs session that noises were being heard from upstairs. The group then took a small break before starting on the upstairs area of the house.

The team then moved upstairs with Mike in the “Car” room, Ed in the room closest to the back staircase to the kitchen, and Brenda and Melissa in the hallway. Gayle arrived later and joined Brenda and Melissa in the hallway. She did a short Echovox session, but the noise level made it impossible to listen so the session was ended. The guests were scattered throughout the house at the time. An EVP session was started in the hallway, but as the guests were moving about the house, it was impossible to determine EVP from normal conversations. This contamination prevented us from gaining any evidence from our recorders upstairs. Mike had some flashlight activity in the “Car” room and it continued for some time. Ed received activity from the REM pod in the back room that could not be explained as he was alone in the room when it started to occur. He did get an EVP after the activity started. Ed says something to the effect of isn’t that cool and a childlike voice was captured saying “Uh huh”. Once the REM pod was moved into the hallway it went silent. Brenda and Melissa were experiencing the heavy and tingling feelings again in the hallway and did have the Ovilus running. The words that came through upstairs were; Cup, Grass, Hair, Exact, Mount, Path, Central, Exchange, Buy, Molecular, Farmer, Jones, Horn, About, Above, Bill, Discussion, Desk, Arrange, Virginia, Thomas, and Australia.

We wrapped up the investigation and told the homeowner that we would contact her in about a month with the results of the investigation.

EVP’s Captured during paranormal investigation

Are you grandma INAUDIABLE VOICE

Are you the one that was pressing on me and creating pressure “I AM”

Is there anyone else that wants to talk to them “DON’T TALK TO THEM”

Talking to Thomas, Are you here? “YES”

Investigation 2

We began the investigation in the upstairs bedroom where in the previous investigation, Ed’s rempod went off nurmerous times.

Mike asked who opened attic window, we received a response via rempod touch tone.  Gayle asked if “you play upstairs” and the rempod responded a second time.  Nobody was touching bed or rempod, Tt was responding to our questions.  Gail asked if “you could touch the rempod” and the rempod went off a third time.  After the third question there was no further correlation between our questions and the rempod responses.

At around 17:00 (7:27PM) Mike asked who opens the window upstairs, within a minute the Ovulus responded with “Open”.  Ed went upstairs and found a slightly cracked open window.

Video Evidence during Paranormal Investigation


Trail Cam was pushed off the radiator during investigation

EVP’s Captured during paranormal Investigation

Mike say something touched him, and you hear Gayle and then it sounds like someone says,  “We know where your going”


It is our assessment that there were things happening in the house that could not be explained.  There is definitely activity.  It’s a very interesting and beautiful site.  We thank the owner for allowing us to come in and wish her much success.


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