Dearborn Heights Home; January 13, 2009

Case Background and Claims:

 Very high EMF readings were detected in a child’s bedroom where he was too afraid to sleep. After informing the clients about EMF symptoms and effects, the parents altered the bedroom environment to lower the child’s EMF exposure – and he became comfortable sleeping in his room again.


  • Date: January 13, 2009
  • Investigators: John and Sue


We received a call from a lady in North Dearborn Heights on 1/12/2009 .She reported that her 12 year old son was terrified to be alone at night in his bedroom and had not slept in his room for over 2 years. John and Susan scheduled and met with the family 1/13/2009 at 4:30pm. Upon our interview of the Family and talking to the son, we were told that this problem started about the same time the Father had developed and started battling Cancer. The son claims to have seen and been visited by angry looking men in dark cloaks and an older lady wearing glasses that stares at him. The only other family member that claims to have witnessed any of these events is his older sister that 6 years prior had seen shadows a few times in the room before Bradley moved into the room. The home was built in 1949 and only had 1 previous owner; a husband and wife that were friends of the present owners. The family consulted their Priest who talked to the son and gave him a cross to help him feel protected, but the situation did not improve. The home had a recent addition put on that almost doubled it’s size to 2400sq ft now.

John, upon checking the home’s mechanical system as well as the electrical, found that the home had no external ground and also very poor wiring in the older part where the bedrooms were located. The base emf reading in the newer part of the home was found to be .1, whereas the older part was a steady 5. But the son’s room had the largest EMF readings of 127 near his fish tank. We advised the family about the effects of high emf readings and the effect that they can cause on the health of those exposed to them: including paranoia and a sense of being watched. The family thanked us and said that they would contact a licensed electrician to rewire any areas of the home that were emitting the high emf readings and also would ground the home properly. After a follow up, we were told that the son was now comfortable sleeping in his room now that he is no longer exposed to constant high EMF.

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