Dearborn Heights Residence; May 31, 2013

 Background and ClaimsDearborn Hts_20130531_383_2013-05-31_18_32_34

The family is the only family to occupy the home and they family has owned the home since 1948. The current owner lived there as a child and just recently moved back to the home in January 2013. Previous to the building of the homes in the area, it is known as a Native American area and occupied by the Nolan Family.  The home owner referred to the book “The Bark Covered House” for historical reference to the area.  The owner also stated that while the city of putting the sewer system in the area, they found “bones” in the area.  It is unknown to what type of bones were found.

The family was a practicing Roman Catholic family and the mother was a “devout Catholic” per the home owner.

The parents passed away.   Both died at a local hospital.

Home owner stated that activity has occurred since his childhood and began with the children’s beds shaking during the night time hours.  Recently he stated out loud to “stop” and it seems to cease that activity at this time.  At 18-19 years old, he stated that he saw a “Monk in a full brown cloak walking away from him in his bedroom, then dematerializing.”  Owner stated the upstairs is the most active part of the home.

Home owner stated that he has had two near death experiences (1) he had his tonsils removed and died on the table and (2) At the age of 23 years old he nearly bled to death due to a peptic ulcer.

He claims to have had an out of body experience.

When asked what type of activity he has currently experienced in the home, he stated that when he walks into the home, he gets chills and feels cold and the hair on his arms stand up; he believes that his deceased parrot follows him in the home and hears the noises the parrot used to make; he places a razor facing upwards in the shower and will come back and find it faced down; banging throughout the home; and movements heard upstairs.  He currently sleeps on the living room couch because of all the activity.  No electrical activity was reported in the home (items turning on and off by themselves).

During the second interview with the home owner it was discussed that some of the family members may be sensitives (client and niece) in the family and a Ouija board was used at one time in the home.

Home owner stated that activity has occurred since his childhood and began with the children’s beds shaking during the night time hours.  Recently he stated out loud to “stop” and it seems to cease that activity at this time.  At 18-19 years old, he stated that he saw a “Monk in a full brown cloak walking away from him in his bedroom, then dematerializing.”  Owner stated the upstairs is the most active part of the home.


Investigators: Brenda, Tim (T3), Gayle

Date: May 31, 2013

Time: 7:15 PM to 11:00 PM

Moon:  3rd Quarter 1/2 Full

Weather:  69F Scattered Thunderstorms & Tornado threats; 50% Chance of Rain, Winds SSW 49 mph; Humidity 79%

When we got there the house was scanned and the average EMF was at zero.  We did the upstairs and most of it was zero except at the head of his bed which was 42.6.  Average temperature was 76F and heavy rain activity occurred during most of the investigation.
The IR Camera was set up in the upstairs because that is where the shadow figure was spotted by the owner.

We started the EVP session in the living room and there was no activity with flashlights or K-II meters.  The Spirit box came up with the name “Don” but the owner did not know a Don who had passed away.

We then moved our equipment and began a session in the upper level. We had used the Ovilus and spirit box and the spirit box was coming out with French.  We got “Don” again, a friend of the home owner who passed away a week ago, and Francoise. (I’m thinking maybe French Missionaries that were in the area to convert Native Americans).

The Ovilus corresponded with the conversation that was ongoing especially when talking about the bones that were found when the city was putting in the sewage system (Human).
Words from the Ovilus: Foliage, Cattle (property was a farm in the past), mommy, eat, tree, Records, Rabbit, Zoo, County, Pluto, Change, Highway (we are close to I-94), Affair, Human, Lay, Kiss, Foe, Compound, Demon, wave, Story, Paul (friend of homeowner who died a week ago; his whole name came across the spirit box).

We then moved back down stairs because of the loss of activity through our equipment and had some K-II activity and the flashlight went one time.  We went into the deceased father’s room but did not experience any activity.

There was a lot of knocking and we thought we heard voices but we still need to listen to our recorders.  Gayle was feeling uneasy in the home and Brenda and home owner felt many cold drafts when sitting in the hot upstairs by the stairway where the owner seen the entity.

Living Room (session1)

A lot of knocks were heard and it’s believed it was rain dripping onto a ledge on the window outside.  Knocks were not done on command.

T3 and Brenda smelled perfume (roses) at one point and T3 got “chills” when the scent occurred.

Upstairs Session:

The video camera lost power when Brenda left the room so while the down stair’s session was occurring, no video was taped due to the camera being powerless.  When the team came upstairs, no video evidence was obtained.

T3 had the feeling something followed him up the stairs.

A French student confirmed the language on the Spirit box was French and the spirit coming through may have said “I don’t care.”  The name “François” came up on the Spirit Box, too.

The second Spirit Session we had a French Speaking Priest and his title is Monseigneur and when asked if he goes to the church here he says in French “I go” (Je vais) and “Yes” (Oui); Brenda says “Parlez-vous français?” The Monseigneur responds “Oui” (Yes).   When Brenda asks, “English?” The Monseigneur responds, “Français.” Brenda asks his name and he tell them “François.” Brenda and T3 ask if the Monseigneur if he “wants to go home.” The Monseigneur responds, “Je veux, je veux” (I want, I want) [The Ovilus came up with the word Priest and client reported seeing a “monk” in the room in the pre-interview]

As one point members of the team felt a cold breeze go by them and some K-II activity started but did not continue.

Second Session in Living Room (9:23 pm)

Gayle’s K-II began immediate activity upon entering the Living Room.

A cross out of light was on the ceiling when we were in the living room (the light may have been from the Majic Jack plugged into the wall.)

EVP’s on the first floor came when the following activity was going on:

Gayle got the chills from hearing a creepy voice. Brenda caught a inaudible female voice. She said are you giving me the chills!!!You can stop and a voice says “NO”.

T3 was getting ready to tell a story about John Tenny and the client & T3 both heard a male voice that did not capture on the recorder. The flashlight responded as T3 was telling the story.

Brenda asks if there is a spirit guide that came back with the client when he came back from death and a male voice that says “I AM”. The client stated that he saw a shadow and Brenda stated that her ear was pulled.

Spirit box session was held again but no audible information was able to be gathered.  We think French was being spoken again saying “Oui” (Yes) and “Merci” (Please).

EVP session in lower bedroom:  No evidence found.

Audio Evidence Obtained During Paranormal Investigation

“NO”EVP Class C: Are you giving me the chills?, No”

“I am” EVP Class C:That’s a good question, “I AM”


Based on evidence that was gathered, we appear to find multiple entities in the home and the spirit box first stated there were two at the site.  On the main level of the house who did not want us to be there and gave an EVP to “No go.”

The first entity’s name is “Don” who asked for help crossing over via the spirit box.

Secondly, we believe the home has the spirit of a French Speaking Bishop who was connected with Jesuit Priests sent to the Detroit area.  The Bishop ” Monseigneur François” appears to be unable to cross over and “wants to go home.”  From historical books, he may be Monseigneur François Laval from the mid 1600’s who was from “New France” which is known as Quebec today.

Home owner is worried about attachment of spirits to him or his children and asked for a smudging to occur.  He is aware of the consequences to smudging.  Equipment-wise there was very little activity with K-II’s, EMF meter, and flashlights.

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