Dearborn Heights Residence; March 15, 2013

Background and Claims Dearborn Hts Residence_20090315_239_dearbornhts2

Our client claims they see shadows and hear voices. They also have feelings of being watched and also to have been touched. Their children claim to see a spirit they call “Magic Man” who is a tall man they see at night.


Time: 8pm – 12am

Investigators: John, Art, and Rick

Environment: 39 degrees outside, 100% humidity outside, cloudy with light rain, wind 7mph SW, 70.9 F degrees inside, 40% humidity

At 8 pm we started our investigation by talking to our clients in the living room after getting our base readings for the home. During this time we received many responses through our Ovilus. Also the MEL ADD sensed 2 separate electrical frequency changes. During this session, Rick saw a dark shadow in the kitchen while sitting in the living room. During this session John asked the spirit to increase the temperature near our client to 73 degrees, and when checked with the Flir I7 the temperature rise from 70F to 73F as John had asked (Rick watched this happen as John held the Flir).During this session Art and our Female client kept seeing a shadow moving back and forth at the end of the hallway.Dearborn Hts Residence_20130315_248_dearbornhts3

At 9:30 pm, we moved to the Center child’s bedroom and didn’t receive much response so we returned to the living room.

At 9:50 pm, we continued receiving many responses on the Ovilus in the living room. We believe we made contact with John’s deceased sister “Lynn” as well as our Clients Grandfather and a schoolteacher and young female spirit the team had contacted 3 years earlier while investigating the client’s home.

At 11:00 pm, our team moved to the client’s bedroom where we continued making contact thru the Ovilus and the K-II meter. We were told by our equipment the teacher was also watching over our client’s family just as our client’s Grandfather was doing in the home.

12 Midnight, we completed our investigation of the home, and our clients expressed that they were pleased to know that all of the spirits in their home were watching over the children and the family.

Ovilus X Words:Dearborn Hts Residence_20090315_239_dearbornhts1

Cute, Coffee, evolution, One, Special, It, Wisdom, Note, Embark, Brown, Opposite, Mouse, Question, Tide, Woman, Dig, Column, Shepherd, Question, Weather, Turning, Her, Probably, Woman, Seed, Pappy, Same, Freeze, All right, Dollar, Pappy, Same, Tide, Move, Frame, Bomb, Each, Ground, Answer, Lynn, Spell, Single, Orical, Frame, Shinning, Freeze, Increase, Wonder, Stirred, Increase, Her, Tide, Center, Orical, Tweak, Increase, Weather, Freeze, Center, Lynn, Dollar, Single, Float, Lark, Index, Question, Might, Her, Float, Picture, Weather, Stirred, Talk, Each, Picture, Weather, Loop, Trade, Captain, Answer, Attack, Seed, Cents, Her, Answer, Talk, Ask, Questions, December, Never, Battery, December, Her, Tweak, Exit, Stirred, Pond, Attack, Sugar, You, Help, Sugar, Happened, Reached, Frank

Audio Evidence obtained during Paranormal Investigation

“Shayla” EVP Class C: Female client asks, “Who has been touching us?” A voice whispers, “Shayla”.

 “I am nine” EVP Class C :  John and the client were discussing the weather, the Ovilus says, “center,” which John then repeats. A voice is heard saying, “I’m 9”.

 “Oh no”EVP Class C:    Art asks, “Can whoever is here make the flashlight come on?”  A voice responds with, “Oh no”.

“I’m done” EVP Class   B: Female client asks, “Are you gonna answer us?” A voice replies, “I’m done”.


On this reinvestigation of the client’s home we were pleased with the results from our case and with the evidence we received. It appears that all of the spirits in the home were happy to co-exist with our clients. If our clients ever request MCGH to return, we will be happy to return to their home.

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