Fenton Residence; June 26, 2010

Background and Claims: Fenton Residence_20100626_383_SDC12109 Fenton Residence_20100626_383_FentonScratches

The client originally contacted us approximately one to two months prior to our investigation reporting a concern of a “black mass” that is constantly following her.  She also revealed during this time that she was frequently using the Ouija board and holding séances to communicate with spirits.  She was told to stop practicing this form of communication and see if the black mass’ presence decreased.

Upon moving to a new residence, paranormal activity continued to occur and the client was concerned about the welfare of her one-year-old child and his safety.  According to the client at the pre-investigation, who resides with her son, her friend, and her friend’s mother, activity has continue to escalate in the home, which they had resided in for three days prior to our visit.  The client and her friend, as well as their boyfriends who are frequently at the home, described the activity as banging noises, footsteps, and slamming doors.  One of their dogs also acts uneasy.



Investigators:  Chass, Chris, Teri, JasonCathy

Time: 9 pm-12:45 am

It was revealed during the pre-investigation that the client has been experiencing the paranormal for approximately five to six years, when she started using her first Ouija board.  Due to a scare with that board, her father instructed her to burn it, which she did, recounting that it “screamed” as it was being burned.  She later purchased another board, and, up until recently, was using the board and conducting séances daily with her friends.  She revealed that what prompted her to contact us was that the board told her it was “Lucifer” and wanted her soul. Fenton Residence_20100626_239_Faces_x2

While the client has not seen the black mass, though she has sensed it, both her friend and her boyfriend have.  The boyfriend saw it once months ago when she was driving away, and described it as a see-through black blanket with legs that ran after her and into the back of her van.  He is the only person that has been physically harmed, having awoken with scratches on his body (typically two) on a couple of occasions.

As mentioned, the client cannot see the black mass, but can sense it around her and sometimes has moments of emotions and feelings that are not related to her.  Specifically, she has mentioned that it becomes upset and angry when her boyfriend is around.  It should also be mentioned that the client is sensitive and frequently sees spirits.  Sometimes it is driving down the road, sometimes it is when she is at places.  Specifically, she saw the spirit of a little girl in the backyard of their new residence.  She also says that she normally sees them in the condition in which they died.  Also peculiar to note is that every residence that the client has ever lived in has had some sort of tragedy occur there and she is frequently the one that picks the residence.

Prior to contacting us, the client said that she has seen a psychiatrist, who deemed that she has no mental issues that would be causing these occurrences.  She also spoke with a priest, who told her she needs a mild exorcism.

9:15-9:30 PM – The team (Chass, Chris, Teri, Jason and Cathy) arrived at the home.  Due to the severity of the case and the smallness of the house, we felt that we should all stay together during the investigation.  Chass smudged the team before going into the house and described the atmosphere as “very heavy.”  As the residents of the home had no place to go, the friend’s mother, the small child, the client, her boyfriend (who is moving in with them), the friend, and two dogs were present.  The friend’s mother and the baby stayed in the mother’s bedroom, along with one of the dogs, during the course of the investigation.  We explained the importance of everyone being as quiet as possible during the investigation.  The client told us of a basement that they recently found that runs under the home (they did not previously know it existed).  Jason, Chass and Chris went into the basement, while Teri, Cathy, the client, friend, and boyfriend stayed outside.  While downstairs, Chris and Chass both reported seeing the black mass in the back corner of the basement.  Unfortunately we were unable to capture it on video.  The group downstairs also discovered that there is limestone down there.  The client did tell us that the mass never bothers them in daylight, so it is possible that it hides down there until dark.  After the group came out of the basement, we heard a strange noise.  Some of the group believed it to be tires squealing, while others though it was a yell or scream.  Teri was able to catch it on her recorder, but it is hard to hear due to the conversation that was going on at the time.  We went into the home to get readings and set up for the investigation.

9:35-10:30 PM- Upon entering the home, both Teri and Chass said they felt as if someone had hit them in the head on the right side in the back.  This sensation came on quickly and dissipated just as rapidly.  Teri also felt as though someone very small was standing in the corner of the room.  For the beginning of the first session, Teri felt as though someone was standing near her.  We decided that we would investigate in the living room where most of the events happened.  We set up the recorders and K2 meters.  Chass attempted to use a crystal to communicate, but the black mass would not communicate with us, although answering (using the crystal) that it would communicate in a different way.  The client and her friend said they had witnessed the bathroom door moving, so Jason and Chris went and closed the bathroom door.  They stayed in the kitchen for a minute to watch the door.  It was during this time that Chris was pushed forcefully, knocking into Jason and the camera.  Teri witnessed this, as well as the force being caught on camera, and described it as him being pushed three to four feet.  Chris described it as hard enough to snap his head back.  The guys rejoined the group in the living room and we decided to try the flashlight technique to communicate.  Chass felt as though the little girl was with us and immediately the flashlight started responding to our questioning.  Using this technique, we discerned that she was 9-years-old, her name was Catherine, and that something bad happened to her.  Chass got the feeling that the girl was molested by her father (the flashlight lit in confirmation) and that she was killed in the bathroom (lit again.) The girl also confirmed that she felt a connection with the client, as both had been sexually abused.  We asked if the black mass scared her and the flashlight responded yes.  We decided to take a break.  Teri caught on her recorder a faint but frantic response, pleading “NOOOOOO” (see evidence.)  We invited her to accompany us outside for our break.

10:45-11:30 PM- We filtered back in the house and the flashlight lit and went out with each of person that entered.  We asked if the little girl was with us, but felt as though the mood in the room was heavier and changed.  The flashlight was responding to questioning but slower than previously.  At this time, we decided that perhaps it was actually the black mass trying to pretend it was the little girl.  Chass started to feel upset and mad and saw a black mass around the client.  The client also said she felt the black mass and that it was getting “pissed.”  We asked “what is your name?”and the client said that it felt like something was burning her on the back.  Chass told the entity that “it was not to hurt her; hurt one of us.”  Cathy gave the client some stones for protection to hold in her hands and she sat them down next to her.  When we checked with the flashlight, there was two red streaks about 2.5 inches long on the right side of her back.  The burning continued so Cathy tried touching the client with a protection stone, but the client immediately reported that it burned.  The stones did not hurt when the client held them herself.  Chass got the holy water from the car and when she brought it back, the client seemed to get very tense and looked apprehensive.  We asked the client to hold Teri’s Bible and she said it felt warm in her hand.  Chass also tried touching the client, and she said it started to burn.  When the client got her own Bible, which she said she had been reading from the previous night, and said that it felt normal.  We wondered it the client had the reaction to Cathy, Chass, and Teri’s Bible because it had their positive energy attached.  The client attempted to read from her Bible, but felt like her throat was closing up like she was being choked and she couldn’t make the words come out of her mouth. Cathy started to read from the Bible, also having a hard time speaking and stumbling over the words.  Jason, Chass, and Chris went on to get a prayer book from the car, which Chris started reading from.  The client reported that the black mass was getting pissed from “all this fucking God talk.”  We decided to take a break and go outside.  Right before Cathy and Teri went outside, something smacked Teri’s camera causing it to nearly spin out of her hand.

11:45 PM-12:45 AM- We went outside and decided that we would call John for guidance as we were concerned about provoking anything further and causing harm to anyone living in the home.  We all decided that we would not be able to help them further tonight and that the client should make attempts to go to church.  We also decided that we would try to contact a priest who specializes in exorcism.  The client said she didn’t know if she could go into a church because she didn’t know if the black mass would let her.  She did express interest in wanting to try and rid of the black mass herself.  We also expressed the importance of her getting rid of the Ouija board and not attempting to communicate with spirits.  She was open to the possibility of an exorcism, but seemed unsure of a Catholic priest doing it.  She, or the black mass, seems to have an aversion to the Catholic religion.  We smudged the client, her boyfriend and her friend, as well as our group, and left.

Audio EVP’s obtained during Paranormal Investigation:

 “NO” EVP Class  : EVP taken in living room after we said we were going on our first break.  It seems to be a child quickly saying, “No.”

“Evil Laugh” EVP Class A: EVP taken in the living room after Jason and Chass come back inside after grabbing the crystal.  Chris laughs and then Jason laughs.  Chass responds calling it “Chris’ evil laugh.”  Between Chris and Jason’s laughing, you can hear another laugh that sounds menacing.  This was caught on two recorders but not on video.

 “See me” EVP Class  : EVP taken as Chris and Jason enter the home (into the living room).  A  voice is heard saying “see me.”  Immediately after this, Jason comments  that the room feels heavy.

Video Evidence obtained during Paranormal Investigation:

Flashlight flash in rhythm to the prayer

Flashlight turns on for conformation

 Chris is leaning on the counter and is shoved violently into the middle of the room.

 Flashlight turns on in response to the question “are you nine”


We are making attempts to get a hold of a priest (or another individual) capable of performing an exorcism.  There is an additional concern in this occurring as the client is pregnant.  In the meantime, she is going to attempt to attend church and has been frequently reading from her Bible. Additionally, we have checked in with the client and she states that things have not increased.  She did spend some time up north, saying that things were calm there and that she did not sense the black mass around her as much.

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