Detroit Residence, 10 Mar 2018

Detroit Residence 10 Mar 2018

Detroit Area in 1905

Client’s Description of First Incident:

Client was standing by the TV and it came on by itself and was turned up very loud. Client stated he has never had that TV that loud.

Other Unexplained Occurrences: Yes . Many.  Three year old child claims there is a “clown” and a “witch” in the home.  The witch scares the child.  The male of the house has been living with the activity for about 30 years and it didn’t concern him until the 3 year old was becoming frightened by it all.

We are told that the little girl will stop at the closet when she comes into the home and shut it due to the “witch” being inside.

Desired Outcome:

To find out what is haunting my home.

History of the home:

The house was built in 1915.  it’s a 1430 square foot house with lots of the original wood work in the home. Previous to 1915, it was located on farmland in what was known as Greenfield Twp.

Family is Baptist an Apostolic.

Closet where child sees the witch


EMF: 3.8 Temperature inside 73.8

We set up in dining room of the residence.   The EMF was extremely high in the dining room  The EMF ranged between 3 and 15 in the dining area.  There were several extension cords and plugs in the room.  Flashlights were set up along with the ovilus.  Doris had brought a doll, truck, ball and marbles, in the event there was a child entity. While Brenda was asking questions with the ovilus, Doris attempted to set up her bear and recorder.  Neither piece of equipment would work.  The batteries were changed several times without success.  REM pod was set up on the table and did receive activity. At this time Brenda asked if there were anyone who would like to crossover.  She believes 3 or 4 crossed over.   We kept getting “evil”, “devil”, and Kelly thought she heard “Satan” through the ghost box regarding the spirit that has been engaging the three year old daughter.  We had some objects on the table Brenda noticed the toy truck move maybe half way through the session.  Later Kelly saw the truck move when we were talking about smudging and were gathering our things to go upstairs.Brenda started the ghost box and a male voice came thru saying, “Hi Mom”.  When asked if they knew who the voice may be speaking with, the female resident stated her son who was shot 6 times during a drive by shooting.  When asked why he was there, the deceased son stated “to protect his sister from the clown/witch.”  The flashlight session responded, confirming it was the female homeowners’ deceased son.  Brenda noticed the truck on the table moved slightly.   

Dawn set up the Andy box and we did receive the words “Satan” and “evil.”

Chassidy was called to see if she could assist us in whatever this is in the house.  Chassidy immediately picked up on the deceased son being present to help protect his sister.  She stated that the spirit was in the room with us and laughing at us.  Brenda had the session live on our private FB group and other team members stated they could hear laughing. During this time Doris felt a presence of an older woman, Chassidy could not confirm she was there at that time.  The spirit(s) were attached to the child.  The child needed to tell the clown/witch they could no longer stay and play with her.  Information was provided by Chassidy on different stones and crystals that would help protect the child.  The mother was given a few of the stones which the team had.

Kelly, Dawn, and Doris went upstairs to begin smudging.  The clients’ room went fine, but when we entered the child’s room, all three of us reacted to whatever was in the room. As we entered the child’s room, Doris, Dawn and Kelly all reacted with goose bumps to what was in the room.  Doris felt the presence of the woman again.  Dawn believed it was in the closet.  Dawn and Doris believed whatever was in the child’s room was not good and did not want us in there.  The three investigators all heard, what appeared to be a hissing sound along with heavy breathing.    Doris called Chassidy for assistance in whatever was in the room.  Chassidy stated there was an older woman there, who might be mentally ill, and possibly lost 4-5 children. As Dawn was smudging the child’s bedroom the sage would not stay lit.  The woman was very angry we were there smudging and trying to make her leave.  There also was a portal in the child’s room which Chassidy saw, she instructed Doris and Dawn how to close it.  Both were unable to close the portal.    Chassidy suggested we leave the room and regroup.  Prior to the investigation, Chassidy told Doris she would send Ryan, her deceased son and spirit guide with us.  If my shirt was tugged we needed to back off.  As the three of us were in the hallway regrouping, Doris felt someone’s hand on her back and asked Kelly if she touched her.  Kelly stated it was not her.  Doris called Chassidy for a confirmation it was Ryan, which Chassidy confirmed.  At that time she suggested we have 2 smudge sticks going.  The three went downstair to get another smudge stick.  Brenda joined the other 3 team members upstairs to help rid the spirit(s) in the child’s room.  Brenda opened a door that led to the attic.  She climbed the stairs to smudge that area.  She stated she was not feeling steady on the steps and needed to get down.

Dawn left incense for the client to burn.  They were instructed to tell the child that she would need to tell the clown/witch she didn’t want to play with them anymore and it had to leave.  If she couldn’t the clients would have to.  Another suggestions was to get blessed coins and put them at the four corners of the property.  The clients were given tiger eye, crystals, salt, and a few other items to help them get started as well as list of other items they could use to help clear some of the negativity in the house.

Please note:  At the end of the session Kelly had 1 hour and 39 minutes of recording.  When she went to download it, the file was blank.


Dirty, Explain, Tide, Suddenly, Trace, Column, Cry, Quarter, Allow, Leaded, Mistake, Natural, Cry, Priest, Suddenly, Opposite, Vast, Leaded.

Video Evidence gathered during Paranormal Investigation

(video is 32 minutes long)


We believe there are multiple spirits in the home, a man and a woman.  They may have worked the farm area previous to the house being build.  We feel there was a lady that was in the home is the one scaring the young child.  The man likes to antagonize who is there and he may be the one caught laughing on the live feed.  We double smudged the home in attempts to clear out the entities.

Doris contacted the homeowner to see if the activity has decreased.  He stated things are quiet in the home.  The child did however see the witch in the car and the female homeowner saw a shadow on the outside of the window.  She instructed him to continue to have the child tell the entity she cannot play with it anymore.  The homeowner was also instructed to contact Doris if they needed anything else.


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