Detroit Residence, 17 Feb 2018


The home was built in 1957 and is approximately 997 square feet with 3 bedrooms 1 and a ½ bath and basement.  The residents do not own the home, they have rented the house since February 2017.  Previous owner(s):  They heard that either someone was murdered or overdosed in the house. There first occurrence was approximately a month after they moved in.  At that point they were hearing voices and seeing shadows.  Within the last couple of months the activity has become more frequent and more violent.  The female tenant was pushed down and bitten.  The son has seen a man with red eyes who tells him to hurt himself and people in the house.


Clients are getting pushed, bit and scratched in the home. The family has only been there a year.  The home is in the 7 Mile area and there is a massive cemetery not too far from them.

Date: 02/17/2018

Detroit Residence

Temperature outside 37F

EMF in the home 14-27


Brenda, Chass, Dawn and Doris


Rempod, Ovilus, Digital recorder, Infrared Video Camera, K-II Teddy Bear


While eating dinner before the investigation, we were discussing our investigation plan.  Chass kept seeing the number “16” which we later found it to be associated with teh tenan’ts daughter.

We arrived at approximately 7 pm.  As we entered, we were greeted by the tenants. Each of the family members was wearing crucifixes.  Before we started the investigation, Brenda, Dawn and Chassidy walked thru the main level of the house checking EMF readings, which were very high (14-27). The temperature remained consistent at 67.8.  While Doris began setting up her equipment, the female tenant asked about the bear that had the EMF inside it.  While Doris was explaining what it does, a voice was picked up on the recorder saying stop.   The rest of the team came back into the living room and began setting up their equipment.  Brenda picked up “Venus” several times on her Ovilus.  As Brenda asked if there was a female in the room, the flashlight lit up to confirm.  The Ovilus said the name Kim and again the flashlight confirmed.  While we were sitting there Brenda had a pain in her head like someone was hit in the head.  When asked if there were more than one spirit at the home, the flashlight lit up to confirm along with the REM Pod.  “November” came up on the Ovilus, When asked the family, the female tenant stated that was the month her husband died.  Chassidy asked if the female tenant’s deceased husband was there, we received a confirmation with the light.  The word “book, key and muddy” came up several times on the ovilus.  The team was unable to figure out what they were referring to.  When asked if something not nice happened in the house, the bear lit up. Brenda received the word “bottom” on the ovilus, as she was spelling it out we captured a voice on the recorder beginning to say “bottom.”  As Dawn was looking in the corner of the room, Chassidy confirmed there was a portal there.  Chassidy said she would like to cross over as many people as possible. As Chassidy was crossing people over we caught a bell ringing on the recorder.  The ovilus said “Heaven.”  After Chassidy crossed over several people, she believed there were still a few more left. There were 2 family members who remained, the female tenants husband and and the stepfather’s mother.  The female tenants husband was there to protect the family while the Stepfather’s mother was asking for forgiveness.  The son showed Chassidy and Doris his room where he hears voices and see’s a medium size man with red eyes.  As Chassidy and Doris were walking to the bedroom, there was a strong presence by the bathroom that was not happy we were going into the bedroom.  Doris stopped and said she could feel something strong.  Chassidy came and grabbed Doris’s hand and took her into the bedroom knowing that the spirit was going to try to attack.  While Doris and Chassidy were in son’s room, he stated he knows he is schizophrenic but he takes his medicine and this is not from his illness but is real. (Brenda was in another room and a Mental Health Professional and questioned this as well).  As we talked to the son, he told Chassidy and Doris he has been attacked.  On his back, neck and arms were scratch marks.  The shadow remains in the corner of his room and tells him to hurt people. When asked what he does when that happens, he states he tells it to leave.  Before  Doris, Chassidy and the son left the son’s room Doris felt a burning on the right side of her face and felt as though something had scratched her above her right eye.  They returned to the living room with the rest of the team and family members. Doris mentioned her face was still burning.  Shortly after that Dawn felt her face and nose starting to burn.  Chassidy was facing the window where she saw a man standing there and then disappeared.  Doris kept getting the name Jeff but no one seemed to know who that might be.  As Dawn and Doris continued to discuss the burned feeling they were getting, the resident stated that a garage behind them had caught on fire and someone died there.  When asked if the person who died was Jeff, we received a confirmation with the flashlight.   As Chassidy was standing in the middle of the living room she could feel the presence of someone not so nice that was starting to control William.  Chassidy looked at the son, whose demeanor totally changed, and asked him if he wanted to hurt her, his answer was “yes”.  Chassidy then heard the entity tell son to get a knife and cut her throat.  Again, the son confirmed what Chassidy had said.  Chassidy moved further away from the son hoping the entity would quiet down.  As she stood closer to the door she felt something bite her.  When she looked down there was a red mark like a sharp object punctured her.  Dawn asked about the basement, Chassidy stated she could not go down there because the entity would push her down the steps.  At this point Chassidy thought it was best for her safety to leave the house.  Brenda was explaining to the homeowners that they needed to contact Bishop James Long, Dawns ovilus spelled out “LMAO.”  After Brenda gave the residents the information to contact Paranormal Clergy, both Doris and Brenda gave the mother and son tigers eye bracelets for protection.


Plane, however, Fog, Nice, Curse, Spread, Hey, Venus, Bottom, Cupcake, Inches, Book, Venus, November, Plant, Happy, Digital, Kim, Here, Sand, Numbers, Book, Digital, Site, Restore, You, Allow, Lot, Digital, Vern, New Moon, Reservant, Here, Add, Explain, Cost, Clairvoyant, Key, Two, Reservant, While, Curse, Key, November, Sum, Flow, Orb, Curse, Fell, While, Muddy, Orb, Seek, Liberty, Book, Key, Shoes, Members, Flow, Liberty, Attitude, Muddy, Stone, Tragic, Shoes, Raw, George, Orb, Movie, Party, August, Attitude, Mother, Sum, Flow, House, Carbon, Seek, Shoes, Attitude, Cost, House, Indicate, Real, Cards, Inches, George, Friendly, Excel, Piece, Liberty, Indicate, Sister, Sum, Piece, Level, Liberty, Be, Twenty, House, numb, Piece, Cards, Sister, House, Twenty, Yours, Happy, Indicate, Level, Cards, Chris, Class, Venus, Level, Class, Shoes, Be, Steven, Eye, Sister, Shoes, Rot, Decompose, Calcium, George, Liberty, Gravity, Two, Jen, Porch, Muddy, Loss, Task, Orb.

EVP’s Captured during paranormal investigation

“Stop Stop”

Bottom B-0-T-T “O-M” Female voice

Bell sounding as Chass crosses over entities.

Unexplained knocking

Illegible voice

Tenant says he never hear this before and a voices says “what one?”


The team discussed contacting the Archdiocese for them to come to the house for an exorcism of the home as well as contact the contact we had for Paranormal Clergy.  We believe there is a port hole in the living room allowing all kinds of entities to come through to the home and smudging may not have an effect on the activity.  We asked the residents if it was an option for them to move but she is happy there and doesn’t want to move.  This also made us question if the son is really schizophrenic or is an entity possessing him.

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