Detroit Residence, 17 Nov 2017


The home is a two story house with a basement. The home was built in 1914. There is not much else known about the home. The family had owned and lived in the home for 13 years.


The family started to notice activity after moving in the home. The first incident happened to the clients daughter who was three at the time. The daughter told her mother that a man, would just stand by the door looking at her. Toys would go off on their own with no one around them. A corvette power wheel that had a radio would, turn on Opera at midnight by itself. The mother would have to go down stairs and turn it off. On her way back up stairs it would turn itself back on. The daughter had a toy kitchen sit and at midnight, something would start playing with it. The mother’s toddler son would start laughing and cracking up, the son was looking at the closet like someone was there playing peek a boo with him. The mother would try to see who he was playing with, but no one was there. The toddler would say the word more in Spanish, then he would stop like nothing happened.

Once the mother seen her niece in a room playing with dolls. The niece wasn’t at the home when the client seen her. The client also seen her husband when she opened her bedroom door. The husband was standing in the room looking real mad, he wasn’t moving or saying anything just standing there. The client went down stairs to the living room, where she seen her husband pulling up to park the car. The man that was in her room wasn’t her husband. The family smell wired smells of a older person only in the hallway up stairs.There are always wired sounds that they hear. The Daughter was laying in her bedroom on her bed, when she felt something holding her down on her bed. She couldn’t move or speak while this was happening to her. The daughter would see a little boy covered in blood in her closet. The little boy would tell her to kill herself, kill her parents, that they didn’t love her. The clients dog went into the son’s closet and came out with blood on it’s paws. The client checked the dog over there was no cuts that would have caused the blood on the paws. The daughter seen a girl going through the mother’s clothes, the man she seen before was again standing by the door.

Two years ago the client called a a psychic and a priest. The priest blessed the home, and the psychic smudged the home. The home’s activity stopped for around two years. The activity started back up now the client’s son is seeing the little boy covered in blood. The son will see the boy throughout the whole house. The boy has told the client’s son to kill himself, kill his parents, the boy has chased the son and the daughter up the stairs. The son has also been seeing an older woman she looks like a nun. When the nun shows up the little boy disappears.


Doris and Chass

Chass was scratched by the entity in the home

Temperature outside 33*
Clear night
Moon Phase: Waning Crescent


Chass and Doris arrived at the home at 7 P.M. The client ( Mother), Father, Daughter,and Son was there. EMF reading where normal the temperature in the home was 72* While Chass was going over the paper work with the Client Doris pulled the son to the side to ask him a few question. The Son stated that the little boy covered in blood was about 5-7 years old. the little boy will show up and makes the sign across his neck like he is cutting his throat.The little boy tells him to do evil things like kill himself and his parents. That no one loves or cares for about him. Other times the little boy shows up with { no pupils} saying help me. The last time the Son seen the little boy was Nov 16, 2017.The son told the little boy he wasn’t scarred and he left, Also there was a nun that showed up. When the nun would Appear the little boy leaves. The Father ans the son left the home so we could start to investigate. In the son’s bedroom and closet was where most of the Activity is. The Daughter states she see a man standing in front of her closet. Both the Mother and Daughter have seen the man transformed into the Father/Husband. The Mother stated that she went into their bedroom and he was standing there looking just like her husband but wouldn’t move. When she went around him he left. The Daughter stated she has seen (her Father) sitting on the couch looking mean. The Son Will not sleep in his room or play PlayStation in the living room without someone being with him.

When we walk into the house both Chass and Doris felt a Strong presence. Chass was Drawn to the basement. After further discussion about the basement, Chass asked if someone was tortured and burned. The Mother stated she had heard rumors that someone might of been killed in the basement. The Daughter states she feel very uncomfortable in the basement. We set up Equipment in the son’s room. Immediately the flashlight and the rem pod started going off. We where able to communicate some with the little boy but there was a strong man’s presence that would not allow the boy to always come thru. Chass asked if it was a car accident and could the man that was here be the father. We did get a response to that question. Chass asked if the reason he was bothering the Clients son was because he looked like the boy and again we got a positive response. The presence was very strong, so Chass asked to take a break. As they were about to leave Doris was drawn to the closet. As she stood there Doris saw red eyes looking at her and was encouraging her to come closer. She then told Chass to come over. Chass was able to confirmed the presence of the red eyes looking at us and was able to help Doris leave the closet.

During our ghost box session we did receive the name Tom and Maria. We spoke to the boy and who we believe to be the Nun. some were able to be crossed over the man refused to leave. Chass informed the family that she did not believe all the spirits were gone. Chass told the Family if the activity continued we would have to contact a priest. Chass Smudged the home and the family while Doris used Holly Water and said both the Lords prayerand Hail Mary. The house did feel lighter prior to us leaving. As Chass and Doris said there goodbye to the family and informed them to call if there was any other problems. As we stood outside Chass stated that there was demonic spirits and a demonologist would need to be contacted. Chass did not tell the family because the last thing we wanted was to frighten them more.

Chass was Scratched on her chest and neck when she first got to the home.

EVPs Captured through Executioners Box during Paranormal Investigation (use headphones to listen)

Talks about a nun in the basement

Get Out!


The little boy’s name is Tom

“David” and “Enough”


That one

“What’s up” You hear, what’s up. Then a second later you hear Chassidy saying get out of this house now. She never said that, so it appears that this demon was using her voice.

You don’t want to mess with me

Your son


The case has currently been referred to a Demonologist.  We are still processing the case and updates will be posted

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  1. Ted Lawnicki

    I was not able to listen to your recordings. They do not play, Can you send them again?
    Thank you.

  2. Ted Lawnicki

    Very interesting and spooky.

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