Detroit Residence, 20 Feb 2015

Detroit Home Investigation

Investigators: Brenda, Kellie, Mike, and John
Equipment: EMF Meters, Flashlights, Ovilus, Spirit Box, Dowsing Rod, Digital video and audio recorders.
Date: 20 Feb 2015
Weather: Cold and clear appx 10 degrees

The house was built about 1947 and at this time no census records are available for this time period to do a quick check on who would be in the home. The house was foreclosed on in 2007 and repurchased by another owner. The home appears updated and had work done making it very modern.


The three year old was sleeping in his room (which is now the client’s room) and woke up screaming. He told us something was on his bed and came under his blankets. As the client was sitting on his bed the child told her it was next to her hand. It lasted about 15 minutes. The client put him in her old room (which is now his new room) and he went back to sleep.

The client was in the basement with her 3 year old and he was drawing with chalk. She watched his eyes go from his chalk, then up and across to the other side of our basement. She asked the little boy, “What” and he stated “Momma she took it!” She then watched his eyes go from one side of the basement and back down at his chalk. He then looked at something and said, “Thank you,” then looked at the client and said “She gave it back Momma, she is nice!” He picked up a pink piece of chalk and said “it was this one. She gave it back, she is nice.”

The client switched rooms with her son and hasn’t been able to sleep in that room. She feels like someone is watching her. Her boyfriend tried to sleep in there and said he saw eyes with no eyelids. He tried telling it to go away but it would not, he eventually left the room and slept on the couch.


Brenda and Mike D checked EMF levels throughout the home and found unusually high EMF levels 26-28 in the room in question. There were 2 large aquariums connected t an electric outlet bar. We unplugged the tank and the EMF levels dropped drastically. When we were exiting the front room to set up in the room in question Brenda said , OK lets go set up in that room”. “Enter mine” response can be heard on the recording. Before we left that front of the house around same time of the EVP capture (female voice) I felt ill and spoke with Brenda. The feeling dissipated quickly.

The client gave us more information on occurrences in the home, things he has seen or heard. Brenda began asking questions using dowsing rods and appeared to be communicating with a relative (uncle?) of the male client. The client appeared to have and idea who was coming through. The spirit or entity she was in contact with appeared to confirm there was also a female presence in the home.

Brenda was explaining the ovilus and Mike asked if he should jot down the words. Brenda said “yes”…3 seconds after her response on the recording you can hear an EVP in the same female voice as earlier say, “YESSS”. When we began questioning spirit there was flashlight activity that was at times consistent and other times not. When Brenda asked the spirit if they were here we heard a loud popping noise come from the area near a table in the room. (see recording)

WE seemed to make contact with the spirit of the 6-year-old child that was the clients daughter. She died 6 years earlier only 15 days after birth. We were unaware of this until the mother mentioned it during the investigation due to the words that were appearing through the Ovilus.

A few moments into the session in the room in question Brenda asks the spirit if its referring to God in response to the word on the ovilus. Immediately following her question a loud popping noise came from near the closet in the room..(was recorded) There was also an EVP captured that sounds like “ Only one here” in response to Brenda saying “okay we can see you” when the flashlight came on. The ovilus gave words that at times were vague. At midway thru the words Blood, system, mean, and alcohol came up. Later we found out the deceased girl’s mother was beaten by an ex who had alcohol in his system, thus causing birth issues. The baby lived 15 days. Would be 6 yrs old current day. Explains the possibility of who was playing with female clients 3 yr old son. There was a crossing over done by Brenda when multiple spirits seem to come through using dousing rods and spirit box. At app. 1 hr 20 min into the recording whispering can be heard (undetermined what is said (see recordings)

During the spirit box session Brenda was about to end the session then started a crossing over because the following was heard and the following was captured on the recordings:

EVPs Captured during Paranormal Investigation


Popping Noise


Need Help Getting Over


Hurry up


Video Captured during Paranormal Investigation (Pending owner’s approval)


After the crossing over we had a bit of activity but Brenda asked all spirits not welcome there to leave.


We believe there was spirit activity in this home. There’s a good possibility the spirits in question that were crossed over were souls from that land where the home is located or deceased relatives. The male client said he’s always been sensitive to spirit and maybe that’s why they felt all the activity. We also believe the female presence may have been the client’s deceased daughter communicating with her son. Brenda did not sage the home per clients request. We explained to them that the crossing over and unplugging the tanks with high EMF may alleviate the problem. Brenda recommended that they contact a priest for a home blessing and to call us if any other occurrences happened that made them feel threatened.

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