Detroit Home Investigation; January 12, 2013

Case Background and Claims:

The Motor City Ghost Hunters team founder, John, had a very good friend named Mark who was murdered a few years ago while working at a Detroit restaurant.  Mark’s widow lives in this house where her grandfather and grandmother. The ashes of both Mark and the grandfather are currently in the house. The homeowner feels something might have followed her from her other house that she lived in and she feels it is possible that something followed her after using an Ouija board.

The reported claims from the house include seeing both light and dark shadows in living room area; in Mark’s room (formerly her grandmothers), one can often smell roses which is pleasant compared to the smell of vomit which is also smelled in the house at times.  There are numerous cold spots, disembodied voices heard, and upstairs she witnessed a figure of a woman with a tall, witch-like hat on.  The client felt very uneasy in the basement.


  • Investigators: JohnTim R., Gayle, OZ
  • Weather: 51 and cloudy
  • Moon: New moon
  • Time: 9:00pm to 1:00am
  • Date: January 12, 2013

Prior to starting our investigation of the home, Tim, Gayle and OZ were at the kitchen table with the homeowner talking about Mark. Both K2 meters appeared to go off every time John’s name was mentioned.

The investigation started in the kitchen. The team was just starting to set up and the K2’s were going off. Gayle’s K2 went all the way to red in a spot in the middle of kitchen, the team looked for a source but could not determine one.  John soon came up from basement after looking for a source asked if Mark would like to listen to some Beatles – Mark’s favorite band.  The K2’s lit up as John started to play some music.Detroit Investigation, 0113 Bedroom

Tim and Gayle found high EMF’s in basement by Mark’s bench, which could explain why the client did not feel comfortable down in the basement. Gayle did get a headache in that area which can also be explained by the high EMF. Gayle thought she saw a black mist in the far corner closet while using the thermal camera, no anomalous image was captured.

The team then moved into the bar area. While questions were being asked, the word “record” came up on the Ovilus, so Tim played Beatles music which lit up the K2’s to Yellow/Red level. Tim believes he saw an orb come from behind Gayle’s chair. While the team had its quiet moment, they heard knocking but could not find a source.

The investigators heard a disembodied voice that was caught on a voice recorder.   The client asked during the EVP session “can you tell me anything?” John heard “We love you,” but nothing was picked up on the recorder; also during this session while John was sitting on the couch he felt as if someone sat next to him and later touched his leg. The team also heard the MEL Meter EMF frequency barrier broke several times.

Several times during the investigation, our paranormal investigators felt cold spots.  At one point, Gayle states that our job is to look for everything; she then heard a “yes” that she was captured on her recorder. Our paranormal investigators experienced almost constant direct flashlight responses in different locations on command; from the questions asked, we were able to determine that Mark, a little girl and both grandparents were still in the house.

John felt that he was able to help those spirits that were present and attempted to cross over the spirits who wanted help.

EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:


“Tim.”  Class C EVP.  It is common for a paranormal investigator to get his or her named called on an investigation – it happened at this home.

“Yeah.”  Class B EVP.  John & OZ were asking if the lady murdered was pregnant and a male voice says responds.

“Yes.”  Class C EVP.  Gayle is telling the spirits present that they will have to move because it is their job to investigate everything and there is a faint response.

“Now it’s Here.”  Class C EVP.  Gayle is searching for a flashlight of hers that went missing.  While she is talking about it to another investigator, you can hear a male voice whispering over hers that sounds like it is talking about the flashlight – which she subsequently found in her backpack.

“No, I Was Sitting There.”  Class C EVP.  The investigators believe they recorded an EVP response to a question about who was sitting where…

“Dad,” or “Yeah.”  Class C EVP.  A very faint voice is heard.

“I Am.”  Class C EVP.  Our investigator asks if Mark had a good time on this side of the bar and gets a faint EVP.


It is the belief of the team that many spirits still reside in this older Detroit home. While investigating, the team received confirmation via direct flashlight responses as well as other equipment from the spirits that they were ready to cross into the light. It was John’s honor to cross over his dear friend Mark and the others residing in the house to the other side.

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