Detroit Residence; February 04 & 05, 2010

Case Background and Claims:


The client claimed to be hearing voices and seeing shadows. The client called John crying, saying that she has been hearing voices calling her name for seven months and the toilet was saying her name when the water was running. She believed an Indian or Hindu had put a hex on her.





  • Investigators: John, Chris, Chass, Andy,Kenny (Junebug) and Heidi went to Detroit for a pre-investigation.


First Night 02/04/2010:

We noticed the client was running her stove for heat (the fumes were very bad). We explained that she should use the furnace, not the stove, for heating the house. We noticed large EMF readings due to poor electrical wiring and a light in the backroom was actually arcing (an electrician or landlord should be called and the light turned off). John, JuneBug, and Andy proceeded outside. The electrical ground was connected, but we did find a natural gas leak around the gas meter, which was a pretty significant leak. We also noticed that both the electric and gas meter had been locked out and the locks had been removed. Inside the house was unbearably hot because of the stove being on. We told the client of our findings and due to safety concerns, our team couldn’t investigate until these safety problems were fixed.


Naturally, we all became concerned that her problems were mainly due to the high EMF and CO levels, rather than anything paranormal. But the client was adamantly convinced that she had been cursed by a Hindu witch, and the spirit or spirits had been sent to torment her.


One of her chief complaints was hearing voices all around her, constantly calling her name. She especially heard them while the toilet was flushing. Although we knew this was strange even for the paranormal, we maintained our professional demeanor and attempted to verify her claims.


The team agreed that even if something paranormal was occurring, it just wasn’t safe for us to stay any longer. We provided the client with a copy of our EMF exposure hand out. But we needed her to understand that for our own safety, we could not return to the house until she had the gas leak fixed and her CO levels were normal.


The client stated that she’d call Michcon and her landlord as we suggested. The client had John talk to the Michcon operator and he explained the problem. The operator stated she would place a gas leak repair call. After talking to the operator, the client thanked us and said she would call after the repairs were made by Michcon.


Heidi, Chass and John got sick from the carbon monoxide fumes. After we left, the client called and said gas leak repairs were made at her home and would we please return Saturday for an investigation.


Second Night 02/06/2010:

  • Investigators: John, Chris, Chass, Rebecca, JuneBug, Mike
  • Weather: 19 Degrees & clear skies


300_gas_taped2Upon arriving, we proceeded to knock on the door with no response. We then went around back to look at gas meter. When observing the gas meter that was supposedly fixed by Michcon, we discovered that it had only been taped up. We then proceeded to knock on the door again with no response. We tried to call the client twice, leaving messages. Because there was condensation on the windows, and because we had good reason to suspect that the carbon monoxide inside the house was not fixed, we were worried that the client had succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning, we called 911. The 911 operator said that she agreed that it was the right thing to do by calling. She sent out EMS, fire dept and police. They arrived on the scene and proceeded to knock the door down. The client was not in the house. They left with us still here trying to figure out how to lock up the house. We then called Chass to come to the site to provide another car so some of us could stay, while others went to go get tools to put a lock on the door. We didn’t want to leave the house unattended while the door was unsecured.

At this point Chris, Kenny, Chass and Rebecca were waiting for the rest of the team to return with tools to fix front door. Police stopped by and asked us what our business was at approximately 8:40pm, after determining that we were not troublemakers they left us.


Chass came and sat with us while John and Mike went to the house in Canton to get a lock. When John and Mike returned, JuneBug put two latch locks on the front door so it could lock. John walked around to the kitchen and found a gas leak on the oven, so the guys fixed it. The client blew the pilots out but didn’t turn off the gas to the oven. The house was filling up with gas. It caused Rebecca and Chass to get sick and they had to go sit outside.


John also found a problem with the toilet that the client claimed “called her name” when she flushed it – so John fixed her toilet as well.

248_new_door3While Mike and John were getting supplies to secure the door, they received a call that the client’s boyfriend/caretaker had arrived at the house. He mentioned that he dropped the client at the mall to go shopping (she later apologized for forgetting our appointment with her). He called the client and when Mike and John got back to the house, the client was crying and hugging everyone because she was overwhelmed that we cared for her safety.

Kenny secured the door for the night until we could replace the door on Sunday morning. Meanwhile, Chris and John found a gas leak in the kitchen at the 3rd and 4th burners on the cross tube (it was filled with grease and not lighting but seeped gas at the burners. We cleaned the tube and burners. The stove was working fine when we all left and we told the client she shouldn’t use her stove for heating her home. We explained that we would return the next day to replace the front door that the Fire Department had knocked down.



Because high EMF levels and carbon monoxide poisoning can cause symptoms that people can perceive as paranormal phenomenon, we can’t investigate any location until those problems have been corrected. It’s also not a safe environment for the client or for our investigators.

We don’t know if the client has a ghost or not, but we do know that she was poisoning herself with carbon monoxide before we arrived.

After our interview, we told the client that we couldn’t return until she had her gas leaks fixed. The next day she told us the problems were resolved – but they were not resolved. Electrical tape was put over the exterior the gas leak, and that is not an acceptable solution.

So we fixed the gas leaks as best we could, told her she HAD to have Michcon look over the house, and we replaced the front door that was broken in. We also got her toilet flushing correctly and fixed a gas leak on her stove… and finally, we replaced her front door.

John asked Chass and her mother to come out to bless the home because of their Blackfoot Indian heritage. The client thinks that an Indian or Hindu person had put a hex on her and perhaps having her home blessed and smudged would bring her peace of mind. While blessing the home, we saw potential evidence of street drug usage which could easily be another contributing factor to the client’s percieved paranormal experiences. Any time drugs are involved, we have to question the credibility of any claims, but still remain open to the possibility that there is some truth to it.

It is still unknown whether the client has any paranormal activity in the house. But she did have an unsafe environment that we helped her correct. And, she got a brand new door courtesy of Motor City Ghost Hunters.

We hope she stops using her oven as a source of heat and gets her electrical wiring in order.

Not your typical investigation!

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